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Love and Pain and a Whole Lot of Other Things!

November 15, 2018

Brand new CAPTAIN AMERICA #5 continues the Cap vs. Taskmaster battle and a surprise reveal at the end!

The latest from the God of Thunder, THOR #7, is a tale of young Thor in love with Erika the Red, Viking warrior!

INCREDIBLE HULK (2011 series) #5 has Hulk trying to turn Bruce Banner's monsters against their creator!

Part 2 of the obscure crossover event from 1999: DOMINATION FACTOR: AVENGERS #1 (trust us, it's part 2), now sees the Avengers mixed up with the Golden Apple and Doctor Strange and a giant wooden viking, this time in the Hudson River!


Count the armoured heroes and villains

November 12, 2018

INFINITY WARPS: IRON HAMMER #2 concludes Iron Hammer's origin as he regains his memory, defeats Malekith with the help of the Warrior Machines Three and chooses to remain mortal.

In AVENGERS WEST COAST #98 Scarlet Witch takes over as leader of the team. Then they join Iron Man, various reserve members and a 1-off hero Raptor in AWC ANNUAL #8 to stop Ultron and Alkhema from causing volcanic winter. And the team including War Machine returns to #98 to start an arc against Satannish and a new Lethal Legion including Coldsteel and Zyklon.

Meanwhile Shellhead nips back to IRON MAN (1968) #298, brought to us as usual by T Vernon, to fight a new villain Earth Mover and an old villain Ultimo.


The Sum of His Parts!

November 8, 2018

The newly released IMMORTAL HULK #8 starts with the recently dissected Hulk having to pull himself together if he would get back at his enemies!

INVADERS #23: A new villain: the Scarlet Scarab! Scar Scar is the embodiment of Egyptian national stereotypes rather than British or German for a change!

And we've added the info for issue #1 of an obscure crossover event from 1999: DOMINATION FACTOR, featuring the Fantastic Four and the Avengers! There's this Golden Apple and Doctor Strange and a giant wooden viking in the East River and the FF is on the scene!


Straight from the heart of Siege

November 5, 2018

TONY STARK: IRON MAN #5 was out (late) this week and features Arno Stark with no sign of Tony/Iron Man. It suggests that Arno may become an enemy of his brother, or at least an aggressive business rival.

In WEST COAST AVENGERS #3 giant Tigra is joined by other giant female monsters, and Kate-Hawkeye gets turned into the Kate-Hawk.

I'm covering issues connected to Siege #3 this week. As usual INITIATIVE #34 shows the Siege #3 events, the heart of the mini-series, from a different POV plus following the Avengers Resistance attack on Camp HAMMER. THUNDERBOLTS #142 continues their fight with the Mighty Avengers over the Spear Of Odin. And the SIEGE: SECRET WARRIORS 1-shot has Nick Fury in Asgard, and Phobos seeking revenge for the death of his dad Ares. Peter Silvestro synopsised SIEGE #3 a long time ago, and also gave us NEW AVENGERS #63-64, THOR #608 and the SIEGE: LOKI 1-shot.

There are more Siege #3 tie-ins but they'll have to wait until I've covered the last issues of Avengers West Coast.

T Vernon has IRON MAN (1968) ANNUAL #14 where Shellhead faces 1-off villain the Face-Thief with the help of the Masters Of Silence. And Tony's ex-girlfriend Meredith McCall replaces a Master who dies.


No Theme This Time, Just More Cool Stuff Added!

November 1, 2018

INCREDIBLE HULK (2011 series) #4: Part One of “Hulk vs. Banner” on the island of 1000 Hulks!

INVADERS #22: The true (totally retconned) origin of the Human Torch's sidekick Toro!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: RETURN OF THE ASTHMA MONSTER: A free giveaway comic sequel to a free giveaway comic!


Happy birthday Tony Stark

October 29, 2018

In EXILES #9 the team find themselves in a merge of the 3 most famous stories from the Arabian Nights. And the big bad turns out to be Caliph Doom.

Peter Silvestro documented SIEGE #2 some years ago. Now I've added INITIATIVE #33 which runs parallel to that adding extra detail plus the adventures of the Avengers Resistance in Camp HAMMER.

And T Vernon does IRON MAN (1968) #297 where Iron Man finishes off MODAM and Omega Red in time for his surprise birthday party, with lots of old faces.


Good Old Stuff—Or Is That Odd Stuff?

October 25, 2018

The odd INCREDIBLE HULK (2011 series) #3 wrapped up Jason Aaron's first Hulk arc “Asunder” wherein Hulk and Bruce Banner are separated and it's Bruce who is the bad guy!

And INVADERS #21 from further back in the day has Cap and the gang wreaking havoc in Berlin as a whiny cowardly Hitler tries to flee! Odd?

And we've added an entry for a rather strange product: CAPTAIN AMERICA #34—DIRECTOR'S CUT! See what odd stuff Marvel has offered to the faithful!


Those pesky Asgardians get (nearly) everywhere

October 22, 2018

INFINITY WARS #4 mainly follows the adventures of Loki as he recruits allies in Warp World by forcibly de-merging them. Wolverine-Phoenix and King Thor pop in from the future (as seen in the excellent recent issues of THOR documented on this site by Peter S) to offer a bit of help.

Current Thor is in AVENGERS #9 which hosts a conflict with Sub-Mariner who declares the seas off-limits to humans. And Stingray is killed (yeah, but for how long).

In between covering tie-ins to Siege #1 and #2 I'm dealing with a crossover beginning in THUNDERBOLTS #141 and MIGHTY AVENGERS (2007) #35. These issues span Siege #1-3. The TBolts are after the Spear Of Odin in Asgard and the ex-Mighty Avengers are out to stop them. Actually MAv#35 is more concerned with Wasp (Hank Pym) fighting off an invasion of the Infinite Avengers Mansion by Ultron.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1968) #296 as Shellhead gets caught between MODAM and Omega Red on AIM Island. No Asgardians in sight.


The Last Doom of Midgard?

October 18, 2018

The brand new THOR #6! Whoa! Truly apocalyptic in all of its parts! All-Father Thor and Logan-Phoenix versus the most powerful Doom there has ever been! And the last page reveal is a shocker!

INCREDIBLE HULKS #635 wraps up “Heart of the Monster” and Greg Pak's classic run!

And IINVADERS #20 introduces the new Union Jack, British hero of WW2!


3 events, 2 of them infinite and all involving gods

October 15, 2018

The Infinity Wars event continues with INFINITY WARPS: IRON HAMMER #1, the 1st of the 2-part tale of the merged Iron Man and Thor. I've included brief descriptions of other recent tie-ins.

In CHAMPIONS #25 the team seek the missing Sam Alexander and Wasp and find themselves as changed characters in Weirdworld.

Coincidentally both the above issues feature characters kept working at forges by magic collar shackles.

I'll also mention the 2nd part of Hulk's fight against Iron Man and the Avengers in Peter Silvestro's IMMORTAL HULK #7.

Back in Dark Reign I've now entered Siege event proper. Some years ago Peter wrote up the 4-issue mini-series itself and some of the tie-ins. Luckily he left some that fit in my IM/Av area of interest. In particular Avengers: Initiative #32-35 parallels the main series issue by issue, and I'll use those to comment on the event as a whole. This week INITIATIVE #32 matches up with SIEGE #1 as Norman Osborn leads his forces against the Asgardians. In this section of Siege Peter also did NEW AVENGERS #61-62 and THOR #607.

T Vernon has reached IRON MAN (1968) #295 which concludes Shellhead's interactions with Technovore and the Goddess in the Infinity Crusade event.


Big Battle Week!

October 11, 2018

First up, CAPTAIN AMERICA #4 has Cap versus Taskmaster—and a scarier Taskmaster than ever!

Then the new IMMORTAL HULK #7 has the Avengers versus Hulk—and a scarier Hulk than ever!

And going back a few years—to a '70s comic set in the '40s—INVADERS #19! The guys are all prisoners of Hitler—and he's not as scary as the real life dictator and mass murderer! Thanks goodness for small favors!


Love is in the air, especially for Hawkeye's

October 8, 2018

In TONY STARK: IRON MAN #4 everyone in Stark Unlimited falls in love except Bethany Cabe. But their perfect matches all turn to be robots apart from Tony Stark's rekindled romance with Wasp/Janet Van Dyne.

WEST COAST AVENGERS #2 continues the menace of giant-sized Tigra and the 'help' of BRODOK, Bio-Robotic Organism Designed Overwhelmingly for Kissing, who has a thing for Hawkeye (Kate Bishop).

In T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #294 Goddess tries to recruit Iron Man for her Infinity Crusade but he prefers to battle Technovore. Both plotlines will continue in the next issue.

Meanwhile the old West Coast Avengers star in AVENGERS WEST COAST #96-97. Living Lightning, Scarlet Witch and US Agent *do* heed the lure of Goddess, and Spider-Woman goes to join the opposition. So the remaining War Machine, Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and his love Mockingbird are left to fight Quantum, Wundarr and the Power Platoon.

(Infinity Crusade is an Infinity event we *haven't* yet documented on this site.)


The Living Legend!

October 4, 2018

In 1995 it seemed like a good idea to Marvel to issue a tribute to one of their greatest heroes! And thus was born CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE LEGEND now indexed and reviewed on this very site!

Plus some wartime action with INVADERS #18! The return of authentic Golden Age hero, the Destroyer! And Cap teams up with him to battle the no-good Nazis!

And THE INCREDIBLE HULKS #634 by Greg Pak has Hulk facing Fin Fang Foom and ending the world as we know it!


New guy(s) on the block

October 1, 2018

A warm welcome to Anthony Silvestro who's adding Spider-Man to our regular coverage.

And CHAMPIONS #24 features 1 of the Spider-Men, Miles Morales, in a story about a High School massacre.

EXILES #8 has the team put on trial by rogue Watchers, but it's probably really a setup for the new additions to their lineup.

This week we *knock* on Siege's front door with SIEGE: CABAL and DARK AVENGERS #15. They tell the same story from different points of view as Dr Doom violently resigns from Norman Osborn's Cabal. This tale has a connection to the beginning of SIEGE: LOKI (which Peter Silvestro synopsised some years ago) and to the end of AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #31 (which I covered at the beginning of this year).

In IRON MAN (1968) #293, written up as usual by T Vernon, Iron Man faces 1 of his perennial baddies the Controller.


A New Kid on the Block (Times Two)!

September 27, 2018

AMAZING FANTASY #15? Why that's...the first appearance of Spider-Man! And it's also Spidey's first appearance as a regular section of the Marvel Heroes Library! It also marks the debut of our newest contributor to the site: Anthony Silvestro, Spider-Man expert! And yes, he's my son! Make him welcome!

The newest CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL features a wartime adventure wherein Cap and Bucky rescue some concentration camp refugees!

INVADERS #17 introduces the female super-Nazi Warrior Woman!

And THE INCREDIBLE HULKS #633 by Greg Pak has Hulk slinking off to the Dark Dimension to become the love slave of the sorceress Umar!


Loki always laughs twice

September 24, 2018

It was supposed to be Iron Man #3 this week but it's been postponed for 2 weeks. Meanwhile ...

In INFINITY WARS #3 Gamora uses the Infinity Stones get rid of any opposition by putting the whole universe inside Soul World with characters merged in pairs (eg Captain America and Dr Strange as the Soldier Supreme). Loki does the Br'er Rabbit trick to get her to send him there unmerged, and then laughs because now he's free to organise the resistance.

In AVENGERS #8 we see the team's new HQ inside the dead Celestial Progenitor. A flashback shows how the grateful Celestials set it up for them, but also how laughing Loki claims to have arranged the whole Final Host affair to get these Avengers together.

I'll just mention that Iron Man and the Avengers guest in IMMORTAL HULK #6 over in Peter's half of this site.

Dark Reign reaches the front door of Siege. DARK AVENGERS #13-14 claim to be Siege issues but they are really a flashback to earlier where Sentry reacts badly to being shot by his wife in #9, and Void goes all Biblical.

Then for real we have the digital comic SIEGE PROLOGUE where Norman Osborn and Loki discuss invading Asgard (without any laughing).

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #292 tidies away several opponents and destroys Tony Stark's house.


Some Mighty Marvel Mischief!

September 20, 2018

THE IMMORTAL HULK #6 shows what happens when the government wants the Hulk badly enough: call in the Avengers!

In the far, far future, namely THOR #5, All-Father Thor fights to the finish with Wolverine/Phoenix and the universe trembles! And check out the last-page reveal!

In INVADERS #16, Cap and the gang have to rescue an American comic book artist from the clutches of Adolf Hitler himself!

And then there's THE X-MEN VS. THE AVENGERS #4, conclusion of the mini-series! Magneto goes on trial for crimes against humanity! You won't believe what happens—Magneto sure doesn't!


New(old) team(member)s

September 17, 2018

Hunt For Wolverine concludes with HFW: DEAD ENDS introducing the new villainess Persephone behind it all, and setting things up for the Return Of Wolverine limited series.

Exiles continues with #7 with some deaths, a possible new (old) member and the attack of the Watchers (oooh, scary!).

And there's a new (old) team on the block in WEST COAST AVENGERS #1 featuring both Hawkeye's, Ms America, Gwenpool, Kid Omega and a guy called Fuse against land sharks and a very big Tigra.

THUNDERBOLTS #138-140 has that team vs the Agents Of Atlas, and brings Dark Reign to the brink of Siege.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1968) #291. I jumped the gun (or the shark) last week. It's *this* issue that Rhodey quits as Iron Man, and Tony Stark *gives* him the War Machine armour. So just imagine that I uploaded AWC#93-95 *this* week where he joins the *old* WCA, and Stark continues his generosity by giving the team 2 replacement quinjets.


Action Packed Updates!

September 13, 2018

THE INCREDIBLE HULKS #632 features a brutal slugging match between the Hulk and the alien warlord Arm'Chedon!

In INVADERS #15, Cap and company race to save King George VI (you know, the king with the speech) from a sneaky assassination plot!

And then there's THE X-MEN VS. THE AVENGERS #3! Herein the Avengers and the Soviet Super-Soldiers are after the X-Men, trying to capture Magneto and bring him to justice!


Swamped by Avengers

September 10, 2018

I've got a double-bill of the latest Avengers this week.

#6 ends the Final Host story with 1 of those 'combine all our powers' gambits. And the Celestials are resurrected (but I think the Eternals are still dead).

#7 tells the origin of of the 1 million BC Ghost Rider.

It's all change in IRON MAN (1968) #290 which T Vernon documents. Angry Jim Rhodes quits as Iron Man but takes the armour to become War Machine. Tony Stark is alive but still paralysed - he creates a new remote-operated Iron Man armour. And battlebots attack, to be continued next issue.

Rhodey goes straight to join the West Coast Avengers in AVENGERS WEST COAST #93-95. Darkhawk joins as well, temporarily, and they all go off to fight Dr Demonicus and the Pacific Overlords again.


Cap and Black Panther! Hulk and You-Wouldn't Believe Who!

September 6, 2018

It's true: in the new CAPTAIN AMERICA #3, Cap teams up with T'Challa to do battle with an army of Nukes (not atomic weapons but the super-soldier with a flag on his face)! And Okoye joins them for the fun!

Then in THE IMMORTAL HULK #5, there's a massive brawl between Hulk and Sasquatch but you won't believe who is really behind the Canadian hero's sudden turn to the dark side! Check out our write-up!

INVADERS #14 introduces even more WW2-era heroes including Spirit of '76, who would play a significant role in the history of Captain America!

And then there's THE X-MEN VS. THE AVENGERS #2! The Avengers, the X-Men, and the Soviet Super-Soldiers all want Magneto and are willing to fight for him—but what does Magneto himself have in mind?


Version control

September 3, 2018

In EXILES #6 the team go in search of earlier Exiles members and find instead a Wild West version of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants.

DARK AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 really stars Noh-Varr. Marvel Boy/Captain Marvel becomes a new version of himself as Earth's Protector. The Dark Avengers are only guest stars in their own comic.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #289 features the Jim Rhodes version of Iron Man's fight with Living Laser. But then Tony Stark turns up not dead and will want his super-job back.


More Exciting Stuff!

August 30, 2018

In THE INCREDIBLE HULKS #631, Hulk meets Bi-Beast, Wendigo, and...Barack Obama?!?

Then in INVADERS #13 the Golem comes to the Warsaw Ghetto!

And then there's THE X-MEN VS. THE AVENGERS #1! Wait, you say, don't you mean AVENGERS VS X-MEN? (Go ahead, say it, we'll wait). No, not the big crossover event of 2012 but a little-known limited series from 1987, featuring the two hero teams, plus the Soviet Super-Soldiers and it's all over the newly reformed (or is he?) Magneto!


What happens next?

August 27, 2018

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #4 ends the series with a revelation that may or may not be resolved in Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends.

In CHAMPIONS #23 the team fight Man-Thing and some of them get sucked with him through a portal to elsewhere - a cliffhanger that won't be dealt with until #25.

T Vernon is here again with IRON MAN (1968) #288 which turns the Atom Smasher fight into a 3-way with Firepower. Then an epilogue brings in Living Laser to kickstart the next storyline.

But before that epilogue the temporary Iron Man pops in to AVENGERS WEST COAST #89 to offer to join the team, and is turned down. They should have accepted because they're about to face Ultron.


A Trio of Older Treats!

August 23, 2018

In THE INCREDIBLE HULKS #630, the Fountain of Youth is turned into a wishing well and you know how crazy wishes are in this sort of tale! Add the Hulk and company and things go mad!

INVADERS #12 introduces the newest Invader: Spitfire who moves a high speeds, leaving a trail of flame behind her

And the Living Legend takes on an odd enemy in CAPTAIN AMERICA MEETS THE ASTHMA MONSTER, a doctor's office giveaway with some major star power!


Taking the Turing test

August 20, 2018

In TONY STARK: IRON MAN #3 Tony is never Iron Man but lots of other people virtually *are*. The AIs Jocasta and Machine Man break up, and Andy Bhang gets together with Amanda Armstrong (for jam and burgers). Tony thinks he may be an AI in an artificial body.

In INFINITY WARS #2 Gamora defeats the Infinity Watch and the Avengers, gets all the Infinity Stones, opens Soul World and merges with her stranded fragment. So what's next?

I've upgraded the comments to IRON MAN (2008) #23-24 and the RESCUE 1-shot. Tony is now back from his Dark Reign brain-death, rebooted from a pre-Civil War I backup (the reason he thinks he's an AI above).

In T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #287 the not-yet War Machine faces a new Atom Smasher and Rhodey gets together with Rae LaCoste. Tony Stark's still in cryogenic suspension. No-one's an AI.


A Celebrated Guest Star!

August 16, 2018

The brand new THOR (2018) #4 wraps up the “Thor in Hel” arc and features Thanos as a guest star!

THE INCREDIBLE HULKS #628-629 concludes the James Bond parody in an un-Bondian (un-Bondish?) way: Hulk fighting a giant monster in the Coliseum!

And then there's INVADERS #11 which introduces a villain called the Blue Bullet who is never seen again—and oh yeah, there's the origin of the newest Invader: Spitfire!


It's Jim Rhodes week - or -The dead and the not-so-dead

August 13, 2018

PUNISHER #228 brings Punisher's adventures in the War Machine armour to an end. He stops Hydra's plan and fends off Iron Man's attack but surrenders the armour when James Rhodes, returned from the dead, asks nicely. He's captured but it only lasts 16 minutes.

I've upgraded more Comments in IRON MAN (2008) #20-22, the 1st half of Stark: Disassembled where brain-dead Tony's friends, including Jim Rhodes, gather to put him back together.

In T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #286 the West Coast Avengers want to know who's in the black & white Iron Man armour now that Tony Stark is (supposedly) dead. (It's Rhodey in what will become the War Machine armour.) And Kathy Dare commits suicide - and she really *stays* dead.


Some Odd Blasts From the Past!

August 9, 2018

One of the biggest sensations from the 1960s was James Bond Secret Agent 007! When Ian Fleming's superspy hit the world's movie screen in the person of Sean Connery, the planet went crazy for spy stuff, including TV series like THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., kid shows including COOL McCOOL and LANCELOT LINK, SECRET CHIMP (starring monkeys of course) and movie spoofs like OUR MAN FLINT and the Matt Helm series—it even extended to episodes of THE FLINTSTONES and GILLIGAN'S ISLAND! And even the Beatles jumped (briefly) on the bandwagon with their film HELP! And even though the Bond series continues to the present day with Daniel Craig as Blonde James Bond, the phenomenon is distinctly a thing of the past! So that's why THE INCREDIBLE HULKS #626-627 is so odd: it's a sharp Bond parody from 2011 with our hero as “Banner, Bruce Banner” and harking back to the 60s mindset, reminding me that other people miss the 60s too!

And then there's INVADERS #10, a comic book from the 1970s reprinting a comic from the 1940s for a double blast from the past! Captain America faces Hitler's henchman known as the Reaper!


Deaths, requiems and comas

August 6, 2018

Infinity Wars begins with a double-whammy.

In INFINITY WARS PRIME Requiem kills Thanos.

And in INFINITY WARS #1 it looks like she kills Star-Lord.

Meanwhile Loki meets a heroic version of himself, putting the lie to his complaint that he's always painted as the villain. And the meeting of Dr Strange's Infinity Watch turns into a brawl.

I've upgraded the Comments in IRON MAN (2008) #18&19 which bring the 12-issue World's Most Wanted story to a conclusion with Tony Stark in a coma, (Yes, it was done before Civil War II repeated the idea.) I've also added IRON MAN: REQUIEM which is mainly reprints of Iron Man's origin and 1st meeting with Jim Rhodes, but the framing story takes place within #18.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1968) #285. In this issue everyone thinks Tony's dead but he's really in a coma, sorry cryogenic suspension. Rhodey fights his 1st battle as Iron Man in the will-be War Machine armour.


The Latest Cap and Hulk Issues!

August 2, 2018

In the new CAPTAIN AMERICA #2, good ol' Cap is trying to come to terms with a nation he represents in spite of their distrust of him!

And in IMMORTAL HULK #4, Jackie McGee calls on Bruce Banner's old college roomie for help—and he just has to be Walter “Sasquatch” Langkowski!

And to round out the week here's INVADERS #8-9 completing the Invaders versus Baron Blood arc and introducing us to Union Jack, Britain's WWI fighting hero, who may not survive for long against a Nazi vampire!


It's catch-up week again, and the multiverse was restored again while I wasn't looking

July 30, 2018

Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda continues with #3 as the team invade Mr Sinister's DNA store. But the most significant thing may be that in the past Iron Man had a secret he didn't want Wolverine to reveal.

The Golden Avenger (but not at the moment) is also in the last page of PUNISHER #227 as Baron Zemo tries to free the Hydra Captain America (from the pages of Secret Empire).

Ironheart gets a new armour in CHAMPIONS #22. And Amadeus Cho has changed from Hulk to Brawn. And Man-Thing turns up in the last few pages.

EXILES #5 concludes the Time-Eater story arc, restoring the multiverse to existence (again). Khan and a Nick Fury die.

I've resumed Dark Reign with the 2nd half of the long 'World's Most Wanted' story arc in the 2008 Invincible Iron Man series which I synopsised back in 2012. But I've just updated the Comments for #14-17.

And T Vernon announces the death of Tony Stark in IRON MAN (1968) #284.


A Savage Land for a Savage Hulk!

July 26, 2018

Here's a rarity: a complete story arc added in one solid chunk: “Planet Savage!” It took place in THE INCREDIBLE HULKS #623-625 in 2011! Herein, Hulk and his Warbound visit the Savage Land, meeting Ka-Zar and the usual prehistoric occupants! But this time it's much, much darker! Why? In one word: bugs! Giant bugs! Nasty icky giant bugs! Check out our write-up—but not while eating!

And if you wrote for Marvel Heroes Library, you could do rare and amazing things like this too! Don't be shy, contact us!


From the domestic to the cosmic and everywhere in between

July 23, 2018

In TONY STARK: IRON MAN #2 Friday gets a body, Jocasta gets a lover and Rhodey ditches the War Machine armour in favour of a giant kids' toy.

In more 'serious' mode in AVENGERS #5 we learn the true history of the world and Tony Stark ditches his Iron Man armour in favour of an even-gianter cosmic replacement.

Meanwhile in INFINITY COUNTDOWN #5 concludes as various characters manoeuvre and Dr Strange convenes a new Infinity Watch in time for Infinity Wars. Henry Pym is killed, for whatever value that word has in the Marvel Universe. Plus there are Darkhawk tie-ins.

Our relentless march through Shellhead's 1st series has reached the 'Assault On Armour City' Annuals crossover. DARKHAWK ANNUAL #1 and AVENGERS WEST COAST ANNUAL #7. T Vernon supplied the conclusion in IRON MAN ANNUAL #13.


More Thor Plus Hulk in Bulk!

July 19, 2018

The War of the Realms continues in THOR #3 as various heroes celebrate a wedding you won't believe! And there's a last page reveal that should knock readers' socks off!

IMMORTAL HULK #3 is a more somber affair, showing a tragic Hulk “incident” from multiple points of view and wondering where the truth lies!

And there are a lot more Hulks in HULK (2008) #24, wrapping up the WORLD WAR HULKS event! Hulks in Green and Red! She-Hulks in Green and Red! And a blue guy named A-Bomb!

And we can't leave out Captain America! There's INVADERS #7, wherein Cap and the gang face the Nazi vampire Baron Blood in his comic book debut!

Is there anything you want to see on the Marvel Heroes Library! Just let us know! Maybe you could even contribute it! We look forward to your contributions!


What's worse, losing a hand or losing an election?

July 16, 2018

I'm catching up with a couple of current issues.

Iron Man is in HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #2 which continues the story as the other Wolverine, Laura Kinney, joins in to chop Mr Sinister's hand off.

Rachna Koul and Iron Doom leave Human Torch and Thing stranded on a devastated Earth in MARVEL 2-IN-ONE #7. And they've just killed that Earth's Dr Strange.

Back in the day Tony Stark concludes his brief War Machine run in IRON MAN (1968) #283 against the forces of Justin Hammer. T Vernon has written that up as usual.

Then Shellhead gets involved in Infinity War, but only in #1. The rest of the time he's replaced by an evil doppelganger courtesy of Adam Warlock's evil side, the Magus. And Thanos can't keep his nose out of it. Peter Silvestro documented this event back in 2010.

But the Armoured Avenger's back in his regular red&gold for AVENGERS WEST COAST #84-86 as Deathweb and their masters try to influence a Presidential election.


Some Cap and Hulk Odds and Ends!

July 12, 2018

The big question: If you have a box full of odds and ends and you put your hand in and take one out, is it an odd or an end? I can't answer that but here are some quirky tie-ins for a pair of our favorite heroes!

A quirky little event called WORLD WAR HULKS resulted in a number of superheroes and villains exposed to gamma radiation and hulking out! HULKED-OUT HEROES, despite its title (and its cover), focused entirely on Deadpool who becomes Hulkpool and wants to go back in time to kill...Deadpool! He wasn't the most rational of anti-heroes to begin with; getting Hulked doesn't fix the problem!

There's also the time during WW2 when Captain America and the other Invaders turned Nazi! It started in INVADERS #5 and MARVEL PREMIERE #29, added to the site last week now we conclude the story with INVADERS #6 and MARVEL PREMIERE #30! Enjoy!

There's always more stuff to come on the Marvel Heroes Library! And you can join our little venture, just get in touch with us and we'll get you started!


4 out of 5 issues continue from last week's summary

July 9, 2018

In AVENGERS #4 we find out a bit more about Celestials history. And the Eternals commit suicide.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CHAMPIONS #2 rounds off the 2-parter with both Ironheart and Nova losing their armour.

EXILES #4 is the only 1 not continuing from last week. But the story-arc still continues and the team discover that the Time-Eater is Kang with the power of multiple Galacti from alternate timelines.

I continue the 2007 Mighty Avengers with #34 which is a single-issue story which finishes off the Loki-as-Scarlet Witch subplot.

T Vernon continues the original Iron Man run as usual with #282 where Tony Stark's War Machine armour sees action for the 1st time.


Cap and Hulk and Cap AS Hulk!

July 5, 2018

The brand new CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 debuts naturally on July 4th! Cap is back but his nation has changed, broken by the Hydra takeover; can Captain America truly fight for America?

And then there's IMMORTAL HULK #2, continuing the Hulk horror theme as Bruce investigates a series of weird deaths in a small town so that Hulk can take vengeance!

But the real weird thing is WORLD WAR HULKS: CAPTAIN AMERICA VS WOLVERINE, a tie-in to an earlier mini-event wherein a number of heroes are exposed to Gamma radiation! Here, it's (Bucky) Cap and Wolverine Hulked-out who it turns out have a grudge against one another and duke it out here and in flashback!

There's also the time during WW2 when Captain America and the other Invaders turned Nazi! It happened in INVADERS #5 and only Bucky was left to try to solve the problem! His solution? A new set of heroes! That would be the Liberty Legion, formed and fighting in MARVEL PREMIERE #29, the first two issues in a four-part crossover adventure!

There's always more stuff to come on the Marvel Heroes Library! And you can join our little venture, just get in touch with us and we'll get you started!


It's Champions month ...

July 2, 2018

... if that month is June 13 to July 12. The 2-issue Infinity Countdown: Champions means that the team have a comic out in 4 out of the 5 Wednesdays in that period. In #1 they go after Warbringer of the Chitauri and end up trying to stop him killing his own people. Oh, and Thanos is in there too.

AVENGERS #3 brings all the will-be Avengers together, except Loki takes Captain America to see the ancestor of them all.

In PUNISHER #226 the unstoppable Frank Castle in the War Machine armour almost gets stopped by Hydra, and he suffers the indignity of being rescued by Hawkeye (and some friends).

During Dark Reign the Mighty Avengers fight the Dark Avengers in MIGHTY AVENGERS (2007) #32-33, and Norman Osborn gets hold of a Cosmic Cube until Hank Pym tricks him out of it. But Loki ensures Norman is seen by the public as the hero.

T Vernon is on hand with IRON MAN (1968) #281, and we are introduced to what will be known as the War Machine armour.


More Thor and As You've Never Seen Him Before!

June 28, 2018

The brand new THOR 2 continues the tale of the Thunder God's journey through Hel as he picks up some familiar travelers in the Realm of the Dead!

And Thor as you've never seen him before: Hulked-Out! It was in WORLD WAR HULKS: SPIDER-MAN VS THOR that the God of Thunder and the Walloping Wall-Crawler were endowed with the powers of the Hulk, which made them less than friendly to one another! Get the details of this oddest of team-ups!

Pop quiz: When did Captain America, Sub-Mariner, and the Human Torch first team up as the Invaders? 1941, right? Well, no, it wasn't until GIANT-SIZE INVADERS in 1975! That's when Rascally Roy Thomas first proposed the team-up and when they first appeared in the comics! It's only that the stories were set during World War II that fooled everybody into thinking they had been around during the Golden Age of Comics! And now that we've added all of Cap's appearances in his main titles, we'll be putting these oft-overlooked classics in the Marvel Heroes Library!


All 3 main current Iron persons have issues this week

June 25, 2018

TONY STARK: IRON MAN (1968) #1 starts a new Stark company and has Iron Man fighting Fin Fang Foom.

Ironheart is in CHAMPIONS #21 where the team fight Alpha Flight until they team up and the villain runs away.

And Iron Doom takes over MARVEL 2-IN-ONE ANNUAL #1 for a meeting with the multiversal Council of Reeds.

Back in the past Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot stars in the last 2 of the Dark Reign: The List 1-shots. In the WOLVERINE issue he sends HAMMER to take over The World. And in the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issue Peter Parker gets evidence to bring Norman down.

Further back in the past T Vernon returns from his enforced rest for IRON MAN (1968) #280, a filler issue where Shellhead is taken to the future to meet an alien race (from the old Guardians Of The Galaxy series) who worship him.


The Last of Cap—in More Ways Than One!

June 21, 2018

CAPTAIN AMERICA #704 wraps up the Mark Waid filler series, getting us ready for the new Cap comic coming (appropriately) on the 4th of July!

But that isn't the only way Cap is coming to an end! We've also added CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998 series) #37 and 38, which means...the Marvel Heroes Library now has entries for all of Cap's main titles from 1964-the present day! That's nearly 700 issues (trust us, we counted) to get caught up on what Cap has been doing since he was defrosted back at the beginning of Marvel history!

And, since a one-shot is almost as good as a final issue, we have CAP AND THOR! AVENGERS, a tie-in to the then-upcoming Thor and Cap movies in 2011! Pretty odd going there with Hydra, monsters, and the evil Malekith as guest stars!

There's always more stuff to come on the Marvel Heroes Library! And you can join our little venture, just get in touch with us and we'll get you started!


The 26th Anniversary of Operation: Galactic Storm

June 18, 2018

In PUNISHER #225 the Punisher War Machine fights off a bunch of superheroes led by Captain Marvel and reveals the next stage of his plan - to go after Hydra to redeem himself for working for them during Secret Empire.

Despite the cover Rocket Raccoon and Galactus don't meet in INFINITY COUNTDOWN #4. But Big G and Silver Surfer are brought back to their original partnership.

In the original Iron Man series it's time for the Galactic Storm event. But Peter Silvestro already did the whole of that including IRON MAN (1968) #278-279 and AVENGERS WEST COAST #80-82. Just start at CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #398 and follow the links. PS also did the post-conflict debriefing in CA#401. I now add AVWC#83 as another addendum which explains what the West Coast Reserves were doing while the main guys were off in space.


A New Thor Series Begins!

June 14, 2018

And the old Thor Odinson is back as the God of Thunder, minus an arm and minus Mjolnir in the new THOR #1! Jason Aaron is still on board, joined now by Mike Del Mundo as is King Thor in a back-up tale with the most unbelievable final page in a very long time! Check out our synopsis and review!

Back a few years there was a small-scale event called FALL OF THE HULKS which had a cadre of villains trying to do some sinister bad guy stuff to the collective Hulk-related characters! One of the tie-in series stood out in the midst of the others: SAVAGE SHE-HULKS #1-3! This one brought Lyra, the Savage She-Hulk from the future, Jen Walters the beloved She-Hulk from the present, and the bad guy Red She-Hulk (not yet revealed to be Betty Ross) together and it was a delight! The complete mini-series now added to the Marvel Heroes Library!

There's always more stuff to come on the Marvel Heroes Library! And you can join our little venture, just get in touch with us and we'll get you started!


2 Galacti (or 3, depends how you count them)

June 11, 2018

MARVEL 2-IN-ONE #6 brings the story of Doomlactus to a universe-changing conclusion.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3 is split between the Guardians of the Galaxy saving the Power Stone and Adam Warlock fighting Ultron for the Soul Gem.

Both issues feature Silver Surfer and at the end a Lifebringer Galactus. But from different alternate universes.

I've given T Vernon 2 weeks off while I insert some Avengers West Coast stuff into Iron Man's chronology. #76-79 is a story arc called Infamous Monsters of Hollywood with the team and Dr Strange vs Satannish and his minions Night Shift.


An All-New Immortal Hulk!

June 7, 2018

Two brand new comics hit the stores this week and we have written them both up just for you!

First up we have THE IMMORTAL HULK #1 and it's a shocker! Writer Al Ewing's new take on the Hulk takes us into new territory, with a more horrific edge and a darker outlook! Check it out!

And heading toward the end of the Marvel Legacy filler series, CAPTAIN AMERICA #703 continues the futuristic tale of Cap's ultimate legacy with his descendant Jack Rogers facing the revived Red Skull!

Then, CARNAGE USA #5 concludes with a battle between the two symbiotes, the ghastly Carnage and the new VenomFlash Thompson

There's always more stuff to come on the Marvel Heroes Library! And you can join our little venture, just get in touch with us and we'll get you started!


You can't tell the bad guys from the good ones

June 4, 2018

In CHAMPIONS #20 the Master of the World claims to be a bad guy doing good, so what does that make Alpha Flight? And who knows which side the Champions will take.

And in PUNISHER #224 Carol Danvers leads a group of superheroes on a mission to take back her dead lover's War Machine armour from bad good guy Frank Castle.

And in INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 Nova Richard Rider discovers bad Raptor Talonar is his ex-Nova good brother Robbie. And Adam Warlock goes looking for his evil side Magus and finds Ultron instead who recently ejected his used-to-be-good part Henry Pym.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) ANNUAL #12 is part 4 of Annuals crossover Subterranean Wars in which Iron Man's old enemy Kala asks him to help *her* lover general bad guy Mole Man.

And then Subterranean Wars concludes in AVENGERS WEST COAST ANNUAL #6 where Shellhead recruits the AWC to rescue the other Avengers and help several underground bad guys against the even badder Deviants.

And going even further back in time Webmaster Julio has just added the classic TOMB OF DRACULA #1 where the main character is the bad guy. Gene Colan's already on board as artist (as Adam Austin). The 1st 6 issues have a variety of scripters but the aptly-named Marv Wolfman will take over in #7 to complete the iconic duo.


You can't tell the bad guys from the good ones

June 4, 2018

In CHAMPIONS #20 the Master of the World claims to be a bad guy doing good, so what does that make Alpha Flight then.

And in PUNISHER #224 Carol Danvers leads a group of superheroes on a mission to take back her dead lover's War Machine armour from bad good guy Frank Castle.

And in INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 Nova Richard Rider discovers bad Raptor Talonar is his ex-Nova good brother Robbie. And Adam Warlock goes looking for his evil side Magus and finds Ultron instead who recently ejected his used-to-be-good part Henry Pym.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) ANNUAL #12 is part 4 of Annuals crossover Subterranean Wars in which Iron Man's old enemy Kala asks him to help *her* lover general bad guy Mole Man.

And then Subterranean Wars concludes in AVENGERS WEST COAST ANNUAL #6 where Shellhead recruits the AWC to rescue the other Avengers and help several underground bad guys against the even badder Deviants.

And going even further back in time Webmaster Julio has just added the classic TOMB OF DRACULA #1 where the main character is the bad guy. Gene Colan's already on board as artist (as Adam Austin). The 1st 6 issues have a variety of scripters but the aptly-named Marv Wolfman will take over in #7 to complete the iconic duo.


Some Cool Older Stuff!

May 31, 2018

While we're all eagerly awaiting this year's number #1 issues, we've got some cool older stuff to add to the Marvel Heroes Library!

First up we have CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL 2001! Herein, Cap gets to meet President George W. Bush and he learns some eye-opening secrets about his (Cap's) WW2 service!

Then, CARNAGE USA #4 continues the saga of Spider-Man's battle against the ghastly symbiote Carnage in the American heartland—with the new Venom (Flash Thompson) on hand as well!

Finally we have MARVEL PREMIERE #49, the Falcon's first solo adventure in this 70s try-out title, pitting him against the sinister Silencer! And Cap is the guest star!


Bye-bye to Bendis and Byrne

May 28, 2018

The Search For Tony Stark wraps up in IRON MAN #600, and Brian Michael Bendis leaves lots of plot threads for new writer Dan Slott to ignore if he wants to.

And the returned Iron Man is already in action in AVENGERS #2 as we discover that Loki is allied with the Final Host.

Was INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 really just the next issue of the cancelled Guardians Of The Galaxy mag?

Another writer leaving a series was John Byrne in IRON MAN (1968) #277, but he wrapped everything up. T Vernon does the honours as usual.

After that Shellhead visited AVENGERS WEST COAST #75 for a day out in a theme park. And then he got caught up in the INFINITY GAUNTLET limited series, the inspiration for the Infinity War film(s). Peter Silvestro synopsised this some years ago.


Hulk Settles Down!

May 24, 2018

The final issue in the current series, THE INCREDIBLE HULK #717, has Amadeus Cho struggling against the Dark Hulk within and winning—for now!

A special one-shot THE MIGHTY THOR: AT THE GATES OF VALHALLA ties together the old series and the new, reintroducing the Goddesses of Thunder and bringing us up to speed on the War of the Realms!

And CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL 2000 gives us the origin of Protocide, Cap's dark counterpart from the early days of the Super-Soldier program, as we wonder why no writer has ever brought him back, not even Ed Brubaker who revived a number of past Cap characters!

Meanwhile, CARNAGE USA #3 continues the saga of Spider-Man's battle against the ghastly symbiote Carnage in the American heartland—with Captain America become a monster!


Overrun by Wolverine's and Captain America's

May 21, 2018

Iron Man's not yet finished his return-from-coma Legacy series and he's in another new series this week - HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #1. I don't know about the other HFW mini-series but at least Logan's *in* this 1, albeit in a flashback to before he was dead.

In EXILES #3 the team keep running through alternate realities just ahead of the Time-Eater. This issue features Peggy Carter as Captain America. Plus of course Li'l Wolvie.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2018: AVENGERS & CAPTAIN AMERICA has an immediate prequel to last week's Av#1. The Cap story is a trailer for the forthcoming CA#1.

I continue playing catchup with INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME which brings all the Infinity Stones onto the board and introduces all the players. And Wolverine *is* in this.

I also continue Dark Reign: The List with the PUNISHER issue as he gets hacked to pieces prior to his FrankenCastle run. And Julio already documented the next issue which brings Bruce Banner closer to becoming HULK again.

And in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #276 is Black Widow friend or foe?


Cap's Return on the Horizon?

May 17, 2018

The brand new CAPTAIN AMERICA #702 takes us a century into the future where Cap's legacy has changed the world! But with the surprise return of another familiar character, could Cap himself be popping up next time?

CARNAGE USA #2 has several Avengers falling prey to the ghastly symbiote in the American heartland, leaving Spider-Man on his own against the monster!

And the quirkiest addition to the site this time is FALL OF THE HULKS: RED HULK #4, the final issue of a minor tie-in to a forgotten minor event! But it completes the set that was really bugging me!


A variety of team-ups

May 14, 2018

AVENGERS #1 jumps the gun on the new Captain America, Iron Man and Thor series by having them team-up as the core of what will be the new Avengers roster. But 1st they've got to defeat the Final Host of Celestials whose 1st act is to kill all the other Celestials.

I'm going to continue the Infinity Countdown stuff that Julio Molina-Muscara started with IC: ADAM WARLOCK. But 1st I present GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #150 which led into that issue and laid out some of the plotlines for the IC series.

Dark Reign: The List continues with DRTL: SECRET WARRIORS where Norman Osborn reluctantly teams-up with Nick Fury to investigate the threat of Leviathan. Fury gets help from Ares there, and in SECRET WARRIORS #10 we see the other side of their deal as Ares' son Alex gets accepted as a god.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #275 finishes off the Dragon Seed saga as Mandarin teams-up with the 2 Iron Men to see off the alien dragons. And Mandarin's career seems to be over because he loses his Ring hands. (But you know he'll be back eventually.)


Hulk's Days are Numbered!!

May 10, 2018

Just out this week, THE INCREDIBLE HULK #716 is leading toward Amadeus Cho's being freed of the curse of the Hulk.

In CAPTAIN AMERICA Vol 3 #35, Cap squares off against his nemesis and opposite number Protocide!

And in the sequel to CARNAGE, CARNAGE USA #1 has several Avengers joining Spider-Man in tracking down the ghastly symbiote in the American heartland!


It's the end of an Avengers era (era's are very short these days)

May 7, 2018

In EXILES #2 the team gains the Valkyrie from the Thor: Ragnarok movie (sort of) and Wolvie from the X-Babies. They're really casting the net wide!

AVENGERS #690 is an epilogue to the No Surrender epic in which the cast members go their separate ways, villains included.

This will be my last mention for Iron Man's involvement in the 1st Carnage series as #5 is the last issue. Peter Silvestro saw it through to the end.

I've reached the Dark Reign: The List 1-shots in my slog through that era. Peter gets another mention because he's already done DRTL: AVENGERS and its immediate sequel NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #3. So I now contribute DRTL: DAREDEVIL (DD accepts control of the Hand and starts a war with Norman Osborn) and DRTL: X-MEN (Norman sends Namor's ex-wife (not quite what you think) against him and the X-Men).

And in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #274 it's Mandarin vs a load of alien dragons with 2 Iron Men caught in the middle.


Cap's Cool Legacy!

May 3, 2018

CAPTAIN AMERICA #701 takes us in an unexpected direction: the far future! It's a world where Cap's ideals have made the world a utopia—but (there's always a “but” in something like this) historian Jackson Rogers (descendant of you-know-who) uncovers a treasonous conspiracy!

And we're adding some missing Hulk-related issues to the site! First up, there's WORLD WAR HULKS #1, kicking off the mini-epic of that title, showcasing some of the event's players including Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, and (gasp!) Hulkpool!

CARNAGE #5 concludes Spider-Man's and Iron Man's hideous adventure with the sinister symbiote!

And AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR now has a synopsis and review on the site! Have you seen it yet? Go see it again!


Cap's Cool Legacy!

May 3, 2018

CAPTAIN AMERICA #701 takes us in an unexpected direction: the far future! It's a world where Cap's ideals have made the world a utopia—but (there's always a “but” in something like this) historian Jackson Rogers (descendant of you-know-who) uncovers a sinister conspiracy!

And we're adding some missing Hulk-related issues to the site! First up, there's WORLD WAR HULKS #1, kicking off the mini-epic of that title, showcasing some of the event's players including Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, and (gasp!) Hulkpool!

CARNAGE #5 concludes Spider-Man's and Iron Man's hideous !

And THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR now has a synopsis and review on the site! Have you seen it yet? Go see it again!


Thor No More?

April 26, 2018

The landmark THE MIGHTY THOR #706 shows us the end of Jane Foster's embodiment of Thor, though the end isn't as sad as we thought it would be! No, the really sad bit is the end of Russell Dauterman's run as Thor artist—he is the one who will be missed!

CAPTAIN AMERICA (vol. 3) #34 is all about the cash! No wait—it's Cache, a nasty (and argumentative) AI who will cause no end of trouble for Cap and Falcon!

CARNAGE #4 continues Spider-Man's and Iron Man's battle with the gruesome symbiote!!

And (SPOILERS ALERT) we have the synopsis of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR which comes out in the USA this weekend so go see it!


Quicksilver out, Iron Lad in and the 1st death of Thanos

April 23, 2018

PUNISHER #223 concludes the War Machine arc but Frank Castle will keep the armour for another 5 issues.

In AVENGERS #688 Quicksilver unfreezes the other Avengers by going faster than ever but as a result disappears (into the Speed Force?).

The new kid on the block EXILES #1 introduces a variant version of Iron Lad vs a zombie head of Galactus. And Iron Man keeps on guesting in Peter Silvestro's CARNAGE #3. Tony Stark is back in the armour in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #272 as the Dragon Seed Saga starts (John Byrne's been building up to this since #259).

WARLOCK #15 adds another piece to the early Thanos jigsaw. There are 6 Soul Gems like Warlock's and Thanos means to get them all. The series ended there but Jim Starlin finished the story off in AVENGERS ANNUAL #7 and MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE AN#2, which featured the deaths of both Thanos and Warlock. I wrote those 2 up some years ago. They'll both be resurrected over a decade later. But in between dead Thanos will reappear in Starlin's THE DEATH OF CAPTAIN MARVEL GN, already done for us by Peter Silvestro.

There's 1 more minor part of Thanos' 1st life to be found in a backup tale in LOGAN'S RUN #6. And now we have it all.


A New Hulk and More!

April 19, 2018

INCREDIBLE HULK #715 sees Dark Hulk and Amadeus Cho fighting for control of the big green body and Hulk fights dirty!

CAPTAIN AMERICA (vol. 3) #33 has Cap and Falcon infiltrating a tech company and facing a deadly AI!

CARNAGE #3 continues Spider-Man's and Iron Man's battle with the grisly symbiote!!

AVENGERS: SHARDS OF INFINITY tries to trick us into thinking it's connected to the upcoming INFINITY WAR but it isn't! Instead, a small team of Avengers—Cap, Black Panther, Black Widow, and Falcon—take on yet another fanatical group bent on world domination—but this time the baddies have bits of the Cosmic Cube!


I've got 3 new issues to champion this week ...

April 16, 2018

... appropriately the 1st is CHAMPIONS #19 in which Ironheart starts to bond with her new posse and they investigate something in Northeast Canada.

No Surrender continues in AVENGERS #687 with our Iron representative Toni Ho. Everybody gets ready for the last lap and Quicksilver races ahead on a quest to unfreeze all the other supercharacters.

Lastly I've restarted Marvel 2-In-One with #5 because Iron Doom hasn't actually left the comic. And now they're up against an alternate Dr Doom merged with Galactus.

I'll mention that Iron Man (remember him - Tony Stark) continues to guest in Peter Silvestro's CARNAGE #2.

On a more regular note T Vernon chimes in with IRON MAN (1968) #271 where Iron Man (James Rhodes) faces Fin Fang Foom. And we get a glimpse of Mandarin's aide Chen Hsu's hidden agenda.

My archaeological dig for early Thanos apps brings me to the 2nd phase of his 1st life (after the Cosmic Cube saga) in WARLOCK #9-11. He helps Adam Warlock end the menace of his future self Magus (with the aid of Gamora and Pip the Troll), but only because he has his own plans for Adam's Soul Gem.


Triple Threat!

April 12, 2018

Three of our favorite heroes have cool stuff now added to the Marvel Heroes Library!

The only new comic added this time is CAPTAIN AMERICA #700, a milestone issue wrapping up the tale of Cap in a near future dystopia, bringing him back in time to have his comic rolled back to #1 like everybody is doing these days!

And then we present HULK FAMILY: GREEEN GENES, a nice one-shot showcasing all of the Hulk's relatives, including a cousin (Shulkie), a son (Skaar), a daughter (Lyra), and another possible daughter (Scorpion)! And Joe Fixit comes back!

And Iron Man and Spider-Man team up again in CARNAGE #2! Because that icky symbiote isn't done yet!

Is there anything you would like to see on this site? Get in touch and you can write it up if you so desire!


The search for Iron Man succeeds?

April 9, 2018

Ironheart and others take a back seat in CHAMPIONS #18 where Cyclops leaves the team and human Viv Vision merges with synthezoid Viv 2.0.

In AVENGERS #686 Hulk wins the final Pyramoid for Challenger but then asserts his independence by smashing it. So Challenger takes out his rage on Grandmaster. Ex-Iron Patriot Toni Ho is still in there.

The real Iron Man actually shows up this week in CARNAGE #1 from the Heroic Age. Peter Silvestro uploaded this.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1968) #270. In China while Tony Stark consults a doctor Rhodey subs as Iron Man but finds he's facing Mandarin.

The early Thanos Cosmic Cube saga had a long side arc in Daredevil with Moondragon. I've decided to contribute #105&107 as the most relevant issues.


A Marvelous Mixed Bag!

April 5, 2018

Three semi-classic tales have now been added to the Marvel Heroes Library!

First up is CAPTAIN AMERICA (vol. 3) #31 wrapping up the tale of Cap versus Count Nefaria in the Savage Land and yes, Ka-Zar and his crew are here as well!

Hulk without Hulk? Is that like GARFIELD WITHOUT GARFIELD (if you don't know what this is, look it up, it's a hoot)? Well, in INCREDIBLE HULK (vol. 3) #112, the series was transitioning to feature Hercules so we close out the Hulk's third series without him!

And then there's CARNAGE #1! Spider-Man's most gruesome enemy is back and Spidey needs the help of Iron Man to stop him! Icky fun!

Is there anything you would like to see on this site? Get in touch and you can write it up if you so desire!


Hulk vies with Thanos for guest-mentions in this report

April 2, 2018

IRON MAN #598 continues to follow the adventures of Ironheart and Iron Doom. Doom gets beaten up by Hood's gang and has to teleport out of his armour to the safety of Amara Perera's apartment. Ironheart and her MIT gang are led on a wild goose chase by Stark-programmed Friday until Tony's voice tells them to stop looking for him.

In AVENGERS #685 Iron Hulk probably ends his 2-issue career as green Hulk drains all the gamma energy out of Gen'l Maverick. And Hulk makes short work of the other Avengers who try to stop him getting to Voyager and the 5th Pyramoid.

T Vernon has reached IRON MAN (1968) #269, the 1st of 3 issues building up to Mandarin's Dragon Seed Saga. Black Widow starts another slow-burning plotline while Tony Stark is invited to China for help with his neurological problem.

I'll mention in passing that Julio has written up HULK ANNUAL #8 where Hulk meets (ie fights) Alpha Flight's Sasquatch in Canada.

And continuing filling-in early Thanos issues I've added CAPTAIN MARVEL #25-26 which begin Jim Starlin's Thanos/Cosmic Cube saga. #27-33 are already on the database, plus crossover AVENGERS #125 and tie-in MARVEL FEATURE #12.


Always make sure your origin is up-to-date

March 26, 2018

In PUNISHER #222 War Machine Punisher takes on the whole Chernayan army plus some armoured SHIELD Agents. Then Gen'l Petrov launches a nuke. What's left for the conclusion next issue?

Mild by comparison, in AVENGERS #684 a few Avengers just tackle the Hulk. And Voyager turns out to be not who she said she was. Plus the intro of Iron Hulk.

Following last week's origin of Thanos' ancestors in CAPTAIN MARVEL #29, WHAT IF? #24-25 updates it to the currently-accepted version.

And the update of Iron Man's origin concludes in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #268, implicating Mandarin.


The Strongest Avenger!

March 22, 2018

THOR: RAGNAROK taught us that both Hulk and Thor consider themselves the strongest Avenger! So who is correct? I'm not going to take sides which could be dangerous! Instead each of those heroes has a brand new issue here on the Marvel Heroes Library—even though it's not Banner Hulk and Thor Odinson!

THE INCREDIBLE HULK #714 sees Amadeus Cho returning to Earth from Planet Hulk! But there are worrisome factors at hand, namely, the cover says World War Hulk II!

And sadly THE MIGHTY THOR #705 records the last days of Thor (Jane Foster) as she faces the destructive Mangog and it will cost her her life.

And we're still looking for interested people to join the team! Get in touch and you can be a Marvel hero too!


Thanos and Warlock stage a takeover

March 19, 2018

Ironheart is among the Champions For A Day in their #17 while Viv Vision is stalked by Viv 2.0.

Time out from the big battles in AVENGERS #683 as Jarvis recovers to tell us that Voyager is a fake.

Site-Supremo Julio starts the march towards the comics' Infinity War with INFINITY COUNTDOWN: ADAM WARLOCK.

The TBolts/Warriors crossover concludes with THUNDERBOLTS #136 and SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #9.

T Vernon has the 1st of a 2-part retiming of Iron Man's origin in IRON MAN (1968) #267.

Julio also contributes HULK #177 which picked up the threads from the cancelled Warlock series (which later returned to host the 2nd Thanos War).

And I add a missing chapter from the 1st Thanos War with CAPTAIN MARVEL #29 which includes an origin for the Titanians.


A Classic Marvel Moment!

March 15, 2018

A major milestone in Marvel history now has a page in the Marvel Heroes Library! It's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #100, where Pete ponders whether to remain Spidey or not! And he receives a big shock in the end! This was written up by our Web Wizard Julio Molina-Muscara!

And a little more recently (and less momentous), we have CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998 series) #28: Cap goes to the Savage Land—and it's more savage than usual with marauding dinosaur-men and a missing Sharon Carter! And Cap ends up with an unexpected ally!

More stuff added to the Marvel Heroes Library every week! Bookmark the site and stay with us! And if you really enjoy what you see, come join us! Get in touch and you can be a Marvel hero too!


Halfway through 2 things and at the end of another

March 12, 2018

No Surrender has reached its midpoint now we've had AVENGERS #682 . The Avengers claim a 2nd point for the 'obstacles'. But there's a 5th point to play for. And Jarvis seems to know something.

THUNDERBOLTS #135 and SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #8 are the middle pair in the TBolts/Warriors crossover. And Nick Fury turns out to be an LMD with Ares' son inside.

And T Vernon brings us the end of Armour Wars II in IRON MAN (1968) #266. As he says it's a bit of an anticlimax.


Red, White, Green, and Orange!

March 8, 2018

This week we have CAPTAIN AMERICA #699 still in a post-apocalyptic America where Cap is leading a revolt against the wicked king, aided by none other than the Hulk and the Thing!

And to go back a few years, we also have CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998 series) #26-27 where our star-spangled hero joins the Falcon and Nick Fury to take down the hideous Hate-Monger!

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6 multi-parters in 5 issues

March 5, 2018

IRON MAN #597 is part 5 of the 8-part Search For Tony Stark that will end with #600. But this issue has no Tony/Iron Man and is really about Ironheart and Iron Doom.

AVENGERS #681 is part 7 of the 16-part No Surrender. We get origins for Captain Glory and Vector. The Lethal Legion win their 1st point. Hawkeye and Red Wolf join the fight. And Hulk inches closer to his cover-app in #684.

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #7 is part 1 of 4 for God Of Fear, God Of War. THUNDERBOLTS #134 is part 2 of 4 of Widowmaker. But they are also the opening salvoes in a 6-part SW/TB crossover. Norman Osborn hatches a plan to kill 3 birds (Black Widow, Nick Fury and Songbird) with 1 stone.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #265 is part 8 of the 9-part Armour Wars II, and Shellhead finally comes face-to-face with the guy who's been controlling his armour.


In Iron news this week:-

February 26, 2018

In PUNISHER #221 Punisher brings the War Machine armour back to life and goes on the offensive to flush Gen'l Petrov out.

AVENGERS #680 begins round 2 of the Grandmaster and Challenger's game. And the original Wasp is revived to replace the 'dead' Human Torch.

The Dark Reign issues this week are NEW AVENGERS (2005) #59-60. The Avengers draft in a lot of help to get Luke Cage out of Norman Osborn's clutches, only to find his body has been booby-trapped.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1968) #264. This is part 7 of a 9-issue story arc. (In the days before Trade Paperback collections told us that 6 issues was the perfect length for for a story.)


Three Hot New Issues!

February 22, 2018

THE INCREDIBLE HULK #713 wraps up the “Return to Planet Hulk,” pitting our Gamma-irradiated hero against the Warlord himself, with the fate of their world in the balance! Will it be saved—or will the Worldbreaker break it?

Then in THE MIGHTY THOR #704, Jane Foster faces the decision that will end her life: if she becomes the Mighty Thor again, changing back to Jane will surely kill her! So it's her life versus Asgardia's! What would you do?

And then there's CAPTAIN AMERICA #698 wherein the Living Legend emerges from the ice a second time to face a post-apocalyptic America where he is the only one who can lead a successful revolt!

And to go back a few years, we also have CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998 series) #25 where our star-spangled hero joins the Falcon and Nick Fury to take down the hideous Hate-Monger!

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Here's the next issue of everything we did last week!

February 19, 2018

MARVEL 2-IN-ONE #3:- Iron Doom is still trying to find the Multisect while Thing and Torch are persuaded to take someone else with them when they use it to go universe-hopping.

AVENGERS #679:- No Iron Patriot again but I think Bruce Banner/Hulk shows up for the last page.

NEW AVENGERS (2005) #58:- Only 1 Dark Reign issue this week. The New and Dark Avengers actually fight each other, I think for the 1st time.

IRON MAN (1968) #263:- T Vernon tells us how Living Laser returns for a rematch but Dr Pym and Wonder Man pop in to help Iron Man.


Things continue, especially old Marvel monsters

February 12, 2018

Victor Von Doom as Iron Man continues his guest slot in MARVEL 2-IN-ONE #2 as he competes with Thing and Human Torch to find the device Mr Fantastic left on Monster Island - but it isn't there. But Googam son of Goom is.

Toni Ho/Iron Patriot is only behind the scenes in AVENGERS #678, the continuation of No Surrender, which means it doesn't really belong in the Iron Man Library. But that doesn't mean as much as it used to.

Dark Reign continues with NEW AVENGERS (2005) #56-57 where Jonas Harrow takes down the team to convince Norman Osborn to let him replace Hood as leader of the villain gang. But Mockingbird rescues them. And elsewhere Loki gives Hood the power of the Norn Stones.

T Vernon continues the original Iron Man series with #262 where Tony Stark finds a way to bypass Kearson DeWitt's control of his body. And Mandarin chats with Fin Fang Foom.


All this and Fin Fang Foom!

February 5, 2018

IRON MAN #596 brings us closer to the return of Tony Stark as Riri Williams seems to give up being Ironheart and others find where Tony's been struggling to recover from his coma.

AVENGERS #677 confirms that Grandmaster's behind the current plot, which this time is a Contest of Villains rather than a Contest of Champions.

In the Dark Reign issues AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #29,31 Penance gets his sanity back and Norman Osborn gives Taskmaster an offer he can't refuse.

T Vernon is here with IRON MAN (1968) #261. DeWitt and the Marrs twins have shut down Iron Man's body. And Mandarin meets Fin Fang Foom.


Hulk Versus Thor!

February 1, 2018

Just out, THE INCREDIBLE HULK #712 pits the Jolly Green Giant against the unworthy God of Thunder as we “Return to Planet Hulk!

And back in the old days, there's CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL 1999 where Cap faces an old enemy with a new look and new mission, Flag-Smasher!

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Vamping until Tony Stark is ready

January 29, 2018

CHAMPIONS #16 makes it onto this list by having 1 page of Ironheart. They're having a membership drive but I don't think she'll join until #19.

AVENGERS #676 sneaks in by having Toni Ho billed as Iron Patriot. But all the Avengers get blown up at the end so who knows who'll be in the rest of the issues.

DARK AVENGERS #10-12 has the 1st Iron Patriot Norman Osborn and his crew getting outclassed by Molecule Man until Sentry realises he has the same power.

In the times of those comics Tony Stark is missing.

At least Tony's in CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #22 brought to us by Peter Silvestro, as the vibranium problem is solved and Cap gets his proper shield back.

And finally the real Iron Man is in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #260 where he's beaten by Living Laser because the behind-the-scenes villains are remotely messing with his body.


4 Iron Ages

January 22, 2018

In PUNISHER #220 Punisher/War Machine continues his 1-man war on the Chenayan dictatorship, this time busting open detainment camps and fighting rogue SHIELD Agents.

Nearly all the current Avengers, including Iron Patriot Toni Ho, get assembled in AVENGERS #675 by a mystery woman when the Earth gets transported elsewhere.

We're back in 2009 in Dark Reign after 2 months of Avengers West Coast issues. I'm starting out easy with a single issue DARK AVENGERS #9. It's mainly Ares discovering his son is 1 of Nick Fury's Secret Warriors - and not being happy about it. Iron Patriot Norman Osborn is as usual my excuse to include this.

From 1999 Peter Silvestro contributes CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #21 within which Tony Stark explains that when Cap's shield was destroyed and rebuilt way back in Secret Wars I it gained a flaw in its vibranium which has now infected all the vibranium in the world causing bits to start to explode. When the mound in Wakanda goes it'll be bye-bye Earth.

T Vernon continues 1990's Armour Wars II in IRON MAN (1968) #259. It wasn't really the ghost of Titanium Man it was Living Laser in disguise. But there are 2 bigger villains manoeuvring in the background.


Thor's Days Are Numbered!

January 18, 2018

Just out, THE MIGHTY THOR #703 shows us that while Thor may be mighty, Jane Foster is not, as the poignant tale of Thor's last days winds down!

And the new Marvel Legacy CAPTAIN AMERICA #697 pits Cap against the ever-popular Spidey foe Kraven the Hunter!

Meanwhile, heading back to 1999 CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998 series) #21 shows us the time when Cap's shield threatened the entire world with destruction! Not to mention the spectacular cover!

More stuff added to the Marvel Heroes Library every week! Bookmark the site and stay with us!


Let's go back to the 90's

January 15, 2018

I have no new issue for you this week.

But in the early 90's Iron Man was involved in the end of the Pacific Overlords story in AVENGERS WEST COAST #72-74 and the rise of a new island nation Demonica.

Shellhead was very busy around this time. Among his apps between the Overlords and his own next issue the Marvel Chronology Project has IRON MAN: LEGACY OF DOOM #1-4 which T Vernon did a few months ago.

And now he gives us IRON MAN (1968) #258 which kicks off Armour Wars II with the ghost of Titanium Man - maybe.


I come back from my Xmas semi-layoff to find the old Iron Man Library site's gone!

January 8, 2018

Here's IRON MAN #595, better late than never. They're stretching this story out until #600, and it shows here. A large chunk of the issue is a delusion of the man who may be Tony Stark. Other subplots continue.

Stark cameos with shocking news he uncovered while investigating Cap's old shield (I think) in CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #20 brought to us by Peter Silvestro.

T Vernon has IRON MAN (1968) #257, another fill-in before next week when we'll get to Armour Wars II. The 1-off villain is Samurai Steel who shoots down North Korean missiles. Where is he when we need him now?! (Except for the invading bit.)

But before then Iron Man joins the Avengers West Coast for a long storyline called The Pacific Overlords. The 1st half is here in AWC #69-71. Dr Demonicus (previously best known for his involvement with Godzilla) heads a string of new villains (plus Sunfire). The AWC have help from a Spider-Woman (plus Sub-Mariner).


A Happy New Year to all our readers (yes, we do have more than 1)

January 1, 2018

The latest issue of Iron Man is out but I didn't go into the city this week so I don't yet have it.

I have to content myself with giving you PUNISHER #219 where Frank Castle as War Machine defends a farmer against Chernayan soldiers.

I also haven't written up any old issues again for this week.

But T Vernon saves the day again with IRON MAN (1968) #256. It's another 1-issue story but this 1 wraps up a subplot from some issues back about the Stark space station.

I've space again this week to mention things outside my Iron domain. CHAMPIONS #15 wraps up the Worlds Collide crossover with Avengers by bringing Viv Vision back to this world.

And Peter Silvestro ends the Red Skull/Korvac story in CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #19 where Sharon Carter doesn't react well to Cap telling her he loves her.


A Merry Christmas to our reader

December 25, 2017

The new Iron issue this week is MARVEL 2-IN-ONE #1, the 1st of 2 guesting Iron Doom. And the starring duo Human Torch and Thing start off on a quest to find the rest of the Fantastic Four and their family.

I've taken time off for Christmas so there are no old issues from me this time.

But nothing stops T Vernon from bringing you IRON MAN (1968) #255 - another single-issue tale where Iron Man and a new Crimson Dynamo swap minds.

Outside of the Iron spotlight I've done UNCANNY AVENGERS #30 where Captain America pops in for the last issue of his old team.

And Peter Silvestro has been busy this week. As well as continuing the 1998 Cap series with #18, with added Korvac, he's covered the new HULK #711 where Hulk meets Thor Odinson as gladiators and the new THOR #702 where Jane-Thor doesn't die yet.


Iron Man gets busy in the past as the currently IM-less Avengers clan gear up for their weekly event

December 18, 2017

US AVENGERS #12 has those wacky Skrulls imitating Earth movies/TV series again. It's the team's last issue and everything gets wrapped up before they get sucked into the Avengers weekly series.

Back in his original run Iron Man appeared in lots of stuff between his #253 and #254 including:-

The Terminus Factor event in 5 Annuals (Captain America An#9, IM An#11, Thor An#15, Avengers West Coast An#5 and Avengers An#19). Peter Silvestro wrote these up some years ago, and our hero is in all of them. Go to CA An#9 and follow the links.

AVENGERS WEST COAST #63 puts a final spotlight on the android Human Torch as he fights a new villain Living Lightning.

I've skipped #64-65 because Shellhead's not in them. #64 is a fill-in issue. #65 has a backup tale which writes HT out of the series, while the main part is an intro to the next storyline ...

... The Reaper And The Robot in #66-68 featuring a zombie Grim Reaper, and Ultron-13 infecting and infected by humanity.

Then T Vernon brings the Armoured Avenger back to IM(1968)#254 where a new Spymaster impersonates Santa Claus.

There's still no Iron person involved in the Avengers/Champions crossover but I've also contributed AVENGERS #674 where Viv Vision sacrifices her life to save 2 Earths.


2 Dooms for the price of 1

December 11, 2017

Title:- 2 Dooms for the price of 1 GWENPOOL #23 ends her fight with 2 Victor Von Dooms, the current Iron Man version and the old villainous Dr Doom (sort-of).

Peter Silvestro continues a Cap/Red Skull battle by Mark Waid and Andy Kubert in CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #16, where Tony Stark is still fiddling with Cap's broken shield.

In AVENGERS WEST COAST #60-62 Roy and Dann Thomas close down both of John Byrne's Scarlet Witch subplots with Magneto and Immortus. Next issue they can start on their own plots.

Then Shellhead moves back to his own series as T Vernon recounts IRON MAN (1968) #253, a fill-in issue by Danny Fingeroth. It's the 1st in a series of 1-off issues by different writers until John Byrne (him again) takes over for Armor Wars II.


Who let Punisher in here?

December 4, 2017

The surprise addition this week is the Marvel Legacy Punisher series starting with #218. Frank Castle earns a place in the Iron-sphere by wearing the War Machine armour, as Nick Fury Jr sends him after a military dictator.

Peter Silvestro continues to fill in a gap in the 1998 Captain America series with #15 which is the start of a new Red Skull epic, but also has a cameo from Iron Man with the broken pieces of Cap's shield.

I've given T Vernon the week off because there's a lot of Avengers West Coast issues to fit in between Iron Man #252 and #253.
#56-57 are the end of John Byrne's run and feature the team trying to pry an evil Scarlet Witch from the clutches of Magneto.
In fill-in issue #58 they get diverted from their task to deal with the effects of a man-made earthquake in Los Angeles.
I haven't done the 2nd fill-in #59 because it takes place in 1 of the alternate timelines that are being deleted by Immortus.
In next week's issues Roy&Dann Thomas will combine and resolve the Immortus/Magneto/Scarlet Witch plots.

Outside the Iron-sphere the current Avengers/Champions crossover continues in CHAMPIONS #14 where they learn that the High Evolutionary intends to destroy both Earth and Counter-Earth.


The Hulk! Better Late Than Never!

November 30, 2017

We've just added the details for THE INCREDIBLE HULK #709, first issue under the Marvel Legacy banner (no relation) and it's a doozy. Part one of Return to Planet Hulk sees the Hulk's return—but it's not the same old Hulk! This time it's Amadeus Cho as the green giant—will he have the ability to conquer this world as his predecessor once did? Or will he go down to defeat?

We've also got CAPTAIN AMERICA (1988 series) #15! The Red Skull, Cosmic Cube, America a fascist dictatorship, bad stuff foreseen on the Capitol steps, and Captain America responsible for it all? Why does all this seem familiar? Oh right, it's SECRET EMPIRE, about 2 decades early! See how this plot was handled in a previous century!


You can't keep good villains down

November 27, 2017

In the 2nd new Legacy issue INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #594 Ironheart and friends fight the Stark Industries board, and Iron Doom fights a lot of supervillains (including Chemistro and Wrecker in significant roles) that he arrested lately. But nobody does anything about finding Tony Stark.

And in the 2nd part of his Acts Of Vengeance tie-in IRON MAN (1968) #252 T Vernon tells us how Iron Man fought Chemistro (after fighting Wrecker last issue).

Then Shellhead moves over to AVENGERS WEST COAST #53-54 to fight more random AoV battles against the U-Foes and Mole-Man. But at least #55 is more significant as it's the wrap-up of the whole Event with lots of Avengers defeating Loki, the man behind it all. But he'll return immediately in the Thor series.

And in other news Peter Silvestro has documented the Red Skull's escape from his Cosmic Cube prison in CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #14.


The end of Utopia is the beginning

November 20, 2017

This week I give you US AVENGERS #11. I'm continuing with the last 2 issues of this series even though Toni Ho is no longer Iron Patriot. The team are off to rescue MIA member Cannonball from Archie Andrews (who to us British was a ventriloquist's dummy).

In Dark Reign the Utopia crossover ends with DARK AVENGERS/UNCANNY X-MEN: EXODUS. At last an actual fight between the 2 teams. Dani Moonstar has become Valkyrie again to defeat Ares. And Emma Frost persuades Sentry to quit the battle. After that the X-Men can't lose, and they live happily ever after on Utopia island.

T Vernon takes Iron Man into the Acts Of Vengeance event with IRON MAN (1968) #251. Shellhead only just survives the Wrecker but then Chemistro joins in.

In other news AVENGERS #673 continues the crossover with Champions as High Evolutionary explains some of what's going on.


Unbelievably ...

November 13, 2017

... this week's new Iron issue is GWENPOOL #22. Gwen Poole is a comics geek who's fallen into the Marvel Universe. Using her comics knowledge and the ability to step out of the panels, she's carving a place for herself. Now she goes after Victor Von Doom to prove herself worthy to be in the Avengers. But she doesn't know he's changed his spots and become Iron Doom.

Working backwards through time we come to UNCANNY X-MEN #514 and DARK AVENGERS #8 as the Utopia crossover continues. Cyclops prepares his masterplan and then we see the 2 main elements:- The raising of a sunken Asteroid M to be mutants' new homeland Utopia, and the rescue of Norman Osborn's mutant prisoners from Alcatraz. Plus the Dark X-Men break up.

Peter Silvestro provides IRON MAN & CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL '98 as Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have a clash of ideologies while fighting AIM but come to respect each other's POV. (As Peter suggests, a pre-echo of Civil War I.)

And furthest back of all (in chronological content but not publication date) T Vernon finishes Iron Man: Legacy Of Doom with #4 as Iron Man and Dr Doom team up to save Earth from an extra-dimensional monster composed of eyeballs (that Doom had previously angered).


Continuing where we left off

November 6, 2017

Just old Iron Man-related stuff again.

The Utopia crossover continues in UNCANNY X-MEN #513 where Emma Frost meets her new Dark X-Men and adds Sub-Mariner to the ranks, and DARK AVENGERS #7 where they go on their 1st mission.

And T Vernon continues Iron Man: Legacy of Doom with #3 where Shellhead fights Dr Doom who has the sword Excalibur in order to win the sword's mystic scabbard.

But in the general arena I've continued the Worlds Collide crossover in CHAMPIONS #13 as the Avengers and Champions stop several large buildings vibrating to pieces, only to discover that the whole world is vibrating to somewhere else.


3 armoured warriors from the past

October 30, 2017

Just 2 old issues of Iron interest this week.

In DARK AVENGERS/UNCANNY X-MEN: UTOPIA Norman Osborn takes advantage of conflict between X-Men and anti-mutant protesters to declare martial law in San Francisco and as Iron Patriot bring in his Dark Avengers.

T Vernon does IRON MAN: LEGACY OF DOOM #2. Iron Man breaks out of Hell but Dr Doom gets Morgana Le Fey to mystically fuse Excalibur into his armour.

But elsewhere I've added the new Avengers Legacy title AVENGERS #672, the start of the crossover with Champions, and NEW AVENGERS (2005) #55, slightly connected to the Utopia story.


What's all this about legacy?

October 23, 2017

Our Marvel Legacy series begins with INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #593. The previous Invincible and Infamous titles live on in this 1 with artists Stefano Caselli and Alex Maleev handling the pages for their own characters. I wonder how long that can last? Will Ironheart and Iron Doom never meet? Meanwhile Tony Stark's body has gone and someone is putting on his armour.

T Vernon has just finished IM#249-250 which was the 2nd story in what has become known as the Camelot Trilogy. The 1st tale was in #149-150. Unfortunately the original Iron Man series never reached #349-350, but much later the IM: Legacy of Doom miniseries provided the 3rd leg. It's set back in this period of Tony Stark's life, so TV has decided to write it up now. Here's #1.

While T is doing that I'll be reporting on the Dark Avengers/X-Men: Utopia crossover event. Starting with DARK X-MEN: THE BEGINNING #1-3 - the miniseries which shows Norman Osborn recruiting his Dark X-Men. But it doesn't involve the word 'legacy'.


Back to the future

October 16, 2017

I've no new titles to report on this week, so it's back to the past.

In AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #28 Norman Osborn's grip on the Initiative starts to slip as the Nevada Heavy Hitters team quit, helped by Tigra's Avengers Resistance.

And T Vernon does IRON MAN (1968) #250 where Iron Man and Dr Doom have been taken to the future by Merlin to aid reincarnated King Arthur against an older Doom and an evil future Iron Man descendant of Tony Stark.


Everybody's leaving (except Sam Wilson)

October 9, 2017

The US Avengers start to break up in their #10. Sunspot resigns, Gen'l Maverick can't be Red Hulk anymore, Toni Ho's giving up being Iron Patriot, the Government want to deport Enigma, and nobody believes Squirrel Girl could really have done all the things in her comics. But at least Smasher turns up to say Cannonball's still alive.

In the historical section we finish off Atlantis Attacks. I've added comments to Seahammer's THOR ANNUAL #14 where Thor and Dr Strange kick the demon Set out of our dimension. And then everybody gangs together in FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #22 to free the 7 Brides from Ghaur and Llyra, who also disappear.

Then Iron Man goes back to his own series in IRON MAN (1968) #249 to battle Dr Doom over a pair of mysterious artefacts, which ends with them transported to another time as they'll discover next issue. T Vernon's on the case.

In this new site it's easier for me to mention that I've also contributed AVENGERS #11 to the Captain America and Thor sections. Jane-Thor stops Sam-Cap, who's now gone back to being Sam-Falcon, from resigning as leader of the now homeless team.


Triple whammy

October 2, 2017

This week we have synopses for issues from 3 different Iron Man series (but only 1 of them starring Tony Stark).

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #11 does at least feature Tony in flashbacks as Riri Williams and Mary Jane Watson reveal that they each actually met Stark well before their official introductions. And then AI Friday takes us into the Legacy era when she discovers comatose Tony is missing.

INFAMOUS IRON MAN #12 ignores Stark completely as it concludes the pre-Secret Empire storyline of Iron Doom and Mephisto. But it sows a couple of seeds to grow during Legacy.

These are both the last issues of their series before the Legacy Invincible Iron Man title starts with #593.

And Peter Silvestro brings us MARVEL LEGACY itself. The main line is a story spanning the past million years involving a Celestial, Asgardians, an Infinity Stone, the Avengers 1,000,000 BC and the return of Wolverine (and maybe of Franklin and Valeria Richards). But there are also pages hinting at the upcoming stories in the Legacy titles, including the search for the missing Tony Stark. And Ironheart gets to play Avenger with Sam-Cap and Jane-Thor.

The original Shellhead is of course in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #248 where paralysed Tony Stark walks again ...

... just in time to take part in 2 of the Atlantis Attacks annuals. AVENGERS ANNUAL #18 has a shedload of Avengers fighting Atlanteans invading the US. And AVENGERS WEST COAST ANNUAL #4 has a cut-down group trying to rescue the 7 Brides of Set and stop that demon manifesting on Earth.


Team-ups great and small

September 25, 2017

It's another of those weeks where I have no new comics to report on. (Invincible Iron Man #11 came out but I didn't go to Liverpool this week.)

Meanwhile Dark Reign ambles on with MIGHTY AVENGERS #30-31 where we find loads of Avengers from different teams assembling to fight the Unspoken who wants to turn humanity into Alpha Primitives. (But Norman Osborn won't let the Dark Avengers play.)

T Vernon and IRON MAN (1968) #247 give us Iron Man and Gray Hulk separately caught up in the war between Madame Masque & the Maggia and AIM & Hydra.

They then team up to continue the fight in HULK (1968) #361 which Julio Molina-Muscara briefly synopsised a long time ago.


The once and future Tony Stark

September 18, 2017

In GENERATIONS: IRON MAN & IRONHEART Ironheart gets sent to the future not the past, and meets Tony Stark Sorcerer Supreme not Iron Man.

Peter Silvestro *really* concludes Secret Empire with SE: OMEGA as good Captain America visits bad Cap in prison and we get some clues about upcoming developments.

As SE is wrapped up I've completed and reorganised my tie-in comments in SE#0-8. (SE#9&10 don't have any tie-in issues.)

In Dark Reign's AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #26 we meet some of Norman Osborn's new Initiative teams, and the Avengers Resistance go into action.

And in IRON MAN (1968) #246 T Vernon brings us the start of a 3 (or 4) part arc featuring a war between AIM, Hydra and the Maggia.


Atlanteans keep attacking

September 11, 2017

It's a quiet week in Iron-land now Secret Empire is over, so I've only got old issues to give you.

In Dark Reign's DARK AVENGERS #5-6 Norman Osborn gives a TV interview, Marvel Boy quits after he discovers that his teammates aren't the good guys, and Sub-Mariner quits the Cabal when Sentry/Void kills some Atlantean terrorists who have invaded Los Angeles.

Even further back T Vernon synopses IRON MAN (1968) ANNUAL #10, the 2nd part of the Atlantis Attacks crossover event. Iron Man and Namor team-up against Attuma's Atlantean invaders in Panama, and Subby appears to get killed.


Everything comes in 2's

September 4, 2017

Peter Silvestro concludes Secret Empire with SE#10 as good Captain America fights bad Cap and Kobik puts nearly everything right. Except it seems that Black Widow and Rick Jones are still dead.

INFAMOUS IRON MAN #11 reveals that Mephisto is behind the return of Doom's mother, and his motives aren't good.

In T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #245 we get the return of Madame Masque - or do we because another Madame Masque is found dead?

And then Mephisto is in AVENGERS WEST COAST #50-52 as well as it turns out that Scarlet Witch's 2 children were really just fragments of the demon. Oh, and Iron Man returns to the team.


Replacements galore

August 28, 2017

The wider view from the Iron throne.

Peter Silvestro is here again with SECRET EMPIRE #9. The good guys continue to win, including deconstructing the Hydra Avengers. Kobik seems to have the good Steve Rogers ready to bring him back. But his replacement Hydra-Cap gains a god-like power.

US AVENGERS #9 is an SE tie-in where the split team also win their fights against Hydra. But is Tony Ho going to change from Iron Patriot to another super-id?

Dark Reign's NEW AVENGERS (2005) #51-54 has Brother Voodoo replacing Dr Strange as Sorcerer Supreme. Oh, and the team fight demon-Hood and Madame Masque. Only #54 has Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot in, but in the new system my report isn't so directly connected to the Iron family.

There's yet another replacement Iron Man, but it doesn't take long for crippled Tony Stark to get back in the armour in IRON MAN (1968) #244, brought to us as usual by T Vernon.


The Queen abdicates

August 21, 2017

In Iron news this week:-

In INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10 Ironheart resigns as Queen of Latveria but not before making everything OK.

I've added more comments on Secret Empire tie-ins in SE #1,2,8.

In MIGHTY AVENGERS (2007) #24 the team go on a world tour of super-problem outbreaks, much to the annoyance of Norman Osborn.

And in IRON MAN (1968) #243 T Vernon shows us the effects of Tony Stark getting shot.


Hydra's on the ropes. Yay! Tony gets shot. Boo!

August 14, 2017

I haven't got any new issues for this week but Peter Silvestro comes to the rescue with 2 from Secret Empire.

In CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 Steve-Cap's Hydra successfully attack Wakanda and the mutants in New Tian. But Sam-Cap and the Stark AI get a new fragment of the Cosmic Cube.

Then there's SE #8. Suddenly everything starts going right. The Darkforce Dome and the Planetary Shield are destroyed and the Chitauri invasion is repulsed.

And both issues reveal that Bucky Barnes is alive and working with Sub-Mariner.

The Dark Reign saga continues with THUNDERBOLTS #133 as Norman Osborn recruits a new Scourge, Songbird flies back into action and we learn that Black Widow is working for Nick Fury.

Further back in the past T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #242 has Mandarin fighting in a new suit of armour. And obsessive Kathy Dare shoots Tony Stark.


This week's guests, the Pretenders

August 7, 2017

In INFAMOUS IRON MAN #10 Iron Doom has a nice chat with his dead mother. And then things go wrong because she may not be who she claims to be.

THUNDERBOLTS #130-131 is part of a Dark Reign crossover with Deadpool, who thinks Norman Osborn owes him for enabling him to be the hero of Secret Invasion. Plus Taskmaster pretends to be another DP, and DP himself has a crush on Black Widow.

Peter Silvestro has completed filling in the missing synopses for the long initial Captain America series. I reckon T Vernon has 1/4 left to do for the Iron Man series. This week he reaches IRON MAN (1968) #241. Mandarin's back again, but this time he's disguised as a businessman named Zhang Tong who's delegated the ring-using to a set of underlings.


Secret Empire is like buses - if 1 is delayed then 2 come in quick succession

July 31, 2017

View from the Iron throne:-

Peter Silvestro moves quickly to SECRET EMPIRE #7. Spider-Man (Miles Morales) doesn't quite kill Captain America (Steve Rogers) as predicted by Ulysses' vision. And Black Widow dies in the attempt. Deaths like this just tell me that the Cosmic Cube will resurrect everybody in the end, or even make the whole thing to not have happened.

I've added more comments on tie-ins to SE#1, #3 and #7 itself.

In US AVENGERS #8 Iron Patriot has to get sneaky to save Citizen V/Sunspot's life.

Ironheart guest stars in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #2. But so does Peter Parker's sister!

THUNDERBOLTS #128-129 introduces us to the new Dark Reign Thunderbolts as Norman Osborn launches a scam to convince the President that he's no longer Green Goblin.

T Vernon marches on to IRON MAN (1968) #240 where Iron Man defeats Ghost with the untrustworthy help of Blacklash, Blizzard and Boomerang.


Cap vs Iron Man Round N (I've lost count)

July 24, 2017

News from the Iron camp.

So now Peter Silvestro *can* give us SECRET EMPIRE #6. Hydra and Hulk demolish the Underground HQ, ending in yet another clash between Captain America and Iron Man (the AI version this time).

The 3 weeks of tie-ins I can describe this time all fit within SE#0-5.

Meanwhile (in publishing terms) in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #9 Ironheart defeats Lucia Von Bardas and becomes Queen of Latveria.

Back in Dark Reign I finish updating the Comments to War Machine vol 2 with #11-12. In the final arc Norman Osborn has James Rhodes prosecuted for war crimes but in the end Rhodey is free with a cloned body in place of his cyborg 1.

And T Vernon takes us back to IRON MAN (1968) #239. Why does Shellhead agree to oppose the Ghost for his old enemy Justin Hammer?


What, no Secret Empire?

July 17, 2017

No new issues this week, partly because Secret Empire #6 has been delayed until next week, but also because I didn't get to Liverpool this week. We'll have to make do with 2 issues from the past.

Dark Reign continues with AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #25. Norman Osborn tries to get heroes to serve in his Initiative with mixed success - including triggering the formation of the Avengers Resistance.

T Vernon presents IRON MAN (1968) #238 where Iron Man fights Rhino while several subplots bubble underneath.


2 Iron Patriots but only 1 Iron Man

July 10, 2017

US AVENGERS #7 is a Secret Empire tie-in where Iron Patriot and Red Hulk are captured by Hydra in the battle for Washington, and Enigma and Squirrel Girl teleport to Paris where they join the French Resistance, er ... Champions of Europe.

I've updated comments on WAR MACHINE (2009) #6-10, the Homeland arc where Rhodey and some fellow ex-West Coast Avengers face Ultimo and a different Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn).

And T Vernon takes us back to simpler times in IRON MAN (1968) #237 where Iron Man has to fight an evolving alien on a space station.


3 Iron Man titles this time but he's only in the oldest 1

July 3, 2017

Peter Silvestro has delivered SECRET EMPIRE #5 in which AI Tony Stark's Underground team give up and return with only 2 fragments of the Cosmic Cube. Mockingbird betrays them and Hydra comes for them with a secret weapon - Bruce Banner.

I've added yet more comments on tie-ins to the SE issues so far.

My 2-weekly journey to Liverpool has this week netted me both current Iron-issues.

In INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #8 Ironheart is sent by Sharon Carter of SHIELD to confront Lucia Von Bardas in Latveria.

And in INFAMOUS IRON MAN #9 she captures Dr Doom in Latveria and brings him back to Carter. And these 2 stories have nothing to do with each other.

For Dark Reign I've just done updated comments again, this time in WAR MACHINE (2009) #1-5 where James Rhodes and his team contend with the Ultimo virus.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #236 concludes the Grey Gargoyle story and all the petrified women are restored to health.


Tony Stark a rebel in 2 eras

June 26, 2017

The Secret Empire bandwagon keeps trundling on as Peter Silvestro brings us SE: UNDERGROUND. Following on from SE#4 the Tony Stark AI's team leave Ultron in the Arctic to gain another Cosmic Cube fragment in the Savage Land (in the Antarctic).

My contribution to Dark Reign this week is just some updated comments for IRON MAN (2008) #8-13 as Shellhead goes on the run from Norman Osborn's forces.

And T Vernon's IRON MAN (1968) #235 is the opening of a 2-parter featuring Grey Gargoyle turning terrified women into stone statues. This was published as slasher movies were passing their high point.


Teams and team-ups

June 19, 2017

Peter Silvestro gives us 2 Secret Empire goodies this week:-

In SE#4 both sides have sent teams after Cosmic Cube fragments. Ultron/Hank Pym kidnaps them and tells them off, then gives his fragment to the Resistance out of sympathy for the underdogs.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #23 tells us how Sam helped AI Iron Man's team get where they were going, and got carried along with them.

I've added tie-in comments to all SE issues.

Resolutely still before SE (but only until next issue) AVENGERS (2016) #8 has new pal Iron Doom called in to help them against Avenger X.

In Dark Reign MIGHTY AVENGERS (2007) #21-23 has what looks like Scarlet Witch recruit a new team of Avengers to save the world from Chthon.

And back in simpler times T Vernon tells us how IRON MAN (1968) #234 Shellhead teamed up with Spider-Man for a romp with Radioactive Man.


Stuck in the past again

June 12, 2017

We've just got 3 layers of past Iron Man-ical history to report on this week.

In 2009's Dark Reign it's *maniacal* history as Iron Patriot confronts the Young Avengers in DR:YA#4-5.

In the 1990's Peter Silvestro tells us how Tony Stark creates an armour to support Captain America's weakened body in CA (1968) #438.

And T Vernon takes us back to the 80's where IM (1968) #233 introduces us to Kathy Dare who will be a deadly new girlfriend for Tony.


Twists and turns

June 5, 2017

Peter Silvestro follows the latest Event in SECRET EMPIRE #3. Ironheart is part of Black Widow's young team. But this issue follows many other strands including showing us Sam Wilson smuggling people out of Hydra's USA.

PS also gives us SE: UPRISING where Widow's team are out to assassinate Steve Rogers. So of course Amadeus Cho and Nadia Pym infiltrate Hydra's youth choir.

I've added details of tie-ins to SE#0,2,3.

Probably before SE, Ironheart is also in INFAMOUS IRON MAN #8 where she chats with Iron Doom, as Ben Grimm chats with Reed Richards (not knowing he's really the evil Maker). And at the end Tony Stark turns up possibly as a future Sorcerer Supreme.

In Dark Reign FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2009: AVENGERS tells us how the New Avengers have to team up with the Dark Avengers to face Thor's enemy Ymir who's got hold of Odin's Twilight Sword.

T Vernon has the postscript to Armour Wars in IM (1968) #232 (pencilled by Barry Windsor-Smith) as Tony Stark wrestles with guilt, not for what he did during AW but for what the villains had done with his technology.


2 Iron Men, 2 Iron Patriots, 1 Iron Doom

May 29, 2017

AVENGERS (2016) #7 ignores Secret Empire and tells us how Iron Dr Doom recruits the Avengers because he needs young Nadia Pym to infiltrate a girls' training camp to uncover occult goings-on. But also to check her out to see if she's a mad scientist he'll have to put down.

US AVENGERS #6 is set during SE#0 where Hydra assassinate Sunspot and set Red Hulk against the rest of the team. Iron Patriot (Toni Ho) is in there.

I'm continuing my wander through Dark Reign using appearances of Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) to justify including them in this Library. This week it's DR: YOUNG AVENGERS #2-3 where the team try to deal with a rival group using their name. Osborn isn't exactly behind these imposters, but he plans to capitalize on their actions.

T Vernon does IM (1968) #231 where Tony Stark 'kills off' the old Iron Man in the Silver Centurion suit, who'd been doing all those naughty things in Armour Wars, and introduces a 'new' IM back in red & gold. Are we fooled?