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The Cost of Becoming the Hulk: Then and Now

August 1, 2013
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The first Hulk comic came out in 1962. That was 50+ years ago.

Anyone following the Hulk knows that a LOT changed for Ol' Greenskin in that time.

And the cost of being Bruce Banner / the Hulk is no exception. 

Enter inflation, the inescapable characteristic of any currency. Inflation is how much a currency loses its value over time.

Mashable has post an interesting infographic showing the cost of becoming Bruce Banner / the Incredible Hulk.

The study compares the price of being the Hulk in 1962 and half a century later. 

The result? Incredible. 

The cost of being Hulk increased seven times in those five decades. 


In other words, the value of the US dollar decreased considerably in that period. 

Example: If you had stored $10,000 dollars, in bills, paper money, in a treasure chest, for fifity years, and opened it today, you would still have those 10 grand. But their actual value would have decreased seven times. 

It's like restoring $1,500 really, because what you can buy today with 10 grand would have cost you 1.5 in 1962. 

That is why "investing" and not "saving" is what should be done over a long term. But THAT's a topic for another day. 


Sadly, inflation rules and not even the Hulk can escape it! 

Fortunately, the US inflation is not nearly as bad (or plain TERRIBLE) as other countries like the crisis-recurring Argentina.

Formerly the 6th economic power in the world (was that merit? Or an accident?), Argentina is currently a "frontier market" country. Such is an under-developed nation that cannot be qualified as an "emerging market". Similar nations include Ghana and Nigeria.

The over-financially-beaten Argentina has suffered hyperinflation once (or twice). That is a period of extreme currency value loss when an item selling for say 2 pesos in the morning, may cost 3 pesos in the evening!

Argentina's problems have several roots, one of them being badly managed by governments that are corrupt or mediocre (or both). 

Nevertheless, Argentina is undeniably a land of wonders, nature-wise as in the Iguazú Falls, and people-wise as in Lionel Messi, Gabriela Sabattini, Pope Francisco, and Juan Manuel Fangio. 

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