Free Comic Book Day 2017 Secret Empire #1

May 2017
Nick Spencer, Andrea Sorrentino

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4.5 stars

By Peter on May 7, 2017

Comments: Main story immediately follows SECRET EMPIRE #0. Spider-Man story leads into PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (2017 series) #1. First appearance of the new female Trapster.

Review: The Secret Empire tale was a surprise, not so much a superhero story as an elegy on the loss of our freedoms; the tone is melancholy, an unidentified hero looking back on their betrayal and defeat by the Hydra Captain America. The art style for the battle is again,, not conventional fight scenes but a maze of small panels linked by narration, alternating gray and red, becoming more fragmented as they go on, giving quick glimpses of the fall of the heroes and ending with te chilling full-page picture of Cap holding Mjolnir aloft. Impressive. I found the more conventional Spider-Man story to be very well done and enjoyable, even though I'm not planning to follow his new series.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

The heroes waited in Washington D.C. to face the forces of Hydra. The battle was on and the heroes were confident of coming out on top. Then the enemy leaders arrived and they were all shocked to see Captain America step from the aircraft. He offers them the choice of being his allies or his enemies. They tried to stop him but failed and Captain America was left standing with Thor's hammer over his head....

2. “...Time Flies”

Writer: Chip Zdarsky Penciler: Paulo Siqueira. Inkers: Walden Wong, Cam Smith, Jay Leisten, Paulo Siqueira. Colors: Frank D''Armata.

Synopsis: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are at a sidewalk cafe, unable to talk comfortably together. An explosion interrupts them and Pete dashes off to change into Spider-Man and pursue the Vulture. Spidey and his foe battle in the air, Pete keeping up a steady barrage of “old man” jokes at Vulture's expense and discovering that the upgraded Vulture costume is much more high-tech and formidable than it used to be. When they come down on a rooftop, a huge glob of paste sticks them both to the wall. The new Trapster, a young woman, mocks both of them for being old guys and makes off with the villain's loot. Vulture gets a dig of his own at Spider-Man.

Epilogue: Two youthful SHIELD Agents witness this encounter on a viewer and dash off to find some help....


Nick Spencer
Andrea Sorrentino
Andrea Sorrentino
Andrea Sorrentino
Mark Brooks (Cover Penciler)
Mark Brooks (Cover Inker)
Mark Brooks (Cover Colorist)