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Rob Johnson
by Rob Johnson

Punisher stages a take-over bid but the Avengers are everywhere

May 20, 2019

I've got 2 new titles this week.

As an Avengers fan I had to check out SAVAGE AVENGERS #1 where a cult lures various warriors, not really Avengers, to the Savage Land - and Conan literally drops in from Avengers: No Road Home.

Then there's the WAR OF THE REALMS STRIKEFORCE: THE DARK ELF REALM 1-shot where Freyja inspires various warriors, all Avengers except Punisher, to invade Svartalfheim with her.

But then Punisher's a Savage Avenger so maybe Freyja's team are *all* Avengers, except Freyja of course.

But Iron Man isn't in either title.

I've given T Vernon a few weeks off from Shellhead's original series while I get us through the Crossing.

But before we get to the Crossing itself Force Works need to catch up with their #13-14 where they team up with the Avengers against some Kree and a rogue Rigellian Recorder. At least Iron Man's in *these* issues.


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