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When is a spaceship a worldship? Size matters.

September 20, 2021

In IRON MAN #12 the Golden Avenger and Avro-X battle a Punisher (not that 1) and Korvac in Galactus' worldship before help arrives.

LA: WAKANDA is the penultimate issue in the Last Annihilation event as the Intergalactic Empire Of Wakanda help the Imperial Guard defend the Shi'ar planet Aerie (and its moon gets turned into a Mindless One).

T Vernon's IRON MAN & POWER PACK #3 is part 1 of a 2-part closer as the team-up fights a museum-load of Iron Man armours.

Infinity War has reached #2 and I add summaries of tie-ins to Peter's earlier synopsis.
And I do SILVER SURFER (1987) #68 where Galactus' spaceship is delayed between dimensions by mechanical space-wolves!


Seeing Green!

September 16, 2021

More older classics!

A training exercise for the X-Men goes horribly wrong in X-MEN VS HULK when the not-so-jolly Green Giant shows up!

The classic Black Galaxy Saga continues in THOR #421 wherein the God of Thunder needs all of the Avengers to defeat the invader Stellaris! And the baddie has a secret that shan’t be revealed here!

TOMB OF DRACULA #50 features an odd guest star! Would you believe the Silver Surfer?

In NEW AVENGERS (2010) #16, Daredevil, the Man without Fear, saves the day in this FEAR ITSELF tie-in! Seems appropriate!

DEFENDERS #42 pits the new Emissaries of Evil against the non-team for an explosive adventure!


The exception is the rule

September 13, 2021

CHAMPIONS #9 wraps up the whole Outlawed saga as Roxxon is defeated and Kamala's Law is repealed. Except there's a strand left over for next issue.

The final battle against Kulan Gath begins in SAVAGE AVENGERS #24. Except he wins already! Then decades later it's up to Conan in Dr Doom's armour to try to put everything right by calling in the time-travelling Kang The Conqueror.

T Vernon's IRON MAN & POWER PACK #2 has the team-up tackling Blizzard and Speed Demon to rescue the daughter of a pre-Presidential Donald Trump-alike.

This week's Infinity War batch:-
In DR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #43 Agamotto takes exception to Strange lending his Eye to Galactus. See Big G fight a giant caterpillar!
And in ALPHA FLIGHT #110 the Master Of The World takes exception to Magus threatening the globe. His solution - unleash another threat!
And I'll just mention that Peter Silvestro already did FANTASTIC FOUR #367 where Thing fights his Doppelganger against a background of IW#1-2.


The Black Galaxy Saga Continues!

September 9, 2021

Part two of the classic Black Galaxy Saga, THOR #420 has the God of Thunder making a new enemy: Stellaris the Celestial Slayer! And that sounds a bit ominous!

There’s MARVELS SNAPSHOTS: CAPTAIN MARVEL which has Carol and Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan giving advice and counsel to a girl in search of her identity! While battling alien invaders, of course!

TOMB OF DRACULA #49 pits the Lord of the Undead against some decidedly literary adversaries!

In NEW AVENGERS (2010) #15, it’s Squirrel Girl versus Wolverine, in this FEAR ITSELF tie-in! My money is on Doreen!

DEFENDERS ANNUAL #1 wraps up a lot of complicated plot threads while DEFENDERS #41 has the non-team battling an evil sorceress in a hippie commune! It’s a blast from the past!


The mission comes 1st, and last

September 6, 2021

In AVENGERS #48 the Winter (She-)Hulk goes on her programmed mission to assassinate Namor of Atlantis. But Red Widow follows on with an atomic bomb to destroy Atlantis itself.

This week's episode of Last Annihilation is LA: WICCAN & HULKLING where the duo use Nega-Rings to swap places to defeat each other's foe and save 2 planets.

T Vernon starts a new mini-series with IRON MAN & POWER PACK #1. In a timeline where the Pack are still youngsters they and Shellhead defeat Ultimo.

This week's tie-ins to INFINITY WAR #1:-
In DR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #42 Galactus comes to demand Strange's help tracking whoever rendered Eternity comatose but accidentally renders *him* unconscious ...
... at which point Silver Surfer turns up in SILVER SURFER (1987) #67 to attack Big G for attacking DrS. But they all team up at the end with Herald Nova to go on the mission.


The Black Galaxy Saga!

September 2, 2021

THOR #419 begins the classic Black Galaxy Saga! High Evolutionary wants to create a new set of gods! Thor and Hercules have to talk sense into him!

A new villain for the recent BLACK WIDOW #7: Apogee, a crimelord/cult leader whose followers have strange powers! Plus Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) joins the team!

In NEW AVENGERS (2010) #14, Mockingbird gets some new powers, just in time for FEAR ITSELF!

DEFENDERS #40: a giant assassin! Elf with a Gun! Ruby Thursday for President! All in a day’s work!

TOMB OF DRACULA #48 gives us a change of pace: the tragic story of Marianne, whose path crossed with Dracula’s one time too many!!


2 ends and 2 middles and some Thanos connections

August 30, 2021

AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 is the last of the Infinite Destinies Annuals where an AI/robot gets the Soul Stone. There's still the Mind Stone unaccounted for but the Infinite Fury backup series leads in to the Infinity Score heist in Black Cat #8-10 and a Giant-Size finale involving Thanos. Who at the same time will have become leader of the Eternals. Maybe this is all going somewhere?

Meanwhile the CABLE: RELOADED 1-shot is the next episode in the Last Annihilation crossover where Cable and his team acquire from Breakworld the very big gun that Rocket Raccoon talked about in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #17. And Abigail Brand provides the big bullet to go with it.

T Vernon also provides an ending IRON AGE: OMEGA to the Iron Age story where the timelost alternate Iron Man gathers the heroes from the previous issues to stop his own future from happening.

On the Starlin/Thanos trail I'm now into tie-ins to INFINITY WAR #1. This week's 2 are:-
FANTASTIC FOUR #366 amplifies the fight between Mr Fantastic and his evil Doppelganger in IW#1 while continuing other ongoing FF subplots.
In WARLOCK & THE INFINITY WATCH #7 the gang discover they are on Monster Island and team up with Mole Man. Then Thanos arrives from IW#1 to ask for their help.


Meet the Captain America of the Kickapoo Tribe!

August 26, 2021

UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #3 introduces us to another member of the Cap Network, a Native American fighting for his people!

THOR #16 still has Thor going through his midlife crisis, this time with Valkyrie (Jane) and the Wrecking Crew!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #47, Drac is going to be a father! And yes, it’s as strange as it sounds!

In DEFENDERS #39, Valkyrie (Brunhilde) is sent to prison! Oh, those poor inmates!

MARVEL TALES #197: Ignore Spidey on the cover! The real prize is a Hercules back-up story by Bob Layton! A real gem!


3 universe-scale threats and just an Earth-level 1

August 23, 2021

In this week's IRON MAN #11 Iron Man discovers that the alien world colony beset by Ultimos is all a 'great experiment' by Stilt-Man. And then the Living Tribunal pops up to sort everything out and send Shellhead back to the Korvac universe-level menace.

And The Last Annihilation event continues in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #17 where Dormammu creates a galactic pentagram to allow him to step through into this endangered universe with a body to suit the scale of his planet-sized head.

I'm picking up the Thanos/Starlin trail again with another universal threat in 1992's INFINITY WAR #1. Peter Silvestro synopsised this but now I've added comments on tie-ins. Back in the day Peter also dealt with the CAPTAIN AMERICA #408-409 tie-ins as Cap and D-Man face their Dopplegangers.

T Vernon reaches the end of the Iron Age mini-series with #3 but it's not the end of the event. In this issue Iron Man tangles with Dazzler and the early 1980's X-Men. He completes the time machine he needs but Dark Phoenix destroys it. Only the future of the Earth is at stake in this 1.


Another Fistful of Older Classics!

August 19, 2021

No new comics in this week so here’s THOR #418: the Wrecking Crew returns—to get wrecked!

A+X #8! Spider-Woman and Kitty Pryde against the Absorbing Man! Hawkeye and Deadpool versus pirates!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #46, Dracula gains a bride and becomes head of his very own cult!

DEFENDERS #38 sees Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, and Red Guardian on a hostile planet and Valkyrie in jail!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE 1940S NEWSPAPER STRIP #3 concludes with Cap and Bucky versus Red Skull…and a giant robot!



This in order to that

August 16, 2021

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ANNUAL #1 came out last week but I saved it for this otherwise empty slot. The main story is really Prince Otherone regaling Hercules with his origin (while they fight some bad guys), and the pair disagreeing over who has the rights to the title Prince Of Power. In the ongoing backup Nighthawk has brainwashed Nick Fury Jr to steal a piece of a Cosmic Cube to help them locate the current 'Infinity Watch' in order to use the Infinity Stones to bring back the recent Heroes Reborn world.

In T Vernon's IRON AGE #2 Iron Man is back in the comics of the early 80's seeking the scattered parts of Dr Doom's time machine in order to save his (alternate) future. This time he meets Doom, Human Torch and the cast of Power Man & Iron Fist.

AVENGERS/THUNDERBOLTS #5-6 finishes the mini-series as the joint teams have to reduce Moonstone to a catatonic state in order to save the world. Jolt makes a surprise appearance. And Helmut Zemo gets his face re-scarred saving Captain America!


Multiple Battles from Older Classics!

August 12, 2021

THOR #417: it’s Thor and Hercules against the ghastly Dark Dweller!

DEFENDERS #37: Plantman suddenly becomes a formidable foe, holding all of the Defenders plus Luke Cage at bay!

In NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 2011, it’s Wonder Man and a team of villains against the Avengers!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE 1940S NEWSPAPER STRIP #2 continues with a familiar hero in an unfamiliar format in search of the Red Skull!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #45, it's Blade versus Hannibal King!



Every issue has Avengers in the title

August 9, 2021

In AVENGERS #47 the team come to the rescue of She-Hulk as she's brainwashed in the Red Room. But she escapes on her own as the Winter Hulk.

The other new issue this week is SAVAGE AVENGERS #23 where Conan and Dr Strange give Shuma-Gorath a mercy killing.

In T Vernon's IRON AGE #1 Tony Stark has gone back in time to comics cover-dated 1983 where he's a drunkard and Britain has been taken over by Mad Jim Jaspers.
And even this issue is cover-labelled Iron Age Featuring Avengers (unless you've got the Featuring Captain Britain variant).

AVENGERS/THUNDERBOLTS #3-4 continue the mini-series where Baron Zemo test-runs Project: Liberator but Moonstone gets all the stolen energy while the 2 teams squabble.


Time is Running Out for the Hulk!

August 5, 2021

IMMORTAL HULK #49! Hulk heads Below to rescue Bruce Banner! Next month is the title’s big finish! I can hardly wait!

The recent BLACK WIDOW #6 has Natasha facing a new villain, crime lord Apogee! Plus, the new White Widow!

U.S. AGENT #5 wraps up John Walker’s most recent mini-series with a kaiju and a confrontation with the new U.S. Agent!

Some older classics:

In THOR #416, the God of Thunder meets the soul-sucking Dark Dweller!

DOCTOR STRANGE #14 has the Master of the Mystic Arts becoming a vampire and Dracula is responsible!


What you were dying for

August 2, 2021

ETERNALS #6 ends the story arc and possibly the series with the revelation that every time an Eternal is resurrected a human has to die.

The Last Annihilation crossover continues with SWORD #7 where we learn that Krakoa's Mysterium may have allowed Dormammu in and SWORD's Abigail Brand is playing a devious long game.

T Vernon's IRON AGE: ALPHA begins the time-hopping Iron Age mini-series with a very old and obscure Iron Man villain and the end of the world.

AVENGERS/THUNDERBOLTS #1-2 has Tony Stark pretending to be armoured villain Cobalt Man to infiltrate the Thunderbolts. But the Avengers have to keep it secret from Hawkeye.


Meet the Captain America of Harrisburg!

July 29, 2021

UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #2 gives us another local Cap! This one is Nichelle Wright, a Black female gymnast who protests legally by day and goes out catching crooks at night!

Some older classics:

THOR #415 gives us yet another version of Thor’s/Don Blake’s origin!

It had to happen! TOMB OF DRACULA #44 pits the Lord of the Undead against Doctor Strange!

In DEFENDERS #36, Plantman, Eel, and Porcupine return! To join Nebulon’s new Bozo movement! And that’s not half of this issue’s crazy plot!

And for more bizarre adventure, there’s WHAT IF? WORLD WAR HULK! Anything can happen here!


Villains from other dimensions, the past and an alternate timeline

July 26, 2021

In SAVAGE AVENGERS #22 Conan and Johnny Blaze are trapped in a variety of nightmares, all so Nightmare can give Conan a warning for Dr Strange who's currently treating the demon Shuma-Gorath as a patient.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #16 begins the Last Annihilation event as the planet-sized head of Dormammu unleashes Mindless Ones and Mindless Guns against the capitals of Galactic Empires.

It's a 1-shot from T Vernon this time, the original 1994 IRON MAN 2020 which now has to be relegated to an alternate timeline with a different version of Arno Stark.

WARLOCK & THE INFINITY WATCH #5-6 concludes the High Evolutionary storyline where the bad guy turns out to be the Man-Beast, the villain from Warlock's 1st run on Counter-Earth.


Thor’s Infinite Destiny!

July 22, 2021

The brand new THOR ANNUAL (2021) continues the Infinite Destinies arc (at least, I think so) with an appearance by an alternate evil Thor!

Some older classics:

Hey, remember CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE 1940S NEWSPAPER STRIP? Neither do we, since it never existed! But that didn’t stop Karl Kesel from creating one in 2010 and Marvel publishing it! Here’s issue #1 of 3!

In DEFENDERS #34, Nebulon, the Celestial Man, brings his godlike powers to Earth—to start a clown-faced cult! And #35 introduces a new Red Guardian, just in time for an insane story of brain transplants and mind transfers! Including one for Bambi!

TOMB OF DRACULA #43 rips off the classic THE NIGHT STALKER! If you’re going to steal, steal from the best!

Last but definitely not least, there’s MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #32! The origin of the original Spider-Woman! And if you’re a big fan of the character and want to write up her appearances for this site, get in touch! We’d be glad to have you!


It was a time of giants

July 19, 2021

In IRON MAN #10 the Golden Avenger is stranded on the planet of giant-robot Ultimos where the big hero is Stilt-Man. Maybe?

And in CHAMPIONS #8 the team's infiltration of Roxxon uncovers that their new plan is teen-hero-hunting giant robots called Chaperone Models (not as catchy as Sentinels).

Plus in FF/IRON MAN BIG IN JAPAN #4 T Vernon tells us how the extremely giant (but not robot) Apocalypse Beast achieves it's destiny to be a space-going home for Moloids (and possibly after generations produce Super-Moloid).

WARLOCK & THE INFINITY WATCH #3-4 passes the time before Infinity War with the 1st half of an adventure in which Adam Warlock defends his mentor High Evolutionary against attackers while 2 mystery armoured guys capture Drax, Gamora, Moondragon and Pip. (Nobody's oversize, but in his #15 Warlock was once bigger than the Solar System.)


Thor Versus…Mjolnir?!?

July 15, 2021

Last time Thor fought Don Blake and now in THOR #15 the God of Thunder is facing a very uncooperative and even hostile hammer! This one looks epic!

Some older classics:

In the 1998 one-shot HAWKEYE: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST MARKSMAN, our mighty archer takes on Batroc the Leaper, Oddball, and the ghastly Taskmaster! 

TOMB OF DRACULA #42 sees the final duel to the death between Dracula and mad scientist Doctor Sun!

SAVAGE HULK #6 has Doctor Strange trapped in an alien land dominated by the savage Hulk! You won’t believe what’s really going on!

DEFENDERS #32 promises the secret origin of Nighthawk but also delivers the first appearance of the oddball villain Ruby Thursday! And #33 continues the madcap saga involving people’s (and one animal’s) brains being swapped around! Hold on to your hats!


2 trials and several tribulations

July 12, 2021

AVENGERS #46 starts a new story arc as the Winter Guard take She-Hulk from Avengers Mountain to stand trial for messing up Red Square when she fought Sub-Mariner during the Phoenix arc. Then she gets brainwashed in the Red Room. (It's sure taking a long time for the Avengers to come rescue her!)

T Vernon's FF/Iron Man Big In Japan continues with #3 as the supergiant Apocalypse Beast comes through to Earth and heads towards Monster Island.

I'm returning to the Jim Starlin/Thanos trail for Warlock & The Infinity Watch. In #1 the Living Tribunal and a cosmic court persuade Adam Warlock to give up his Infinity Gauntlet godhood, and in #2 to distribute the the 6 Infinity Gems among his Infinity Watch:- himself, Drax, Gamora, Moondragon, Pip and a mystery other.


End of an Era! And the Clock Winds Down!

July 8, 2021

Author and social critic Ta-Nehisi Coates wraps up his run on CAPTAIN AMERICA (2018) with issue #30, as Cap defeats the Red Skull and can breathe easier—for now!

And the modern classic IMMORTAL HULK #48, counting down to its epic conclusion with issue #50, sees Hulk and Betty try to reconcile—but talk about relationship baggage! 

In DEFENDERS #30, the heroes battle an evil tap dancer! Well, they can’t all be classics! And in #31, the Headmen swipe Nighthawk’s brain! That’s more like it!

In the classic THOR #414, Thor battles Ulik while Eric Masterson faces…his evil ex!

Last, and probably least, John Walker’s latest issue, U.S. AGENT #4, pits him against…I’m not sure!


A whole lotta learning

July 5, 2021

In this week's ETERNALS #5 we learn that Thanos isn't all that he was and he's working for Phastos to destroy the Eternals to save the world. Except I think there's at least 1 more shoe to drop in this story.

T Vernon continues FF/Iron Man Big In Japan with #2 where we learn that the monsters aren't attacking Japan but fleeing from something worse.

AVENGERS/JLA #3-4 conclude the Marvel/DC crossover. We start off in a multiverse with 2 Earths where the Avengers and JLA have always shared a relationship like the Pre-Crisis JLA and JSA. But then they learn that this isn't the real thing and they defeat Krona to restore the true universes, even though some of them know that their fates will be bad there. And in the climax Superman wields Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer! But it's Hawkeye who saves the day, with help from the Barry Allen Flash.


Happy Anniversary, Cap!

July 1, 2021

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Captain America, Marvel is publishing THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA, looking at the wielders of the shield and those inspired by it! Here’s issue #1!

And there’s also a CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE, sort of a Cap Jam wherein multiple artists reinterpret Cap’s earliest appearances!

SAVAGE HULK #5 sees Hulk return to the Crossroads from a famous story arc as Dr. Strange tries to discover what went wrong!

In THOR #413, Hercules fights Ulik while Thor battles…himself?!? Dr. Strange shows up here as well!

And in TOMB OF DRACULA #41, Drac is back for Halloween—from the dead!


Events and team-ups

June 28, 2021

This week's new comic GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #15 is mainly about Nova and Star Lord attending the X-Men's Hellfire Gala party/event. But then back in the main plot the Big Bad everyone's been worried about turns out to be Dr Strange's old arch-enemy Dormammu, leading into The Last Annihilation event.

Back before everything was an Event, T Vernon takes Iron Man into the next phase in his career with FANTASTIC FOUR/IRON MAN: BIG IN JAPAN #1 where the title chars go to Japan and fight giant monsters in a cartoon style.

I nip a bit further back (into Avengers vol 3) for AVENGERS/JLA #1-2 where Marvel's Grandmaster tries to stop DC's Krona's universes-shattering quest by sucking him into 1 of his team vs team games.


The Return of All the Reborn Heroes!

June 24, 2021

HEROES RETURN wraps up HEROES REBORN with a big battle and sets everything right again!

The latest CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL continues the Infinite Destinies mini-event as Cap and Black Widow pursue the owner of the Time Stone!

In THOR #412, the New Warriors take the field for the first time, joining Thor against Juggernaut!

And in TOMB OF DRACULA #40: the vampire hunters finally get their wish: Dracula is dead! But maybe that wasn’t such a great idea…!

DEFENDERS #29 sees Hulk and Yondu competing on the deadliest game show in television history! 


End of an era

June 21, 2021

I've no new issues this week but I've added a comment on the last tie-in to Peter's HEROES REBORN #7.

T Vernon also adds comments to IRON MAN (1998) #88-89 which Julio did earlier. Tony Stark defeats the imposter Iron Man, buries Rumiko, resigns as Secretary Of Defence, rebuilds his company and persuades the world that he's handed over the Iron Man job to someone else.

AVENGERS: FINALE is a capstone to the 1998 Avengers series as the team mourn lost comrades, celebrate the good times and decide to call it a day.

With these issues we bring to an end the era of the 3rd volumes of Iron Man and Avengers.

But not only that. TV has completed the Golden Avenger's run from Tales Of Suspense through IM vols 1-3 (filling in around the few issues that were already done) and linked up with the post-2005 runs that I and others have completed. So now Shellhead joins Captain America and Hulk in having all their main titles completely documented (Peter's still working on Thor, and the Avengers have a long way to go).

Still it's not over for the unstoppable T. There are still Iron mini-series and 1-shots undealtwith, and he'll start next week on Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan.


All the Heroes are Now Reborn…

June 17, 2021

HEROES REBORN #7 ends with the Squadron Supreme finally encountering the mysterious Avengers! Next week: HEROES RETURN!

And held over from that last Big Event, KING IN BLACK: CAPTAIN AMERICA pits Cap, Sam, and Bucky against a mass of Symbiotes!

For some older classics: SAVAGE HULK #4 gives Hulk intense telekinetic powers! Now no one asked for that!

THOR #411! Thor versus Juggernaut for the first time! Plus, the New Warriors are introduced! Plus, a Beta Ray Bill solo adventure!

And TOMB OF DRACULA #39 gives us “The Death of Dracula” but remember, you can’t keep a bad man down!


Heroes reborn, rebuilt and disassembled

June 14, 2021

I've briefly synopsised this week's 2 tie-ins to Heroes Reborn, but split them between Peter's #5&6.

The current Iron Man series returns (prematurely) after the HReb hiatus with #9. But the Golden Avenger's still not around as we get a recap of Korvac's history and the return (again) and rebuilding of the android Human Torch.

We've reached Avengers Disassembled for which the issues revert to legacy numbering AVENGERS #500-503. Scarlet Witch goes insane. Secretary Of Defence Iron Man appears drunk at the UN. Ant-Man and Hawkeye die (temporarily as Marvel usual). Vision is destroyed (again). She-Hulk loses it (again) and is arrested by SHIELD. Wasp and the new Captain Britain are in intensive care. Yellowjacket is staying by Wasp's bedside. Only Captain America and Falcon are left standing as the team lose their UN status.

Then follows Shellhead's Av Disassembled run, The Singularity, which Julio has already synopsised. This week T Vernon adds comments to IRON MAN (1998) #86-87. While Tony Stark is trying to deal with his UN snafu a fake Iron Man kills the Stark Enterprises Board Of Directors and Rumiko Fujikawa.


Loki, Loki, Loki!!!

June 9, 2021

LOKI debuts today on Disney+ so we’ve added VOTE LOKI in its entirety as the God of Mischief runs for President of the United States!

It joins LOKI, AGENT OF ASGARD and LOKI (2019), our anti-hero’s two latest solo series which were already on the site to bring us all up to date on the cool and snarky Loki we’ve all come to love! Three Lokis for the price of one!

Oh yeah, there’s the new HEROES REBORN #6: Power Princess bashes heads and encounters Thor!


Who's got the Stones?

June 7, 2021

It's been a busy week.

The current IRON MAN ANNUAL starts off an 8-part Annuals crossover Infinite Destinies which will feature 8 new (or recently new) chars, 6 of whom are the current bearers of the Infinity Stones. Here Quantum has the Space Stone and he wants to get rid of it. It also begins a crossover backup tale starring Nick Fury Jr.

In SAVAGE AVENGERS #21 Conan fights Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) even though they both hate Kulan Gath. And at the end he finds himself back in Hyborian Age Aquilonia (but presumably not for long).

Plus I've added 2 brief tie-in comments to Peter's HEROES REBORN #5.

T Vernon marks time with IRON MAN: THE COMING OF THE MELTER while he waits for me to catch up on Avengers issues. It's a Marvel Cinematic Universe tale pitting the villain against War Machine as well as Iron Man.

This week's old Avengers stuff is Once An Invader spread across AVENGERS (1998) #82-84 and NEW INVADERS #0. US Agent recruits a selection of old Invaders and newer Invaders-related chars to form a new team to replace the Avengers who've 'defected' to the UN.

Next week Avengers Disassembled.


Look Out, It’s Bat-Spider-Man!

June 3, 2021

The new HEROES REBORN #5 features Nighthawk in a fun issue that mashes up Batman and Spider-Man tropes into a thing of its own!

The new IMMORTAL HULK #47 pits Hulk against the Avengers and my money is on the Hulk!

The semi-new U.S. AGENT #3. shows us a new U.S. Agent who may not be an improvement over the original John Walker!

In THOR #410, Thor and Hercules enlist She-Hulk in the battle against Doctor Doom! And there’s another Doctor Doom on the scene!

TOMB OF DRACULA #38! Doctor Sun returns! And talks as much as any Bond villain!


Bounding towards Avengers Disassembled

May 31, 2021

I have no actual new issues this week, but I've added comments on 3 tie-ins to Peter's HEROES REBORN #3-4.

T Vernon finishes off the 2-part fight with the Avengers against an Arsenal robot in IRON MAN (1998) #85.

The Marvel Chronology Project puts a whole lot of Avengers stuff between here and Iron Man's Avengers Disassembled issues.

The Avengers/Thunderbolts mini-series fits here but I'll be doing that in a few months time.

For now I'll contribute AVENGERS (1998) #77-81, the Lionheart Of Avalon story-arc. Captain Britain has retired to rule Otherworld and now chooses Kelsey Leigh as his replacement. There's some confusion as to whether she takes the CB name or Lionheart, which will get sorted out elsewhere. Tony Stark appears throughout without his armour, except for a bit with just a jet-boot.


The First Hulk! And Heroes in Bulk!

May 27, 2021

The new one-shot IMMORTAL HULK: TIME OF MONSTERS shows us there was a prehistoric Hulk and he was terrifying!

The new HEROES REBORN #4 puts its focus on Doctor Spectrum and his endless battle against threats from outer space!

In BLACK WIDOW (2020) #5, Natasha makes her greatest sacrifice: her happiness! Hawkeye and Winter Soldier guest star, along with the White Widow!

THOR #409 pits Thor and Hercules against Doctor Doom!

Our sci-fi epic continues in DEFENDERS #28 as the Defenders and the Guardians of the Galaxy encounter the mysterious Starhawk!


(Nearly) the end

May 24, 2021

New this week is CHAMPIONS #7 where the team infiltrate Roxxon and their new Roxx On social media app.

We're nearing the end of vol 3 of the Avengers and Iron Man with part 1 of the Avengers Disassembled Prologue: Turf War in IRON MAN (1998) #84. T Vernon tells us how Tony Stark's government job has him clashing with his team over an Arsenal robot.

INFINITY GAUNTLET #6 brings us to the end of the mini-series that Peter synopsised years ago, and I've added my usual tie-in comments.
Julio already handled HULK #385 where the Green Giant fits in another tie-in adventure in the middle of the above issue.
In the SILVER SURFER (1987) #60 epilogue the new god Adam Warlock ignores Surfer (and Dr Strange and Thor) so SS goes off on another adventure too.
But then in DR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #36 Gamora and Pip ask for Stephen's help because the Infinity Gems have gone to Adam's head. Until Eternity comes to take Warlock away for a Cosmic Trial.
That's the end of the Infinity Gauntlet event but it leads straight into Jim Starlin's next project Warlock And The Infinity Watch. But that's a story for another time.


Heroes Reborn Continues!

May 20, 2021

HEROES REBORN #3 puts its focus on Blur (who makes it hard to focus) and his battles with the superfast Silver Witch!

CAPTAIN AMERICA #29: Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter, discovers her superpowers! I’m sure Cap and company are thrilled!

TOMB OF DRACULA #37 introduces two new protagonists: Harold H. Harold and Aurora Rabinowitz! And they bring some humor to the title!

THOR #408! The changing of the guard! Eric Masterson becomes the new human identity of Thor!

In SAVAGE HULK #3, there’s a new She-Hulk in town and her name is…Jean Gray?!?


Doomling and Doom Raccoon

May 17, 2021

This week's newie is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #14 where Dr Doom joins the Guardians, and he's in the body of Hulkling and then Rocket Raccoon!

(I've also added comments on 2 tie-ins to Peter's HEROES REBORN #2.)

T Vernon doesn't think much of IRON MAN (1998) #83, a 1-off fill-in issue where the Golden Avenger fights yet another Titanium Man.

Back in the Infinity Gauntlet event:-
DR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #35 sees DrS travel with Clea and Scarlet Witch to the Norse Ginnungagap to restore the Eric Masterson Thor from a bag of glass shards.
Then in SILVER SURFER (1987) #59 Surfer isn't happy about allying with Thanos against Nebula who now has the Infinity Gauntlet. So Strange sends them to a mystic realm to settle their differences in a joust. Dr Doom's in this too.


Heroes Reborn!

May 13, 2021

Marvel’s latest big event is HEROES REBORN, set in an alternate world where the Avengers never existed because the Squadron Supreme is doing all the heroic deeds. (or, as my son puts it, “Marvel becomes DC!”) So we have issue #1, setting up the mystery, followed by issue #2 wherein Hyperion has to battle multiple bad guys (including the Hulk!) and face Captain America! And it’s a weekly so we’ll see you next time!

And back to our regularly scheduled heroes:

THOR #407 has Thor entering the Black Galaxy to rescue Hercules and the High Evolutionary and having to defuse the Null Bomb! Don’t you hate days like that?

SAVAGE HULK #2 sees Hulk saving the X-Men from the Abomination! Another epic fight scene!

In DEFENDERS #27, our heroic non-team jumps a thousand years into the future to aid the Guardians of the Galaxy against the bad Badoon conquerors of Earth!


3 Doctors but Tony Stark applies the medicine

May 10, 2021

I'm not doing any new comics this week.

But T Vernon's still on hand to conclude the Deep End story in IRON MAN (1998) #82, which Tony Stark resolves without armour but with milk of magnesia.

I've added tie-in comments to Peter's INFINITY GAUNTLET #5.
And 1 of the tie-ins is DR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #34 where DrS and Dr Druid bring Dr Doom back to life, but 1st they have to face the menace of Doom's good side.


The Sixes Have It on the Sixth!

May 6, 2021

No idea how it happened but all of the new additions to the site have issue numbers ending in 6! And it’s May 6! Because I notice things like that!

In the brand new IMMORTAL HULK #46, bad news for the U-Foes: Hulk is back and bigger than before!

THOR #406: War with Wundagore! With a giant missile! ‘Nuff said!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #36, the Lord of the Undead makes his way to the United States for the first time!

Hercules got his first solo adventure in MARVEL PREMIERE #26 in that magical year of 1975!

In DEFENDERS #26, the visiting Guardians of the Galaxy offer up some future history! And it even has a point, leading into the next epic story arc!


Last minute surprises

May 3, 2021

I've uploaded 2 more new issues this time:-

In SAVAGE AVENGERS #20 Spider-Man fails to stop Conan and Rhino robbing a bank. Then Kulan Gath resurrects the shredded Priest Of Sickles.

In ETERNALS #4 suspicion moves away from Druig conspiring with Thanos. So now he feels it's safe to actually do it.

T Vernon gives us IRON MAN (1998) #81 where Shellhead fights Ishtar and her terrorists until Force turns up and attacks both sides.

The Infinity Gauntlet event continues:-

In SILVER SURFER (1987) #57-58 Thanos gets Surfer out of the way by sending him to a very strange dimension where he has to overcome his demons. The last of which is himself.

Julio did HULK #384 some time ago. In IG#4 Thanos shrank Hulk and sent him back to Earth, but that doesn't stop him from saving Abomination's ex-wife from her husband. And then Dr Strange whisks him away to IG#5.


Marvel Guest Star Week!

April 29, 2021

Every classic issue has an amazing guest star (or four) to liven things up for the heroes!

There’s SAVAGE HULK (2014) #1 which asks the question “can Hulk be cured?” Professor X and the X-Men want to give it a try!

GIANT-SIZE DEFENDERS #5! The non-team joins the original Guardians of the Galaxy for the start of a sci-fi epic!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #35, zombies are on the loose! Who ya gonna call? Brother Voodoo!

In THOR #405, the Thunder God takes time out from battling Annihilus to surprise the Fantastic Four!

And the anthology title MARVEL PREMIERE #26 features a one-shot adventure for the Mighty Hercules!


There's a new Sheriff in town

April 26, 2021

I've got 2 more new issues this week:-

AVENGERS #45 is an epilogue to the King In Black event which makes the vampire base in Chernobyl an official country, but saddles them with Blade as Sheriff. However for the next couple of months Blade will find himself instead in a world without Avengers in the new version of Heroes Reborn.

In CHAMPIONS #6 the team are still illegal, Ironheart isn't happy and Roxxon has redirected its attacks on teen heroes to social media.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1998) #80 where the Golden Avenger comes face to face with the Goddess Ishtar in Iraq. And her followers shoot metal-eating acid from plastic paintbal