Incredible Hulk Profile

Full name: Robert Bruce Banner.

Robert Bruce Banner


Since turning into the Hulk, Bruce Banner has been feared and hounded by Law Enforcement Agencies (Police, Armed Forces, etc), super villains, you name it.

So to keep a low profile, Banner has often used aliases. Those aliases include:

David Banner
David Bannon
Bruce Barnes
Bruce Baxter
Bruce Green
Robert Blake
David Bixby
Bruce Jones
Bruce Roberts
Bruce Ross
Bruce Smith
Bruce Bixby
Glenn Summers
Bruce Davidson
Bob Danner
Bruce Bancroft

He is also the Incredible Hulk!


Hulk is best known as "The Strongest One There Is", but he has aliases too. They include:

Green Scar
Green King
Green One
Eye of Rage
World Breaker
Jade Jaws
Jade Giant
Green Goliath
Ol’ Greenskin
Doc Green
Joe Fixit
Mr. Fixit
Mr. Green
Mighty Bob
Green Golem

Places of Birth

Bruce Banner was born in Dayton, Ohio (United States of America, USA).

He is a legal citizen of the United States, and his identity is publicly known.

Banner first transformed into the Hulk in a New Mexico desert, thus considered the place of birth for Hulk.

New Mexico desert
New Mexico desert


Incredible Hulk #1
(May 1962)

Cover of The Incredible Hulk #1

By Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Physical Description

Banner and Hulk

Differences in the Hulk’s height and weight depend on the Hulk persona.

Note: Hulk personas are the different incarnations of the Hulk. There were many incarnations, and the most known are the Gray Hulk, and the Savage (Green) Hulk.


As Banner:
5’ 9” 1/2 (1.77 meters)
As Hulk:
Hulk's height varies. Aproximate range:

6’ 6” (1.98 meters)
to 8’ (2.44 meters)


As Banner:
Official Marvel Handbooks specify that Banner’s weight is 128 lbs (58 Kilograms).

But according to how he looks in the comics and movies, Banner’s weight ranges from:

160 lbs (72 Kg)
to 180 lbs (80 Kg)
As Hulk:
Hulk's height varies. Aproximate range:

900 lbs (408 Kg)
to 1,400 lbs (635 Kg)