Captain America/Citizen V 98 #1

December 1998
Mark Bagley

Story Name:

For Victory...Again!

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3.5 stars

By Peter on October 29, 2017

Comments: Story takes place between CAP (v.3) #12 and 13 and after THUNDERBOLTS #17. Script: Kurt Busiek, Barbara Kesel. Plot: Busiek, Karl Kesel. Inks by Greg Adams and Scott Hanna. Cap has his hologram shield at this point in his career. The saga of Citizen V is complicated; check out the Wikipedia article for more details than I can go into here. Issue is dedicated to Ben Thompson, creator of the original Citizen V.

Review: Okay tale with nice art adds to the legend of Citizen V—whether we wanted it or not—but too bad it's a by-the-numbers Nazi story told twice over, once in the past and again in the present. Eh.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Baron Helmut Zemo has taken over the Amazon jungle area first controlled by his late father and is forcing the natives to dig as slaves for a mysterious device buried by the elder Zemo. His sidekick Techno, bored with the place, reconfigures himself into a digging machine and quickly unearths the box which contains “Particle X” which, when fired in a rocket, will disrupt all communications on earth....

Captain America arrives in the jungle, alerted by SHIELD tracking to new activity in Zemo's old headquarters. He encounters Citizen V, leader of the native rebellion against Zemo, and assumes he is Zemo (his Thunderbolts identity) and they fight. Cap quickly catches on that this is a different person and it takes a few minutes to sort out that this V is a good guy. V asks about Particle X and Cap recalls an incident from the War....

The original Baron Zemo was preparing to launch a rocket with Particle X to destroy Allied communications systems when the original Citizen V showed Cap and Bucky Barnes a secret way into the castle. While Cap and Bucky fought the guards as a diversion, V confronted Zemo in his lair. The rocket was sabotaged but Zemo got away. This V relates how Zemo eventually killed Citizen V but not before he had fathered a child with his girlfriend Paulette Brazee, and now it is revealed that this new Citizen V is the original's granddaughter. So again, Cap battles the guards to provide a distraction while Citizen V tries to sabotage the rocket. This time V is caught by Techno and Cap comes to the rescue. Cap fights Zemo and Techno and as the rocket is launched V jumps aboard (recalling Bucky's death) and is able to turn the rocket back to its launching pad. Cap electrocutes Techno and evacuates the compound as the rocket crashes and burns—and Citizen V comes floating down on glider wings concealed in her cape. The two heroes congratulate each other....

Epilogue: Baron Zemo and Techno meet again at their secret base—close to the one that was just destroyed—and Zemo continues to plot his villainous activities....  


Mark Bagley
Joe Rosas
Mark Bagley (Cover Penciler)
Karl Kesel (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)