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Rob Johnson
by Rob Johnson

An Avengers full house

March 27, 2023

My new issue AVENGERS: WAR ACROSS TIME #3 is carried over from last week. The original Avengers fight Sindri and his allies the Lava Men until they make off with the hammer that keeps Thor from becoming human Don Blake. And Kang reasons that this is the perfect time to attack again.

T Vernon starts a new 3-parter with AVENGERS #246 involving the Avengers with the Earthly Eternals for the 1st time. And Vision meets with the President while Monica Rambeau tells her parents she's a superheroine.

I'm writing up the Original Sins mini-series because it features a bunch of the Young Avengers. In #1-2 Hulkling, Marvel Boy and Prodigy discover the villain Hood hiding some people who have absorbed a lot of the Watcher's secrets and now he wants the YA to help him extract the info.
In addition we get trailers for mini-series for Black Knight and another new Deathlok. Plus humorous shorts starring Lockjaw and Howard The Duck.

Vision Quest ends in WEST COAST AVENGERS #45 with the synthezoid now emotionless and colourless. US Agent takes over as leader causing Hawkeye and Mockingbird to quit (again in her case).


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