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Bishop and Iceman lead a mini X-invasion

March 1, 2021

I saved 2 new issues from last week to fill a void this week:-

In their #4 the Champions take a holiday from being fugitives with Bishop and Iceman and others on the good ship Marauder, but they'll be refreshed and back in the fight next issue.

And Bishop and Iceman also pop up with Callisto in SAVAGE AVENGERS #18 to stop Conan and Deadpool from robbing the abandoned Hellfire Club. Oh, and those symbiote dragons are still around.

AVENGERS (1998) #68-70 concludes the Red Zone story with Dell Rusk exposed as Red Skull and the dangerous disease defeated. But the savage She-Hulk is still missing.

And then T Vernon's back in full synopsis mode with IRON MAN (1998) #70 where Tony Stark goes PI in Las Vegas for the 3-part Vegas Bleeds Neon.


A Booming Cast of Heroes and a Double Dose of Dracula!!

February 25, 2021

THOR #399: the mighty God of Thunder leads his heroic team against the Serpent God in a battle for Asgard!

A Defenders tie-in in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #7 teams Valkyrie and the Thing against the Executioner!

Obscure anthology series MARVEL DOUBLE SHOT #4 puts a literary spin on Iron Man and Dr. Strange!

In FEAR ITSELF: HULK VS. DRACULA #1, the scary vampire takes on an even scarier Hulk, with all of Eastern Europe at stake! (Oops, don’t say “stake” in front of Dracula!)

And the Vampire Lord returns in his own book, TOMB OF DRACULA #26, on the trail of a powerful magic artifact—the Chimera!


Iron Man's in 6 out of 7 issues this week, but not with his old team the Guardians

February 22, 2021

I'm doing 2 new issues this week.

In IRON MAN #6 the bad guys set off for Galactus' worldship, War Machine joins Iron Man's merry band, and Tony Stark soldiers on with a broken neck!

The Guardians Of The Galaxy totally forget about the possibility that the new improved Star-Lord could defeat Knull, and instead gather all their forces in their #11 to face the vengeful Olympian Gods.

IRON MAN (1998) #67-69 are 3 more issues that Julio has already done, and now T Vernon adds comments. The Manhunt story concludes and it turns out Mandarin wasn't behind things it was his son Temugin. No wait, it was their lackey Po.

Then in AVENGERS (1998) #66-67 Iron Man joins in the Red Zone story arc with Black Panther as Dell Rusk frustrates their efforts to help. Meanwhile the on-site Avengers discover that the US created the bio-weapon, and She-Hulk succumbs to the disease.


A Trio of New Issues Just For You!

February 18, 2021

THOR #12 pits Throg, the froggy version of Thor, against Evil Don Blake! With a guest appearance by Valkyrie Jane Foster!

In CAPTAIN AMERICA #27, Cap is cleared of all charges against him! For what seems like five minutes!

Declan Shalvey brings us IMMORTAL HULK: FLATLINE, where Bruce’s old teacher has one last lesson for him and Hulk!

In earlier classics, GIANT-SIZE DRACULA #5 pits the Lord of the Undead against a megalomaniacal millionaire in the 1930s Swiss Alps!

In HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER (1984) #4, Herc faces his greatest enemy yet—his insane father Zeus!


Conspiracies everywhere

February 15, 2021

New this week ETERNALS #2. Zuras can't be resurrected and his murderer Thanos roams free. And Sersi starts a conspiracy.

IRON MAN (1998) #65-66 are more issues that Julio did a while ago, but T Vernon adds comments. Terrorists and assassins abound, and maybe Mandarin's behind them all.

Iron Man's not in AVENGERS (1998) #64-65 so I'm getting them out of the way here ahead of IM joining in the following issues. For now Falcon and Henry Gyrich conspire against Secretary Of Defence Dell Rusk, and a deadly mist starts to engulf South Dakota.


New Secret Spy Stuff and Some Classic Goodies!

February 11, 2021

A new series for John Walker begins in U.S. AGENT (2020) #1, pitting the former Captain America against an army of…pizza delivery guys?!

Natasha is planning a wedding in BLACK WIDOW (2020) #3 but a band of bad guys are already on the scene!

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #6 is a Defenders tie-in! Dr. Strange joins the Thing in a caper that involves a magic harmonica and a giant rat!

In THOR #398, the forces of Seth the Serpent God lay waste to Asgard while Thor is trapped in the Black Pyramid!

HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER (1984) #3 has our Dashing Demigod trying to rescue Captain Mar-Vell’s Nega-Bands from the wrists of a master criminal!

Wait…a magic harmonica?


A bit of a Thor-fest this week

February 8, 2021

This week's new issue is AVENGERS #42. More fight club matches, and the Phoenix tells Thor she's his mother! (Sounds like the end of a soap opera episode. EastEnders fans will know which 1 I have in mind.)

The oldies this week are a combined effort for the Standoff crossover.
Peter has done THOR (1998) #58, T Vernon covers IRON MAN (1998) #64 and I round it off with AVENGERS (1998) #63.
Thor comes to the aid of his believers in Slokovia. The US sends Iron Man to defuse the international incident which could start WWIII. Captain America tries to calm them both down. And Dr Doom wins.


The Weakest One There Is!

February 4, 2021

The new IMMORTAL HULK #43 shows Hulk at the weakest he’s ever been, so the arrival of the U-Foes is definitely bad news!

In THOR (1998) #58, the world is on the brink of war and Thor is pitted against Iron Man in part one of a crossover that will appear on the Iron Man half of the site soon!

HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER (1984) #2 has Herc protecting his newfound Skrull friend Skyppi from the vengeance of Red Wolf!

GIANT-SIZE DRACULA #4, it’s Dracula against a giant bloodthirsty heart!

Reviews and comments added to DEFENDERS #17-19 wherein Luke Cage joins the non-team against the Wrecking Crew!


Team-ups and/or statues

February 1, 2021

In SAVAGE AVENGERS #17 Conan teams up with Deadpool to fight Knull's symbiote dragons. And he gets an offer of assistance from another Klyntar symbiote.

Julio did IRON MAN (1998) #62-63 years ago but T Vernon adds comments now to the 2-part Christmas story with terrorists. And Iron Man gets help from a statue of an angel.

In his #50 Silver Surfer has to fight a statue of Thanos. And we learn about a secret regret from Norrin Radd's past.
(I'm not doing #51 because it only features Galactus and his Herald Nova who remembers a past meeting with SS.)
Then the long build-up ends as we get to the multi-team-up Infinity Gauntlet. Peter already documented this series, but I'm adding some comments on tie-ins to #1.


Another Basket of Goodies!

January 28, 2021

The recent FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER #4! All of the good guys and the bad guys are getting into place for next issue’s climactic battle!

TOMB OF DRACULA #25 introduces the vampire private eye called Hannibal King!

GIANT-SIZE DEFENDERS #2 sees the heroic non-team bringing in the Son of Satan as a consultant for a special problem: demons!

In HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER (1984) #1, Herc takes time out from war—to attend a fashion show? That’s our Herc!

In THOR #397, the God of Thunder visits the Dimension of Death! Looks like COVID isn’t keeping everyone home!


This time it's Avengers in every paragraph

January 25, 2021

New this week AVENGERS #41 has various fights in the contest to see who will be the next Phoenix. But the Phoenix Force makes it plain that it wants Black Panther to win the honour, even if he doesn't.

Now I'll tidy up some Young Avengers loose ends:-
Here's DARK REIGN: YOUNG AVENGERS #1 which introduces their foes for this mini-series, the Young Masters Of Evil. I already did #2-5.
I've also already done their next comic, the SIEGE: YOUNG AVENGERS 1-shot.
It just remains for me to complete the Children's Crusade event with the CHILDREN'S CRUSADE: YOUNG AVENGERS 1-shot, which has the future YA tricking Iron Lad into going back in time to do his part in the CC series.
This ends the titles featuring the original YA. But later I'll do YA Vol 2 with some old and new members.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #61 ends the 3-part Arthurian tale with an explanation for how the Sword gets in the Stone and how Iron Man's helmet was found in an archaeological dig with a skull in it. (Hasn't he recently had a similar situation in #22 of the current Avengers series?)


Bring on the Bad Guys!

January 21, 2021

Nothing new this week so it’s all classic older stuff with some pretty cool villains!

First up, THOR #396 plunges us into Seth the Serpent God’s war on Asgard!

In HAWKEYE (1994) #4, Earth’s Mightiest Marksman is the quarry of a pack of monster werewolves!

In GIANT-SIZE DRACULA #3, we meet an immortal blind woman who has a 400-year vendetta against Dracula!

A+X #2! Black Widow and Rogue against the Sentinels! Iron Man and Kitty Pryde versus the Brood! 

Plus new comments and character lists added to DEFENDERS #15-16, guest-starring Professor X and Magneto! Neat-o!


Eternally Young

January 18, 2021

There are no new issues to report on this week so I'm throwing in ETERNALS #1 from last week, where the permanently teenage Sprite is back. If I need a justification for including it here it's got Iron Man and Thanos in it.

But I'm putting off more old Thanos stuff to return to documenting Young Avengers titles with the complete 3-issue SECRET INVASION: RUNAWAYS/YOUNG AVENGERS mini-series.

However T Vernon offers a modicum of continuity with part 2 of the 3-part Arthurian adventure in IRON MAN (1998) #60.


Hulk Without Hulk!

January 14, 2021

The brand-new IMMORTAL HULK #42 features heroes, villains, and subplots galore! The only thing missing is the Hulk!

The newish BLACK WIDOW (2020) #2: you can take the girl out of the action but you can’t take the action out of the girl, as Natasha beats up a gang of lowlifes!

THOR #395 introduces a new villain/hero team: the Earth Force!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #24, Dracula stalks a stripper!

In HAWKEYE (1994) #3, War Machine shows up to help Clint against the Secret Empire!


Dr Doom is banned this week

January 11, 2021

IRON MAN #5 ends what they're calling the 1st Act (ie TP collection) of the Books Of Korvac as the villain and his gang head off into space leaving Iron Man and *his* ragtag gang supposedly dead or dying.

But in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #10 Star-Lord comes back from the dead and kills 1 of Knull's dragons.

Nobody dies or is resurrected in AVENGERS (1998) #61-62. But Jack Of Hearts learns that his illness is getting worse. The Avengers get a newish lineup and a new status as UN Ambassadors. And Ant-Man loses custody of his daughter.

Then Shellhead heads back to Arthurian times (for the 3rd time) in IRON MAN (1998) #59 from T Vernon.

And Dr Doom is nowhere to be seen this week, not even to accompany Iron Man on his time trip as he did the 1st 2 times.


Thors Beware!

January 7, 2021

The brand-new THOR #11 sees the newly-evil Don Blake pursue his quest to kill all the Thors! Jane Foster and a certain amphibious hero guest star!

From the latest set of Marvels, we have MARVELS SNAPSHOTS: CAPTAIN AMERICA, wherein Cap discovers the world doesn’t always need heroes!

FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER #3 sends our heroes against Hydra—and things get very strange!

In HAWKEYE (1994) #2, the Mighty Marksman meets the Wolf-Man and they become partners!

GIANT-SIZE DRACULA #2 pits the Lord of the Vampires against a Lovecraftian nasty!


Dr Doom rules this week

January 4, 2021

In AVENGERS #40 the Phoenix Force kidnaps a load of super-characters to the Savage Land to fight for the right to be the next Phoenix. And 1 of them is Howard The Duck! But the 1st bout is Captain America vs Dr Doom.

KING IN BLACK: IRON MAN/DR DOOM obviously has Doom as well as Iron Man in it as they both fight a Knullified Santa Claus.

I gave T Vernon a week off again from writing up IM vol 3 while I fitted in some Avengers vol 3 stuff. But the Indefatigable One supplied another issue of Marvel Fanfare featuring Shellhead, again by Roger McKenzie and Ken Steacy. And the villain in #44 is also Dr Doom.

AVENGERS (1998) #58-60 concludes the World Trust story, freeing the In-Betweener from the clutches of a Scorpio and the Brotherhood Of The Ankh, and incidentally returning the world's capitals to their places. And would you believe it, Dr Doom sneaks in a small part in #59.


It’s AMAZING FANTASY #15! No, Not That One!

January 1, 2021

The famous one is already covered on the site! This is the other AMAZING FANTASY #15 from 2002, introducing a lot of characters that Marvel hopes you will like, like Amadeus Cho, the future Totally Awesome Hulk and…uh…other people!

And we pick up Clint Barton’s second miniseries with HAWKEYE (1994) #1, where the heroic archer discovers nefarious doings in the Canadian Rockies!

The knockout THOR #394 uses the pretext of a Thor movie to show the God of Thunder from multiple angles and he’s still a hero!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #23, it’s Drac versus a haunted house!

All new comments added to DEFENDERS #12-14 from the 70s!

And here’s hoping 2021 is better than 2020!


December 28, 2020

Making it a bit of a habit I've saved SAVAGE AVENGERS #16 from last week again. Magik gets the Eye Of Agamotto from Sadurang with jaw jaw rather than war war.

In IRON MAN (1998) #58 Tony Stark finally sees the end of Tiberius Stone (but he'll just go and bother Spider-Man instead). T Vernon does the honours.

Iron Man then pops over to AVENGERS (1998) #56 to face the Avengers' accountants in Kurt Busiek's final issue. Geoff Johns takes over for a long run in #57, which is the beginning of the new World Trust story arc.


Hulk Has a Black Christmas! And Some Giant-Size Extras!

December 24, 2020

A tie-in to the current Big Event, KING IN BLACK: THE IMMORTAL HULK gives the childlike original Hulk a nice little holiday—once the Symbiotes are out of the way!

In the first of Marvel’s 1970s extra-large issues, GIANT-SIZE DRACULA #1 introduces Lilith, Dracula’s nasty daughter!

In another oversized comic, GIANT-SIZE DEFENDERS #1 introduces the new character Valkyrie to the famous guys—Dr. Strange, Hulk, and Subby! As if we needed an intro!

A lot of action in THOR #393! Thor versus Quicksand! Hogun versus Daredevil!

And SECRET AVENGERS #25 gives us apocalyptic madness against a multitude of robots!

Plus, have a happy whatever holiday you observe this time of year!


Stark's preoccupation with women allows Galactus to sneak in 2 mentions

December 21, 2020

New this week, IRON MAN #4 stars Tony Stark and Patsy Walker not being Iron Man and Hellcat. But they start to recruit some below-the-radar allies as Korvac plans to invade Galactus' homebase.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1998) #57 in which we discover that Tony's erotic dream about Pepper Potts is really part of another mind-manipulation plot by Tiberius Stone. But Rumiko Fujikawa in a falling elevator *isn't* imaginary.

In SILVER SURFER (1987) #48-49 Thanos annoys Galactus by deleting from reality the planet he was about to eat, and then creates a monster to delay Surfer bringing his warning to Earth.


Two New Hulks and an Extra Thing!

December 17, 2020

New today: IMMORTAL HULK #41 gives us another Hulk-Thing matchup—but this one is different: it also has them discussing the Bible!

Also new today: It’s Red Hulk’s turn to shine in CAPTAIN AMERICA #26 as Cap and the team take on all the bad guys!

THOR #392 adds new villainess Quicksand a/k/a What if Sandman were a hot babe?

TOMB OF DRACULA #22 pits the vampire king against Gorna, Lord of the Living Lightning!

SECRET AVENGERS #24 presents us with an enormous number of characters and their affiliations! All the better to occupy the rest of this series!


2 interludes, a triangle and a meeting

December 14, 2020

In AVENGERS #39 we break off the current action for another Avengers 1M BC origin, this time of Lady Phoenix.

And in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #9 we go to the Land Beyond The Sun to learn what happened to Star-Lord after he 'died'.

Back in the here and not so long ago, in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #56 Tony Stark gets back control of Stark Enterprises. But Iron Man's super-heroics are just a distraction from the love triangle in his head involving Rumiko and Pepper.

My Thanos-trail continues in SILVER SURFER (1987) #46-47 where Surfer and Drax meet Adam Warlock and friends in Soul World.


Black Widow as We’ve Never Seen Her Before!

December 10, 2020

The new ongoing BLACK WIDOW (2020) #1! Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande! Natasha is out of the spy business and happy for the first time in her life! What’s going on?

In TOMB OF DRACULA #21, Drac faces the mad scientist Doctor Sun and his pet vampire!

In SECRET AVENGERS #23, Ant-Man dies and Venom joins the team! Double yikes!

In THOR #391, it’s Thor and Spidey versus…the Mongoose! Trust us, he’s bad!

Plus new comments for the classic DEFENDERS #5-6 from 1973!


Iron Man goes public

December 7, 2020

This time SAVAGE AVENGERS #15 has Black Widow, Daimon Helstrom, Elektra, Punisher and Wolverine wading through Shuma-Gorath avatars and Sickle Priest cultists to close down Kulan Gath's (only?) drug factory.

And the Champions are still on the run in their #3 while other teen heroines (no males are featured) are being 're-educated'. But help arrives from Krakoa.

T Vernon is here with IRON MAN (1998) #55 which wraps up the initial storyline of Mandarin's son and heir Temugin. And Iron Man reveals his identity to the world.

I've turned my attention back to the history of Thanos with SILVER SURFER (1987) #44-45 wherein the Mad Titan seemingly kills the title hero and Drax, and then takes over the comic to 'team up' with Mephisto.


New Thor Issue? Don Blake’s the Bad Guy? Bring It On!

December 3, 2020

The brand-new THOR #10 has the newly insane Don Blake tearing a bloody swath through Asgard!

Another recent addition is the complete EMPYRE: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1-3! Tie-in to the big event showcases Cap leading American forces against the Cotati invaders!

Lastly, here’s SAVAGE HULK (1996) #1 wherein Hulk is being sued by a multitude of people who have been collateral damage in the big green guy’s exploits! This one gets wild!


The Avengers are Marvels

November 30, 2020

As I did last week I've saved something from that week to fill the reporting void that is this week. AVENGERS: MARVELS SNAPSHOTS is part of a bunch of issues showing the Marvel Universe from the POV of normal humans, as Kurt Busiek's original MARVELS series did. This issue is built around Red Ronin's rampage in AVENGERS #197-199.

YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS #5-6 finishes the series by reconciling Stature with her family, and the new Hawkeye getting the blessing of the old Hawkeye.

T Vernon gives us IRON MAN (1998) #54 which connects Temugin to the Sleeping Dragon drug to Ayisha. And they and Iron Man will all collide next issue.


Avengers! Offbeat, Secret, and Otherwise!

November 26, 2020

One of the most unusual Avengers was Tigra, the Were-Woman! So here we’ve added her origin, GIANT-SIZE CREATURES #1, opposite Werewolf By Night!

Then in SECRET AVENGERS #22, we get a new team lineup and a lot of new bad guys! Plus a guest appearance from the Queen! The real one!

THOR #390. returns from outer space to join the Avengers against the forces of Seth the Serpent-God! And Captain America lifts Mjolnir for the first time!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #20, we find the origin of vampire hunter Rachel van Helsing!

And here we’re cleaning up older issues of some titles, so DEFENDERS #3-4 have new comments added to the entries!


Incidental villains (and 2 dragons, sort of)

November 23, 2020

I saved SAVAGE AVENGERS #14 from last week to do here. Conan and Magik recruit Black Knight and Juggernaut to help them against Sadurang the Asgardian dragon. But not before BK disrupts a Ku Klux Klan meeting.

YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS #3-4 has Speed and Wiccan trying to find their 'mother' Scarlet Witch, and Vision chatting up Stature. The incidental villains here are Master Pandemonium and AIM.

And T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #53 introduces Mandarin's son Temugin who's inherited the 10 Rings. While Iron Man deals with the purveyors of a new drug called Sleeping Dragon.


What’s New? Cap and Hulk! Hulk and Cap!

November 19, 2020

The new CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 is out and we finally have the good guys (Cap and company) taking the battle to the bad guys (Red Skull and his crew)!

In the new IMMORTAL HULK #40, Henry Peter Gyrich is back and Joe Fixit is out to get him!

The classic THOR #389! Can Thor outsmart the Celestials? Well, no—and that’s a good thing!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #19, Rachel van Helsing is “Snowbound in Hell” with Count Dracula!

A+X #12! Cap and Jubilee versus Nazi vampires! Beast and Wonder Man get drunk!


2 eras of Iron Man and 2 kinds of young Avengers

November 16, 2020

I've got 2 new issues for you this week.

In Iron Man #3 we have a montage of the Golden Avenger beating up old baddies to indicate time passing, and then Fuller Teilhard/Korvac reveals his dastardly plan.

In CHAMPIONS #2 we visit detained teen heroes in a re-education camp, and then the 3 main Champions get Ironheart into trouble. And Viv Vision's on a road trip.

My trawl through the Young Avengers titles has reached YA Presents. Peter Silvestro has already done #1 featuring Captain America knock-off Patriot, so here's #2 where Hulkling meets his father Captain Marvel. Or does he?

T Vernon's Iron Man (1998) #52 concludes last issue's murder mystery, a very different kind of tale for Shellhead.


A Monstrous Crossover! And an Item from the Good Old Days!

November 12, 2020

It’s Dracula versus Werewolf by Night in a scary-good crossover in TOMB OF DRACULA #18 and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #15! Watch the fur fly as the pair goes batty!

And for you Golden Age fans, ALL-WINNERS COMICS #1 from 1941 brings together a bunch of Timely’s Big Names: Cap and Bucky! Human Torch and Toro! Sub-Mariner! And more!

From their 1982 miniseries, VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH #4 deal with the thorny issue of Wanda’s and Pietro’s parentage! Here’s it is revealed for the first of many times that Magneto was their father!

Lastly but not leastly, there’s THOR #388 where the God of Thunder boldly goes where no one has gone before: inside the head of a Celestial!


Epilogues and murder mysteries

November 9, 2020

AVENGERS #38 is as much an epilogue to Age Of Khonshu as it is an opener for Enter The Phoenix. And even more it's a resurrection for Mephisto.

But GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #8 is definitely the 2nd half of an Aftermath for Empyre. And detective Rocket has all the suspects together in a (locked) room while he deduces the identity of the murderer.

AVENGERS (1998) #55 is definitely an epilogue to the Kang Dynasty War, tying up loose ends as Kurt Busiek winds down towards his final issue next time.

I'll just mention that the JLA/Avengers and the Order mini-series plus the 1st arc in the Iron Man: Legacy series occur between the issues above and below. Hopefully we'll get round to writing them up some time.

Then in T Vernon's Iron Man (1998) #51 Mike Grell's 2nd issue starts a 2-part murder mystery (which Tony Stark will solve without Rocket's aid next time).


Back in Blake? Something Old Has Been Added!

November 5, 2020

The new THOR #9 brings back Thor’s longtime alter ego Dr. Don Blake but this time he’s mad!

From their 1982 miniseries, VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH #3 has the happy couple caught in the midst of an awkward family triangle: Vision, Wonder Man, and Grim Reaper!

TOMB OF DRACULA #17 sees the Lord of the Undead wandering into a spy story aboard a train!

A quirky tie-in to DEATH OF WOLVERINE has DEADPOOL AND CAPTAIN AMERICA (actually the elderly de-powered Steve Rogers) teaming up to prevent Logan from being cloned! And it’s just as serious as anything else featuring ‘Pool!

And in our quest to improve our coverage of the DEFENDERS, here we have all-new comments for issues 1 and 2 of their original series!


Another and another and another

November 2, 2020

In this week's SAVAGE AVENGERS #13 Dr Strange takes most of the guest stars from previous issues to the Moon to plan another assault on Kulan Gath.

AVENGERS (1998) #53-54 finishes off the Kang Dynasty War as Kang crashes to Earth. His son Marcus rescues him but is rewarded by being executed for treason. After all the Conqueror can always clone another 1.

T Vernon returns to Iron Man (1998) for #50 with a new writer and artist and another new armour. (Although he's already been wearing it in the Avengers issues above.)


Black in Black Against a Magical Maggia!

October 29, 2020

The new one-shot BLACK WIDOW: WIDOW’S STING pits Natasha against the organized crime syndicate known as the Maggia and now they have magic on their side!

The new IMMORTAL HULK #39 outdoes itself in creating weird and creepy stuff going on in the Hulkscape!

From their 1982 miniseries, VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH #2, Vizh and Wanda help her dad Whizzer in a custody battle for his son, the incredibly dangerous Nuklo!

TOMB OF DRACULA #16 pits the Vampire King against a different sort of undead—a restless skeleton!

Bad news! In THOR #387, it’s “Judgment Day” and the Celestials are back!


An Iron Man sandwich with Guardians/Avengers filling

October 26, 2020

In IRON MAN #2 Tony Stark gets heavily injured by a series of villains, and Patsy Walker suggests he's got a death-wish. Meanwhile we get confirmation that the master villain of this arc is (some version of) the old Avengers and original Guardians Of The Galaxy foe Korvac.

In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #7 Marvel Boy represents the Utopian Kree at the Galactic Council and winds up accused of killing 2 of the other delegates. And only drunk Rocket Raccoon can save the day.

In AVENGERS (1998) #50-52 the Triune Understanding plotline reaches its climax, Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man are in a prison camp, and the Avengers start a comeback against the Kang Dynasty.

And T Vernon gives us part 2 of Iron Man vs Doc Ock in MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #23 where Shellhead uses the Doctor's adamantium arms against him.


Nothing New This Time, Just Some Cool Classic Stuff!

October 22, 2020

In THOR #386, it’s stormy weather when Thor meets his Celtic counterpart, Leir, Lord of Lightning!

From their 1982 miniseries, VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH #1, the adorable couple get into the Halloween spirit!

TOMB OF DRACULA #15 has the King of the Vampires being shot out of the sky! Ouch!

GIANT-SIZE INCREDIBLE HULK #1 gets a new synopsis with comments and a review!

Remember the Defenders? Not those guys on Netflix, no, the original Defenders: Doctor Strange, Hulk, Sub-Mariner, to be joined by many others along the way. Well, we are adding improved synopses and comments sections to the series plus adding full records for missing issues. And we start with MARVEL FEATURE #1-3, the first appearances of the heroic non-team!


Arcs old and new

October 19, 2020

This week's new issue is AVENGERS #37 which ends the Age Of Khonshu arc. Moon Knight with the power of the Phoenix Force switches sides and helps the assembled Avengers defeat the Moon God. But then he frees the Force to find new hosts in next issue's Enter The Phoenix arc.

AVENGERS (1998) #48-49 continues the Kang Dynasty arc. Warbird's team kill the Master Of The World and take over his base. But in space Kang defeats Captain America's attack force, takes over the attacking Sentinels and then kills the population of Washington DC (but not the President).

I gave T Vernon 2 weeks off his reviewing Iron Man vol 3 to let me catch up with the Avengers. But he didn't want to remain idle so he's submitted MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #22, the 1st of a 2-part 'arc' featuring Shellhead vs Dr Octopus.


Bring on the Bad Guys!

October 15, 2020

Bad guys are at the forefront of several new issues!

The brand-new CAPTAIN AMERICA #24 has a hideous cover because the Red Skull is back!

The brand-new IMMORTAL HULK #38 starts out with the Leader in control of all things Hulk but wait for that ending!

In the fairly new VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #10, Jane defeats the Rokkva, the latest mythical Asgardian beast to threaten the Golden Realm!

And the new-ish HAWKEYE: FREEFALL wraps up with issues #5-6, where Clint’s campaign against the Hood pays off!



Champions of the quiet war

October 12, 2020

The new CHAMPIONS #1 brings the expanded team back to headline the Outlawed event. But who is informing on them to CRADLE?

IRON MAN (1998) #49 ends Frank Tieri's writing stint with the dialogueless issue for Nuff Said month as Iron Man fights Titanium Man. At least the guest art by Chris Batista gets T Vernon's rating back up.

Then the Kang Dynasty War plot warms up in AVENGERS (1998) #45-47. Warbird heads a team against the Master Of The World which leads her to a romantic encounter with Scarlet Centurion.


A Brand New Thor and a Few Things More!

October 8, 2020

The brand new THOR #8, wraps up the “Hammerfall” arc with Thor and Iron Man bickering over possession of the mighty Mjolnir!

In IMMORTAL HULK: THE THRESHING PLACE, superstar creators Jeff Lemire and Mike del Mundo give us a different look at Old Greenskin!

FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER #2 pits Sam and Bucky against a trainload of Hydra killers!

In MARVELS EPILOGUE, Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross provide a late coda to their classic epic!

INVADERS NOW #5 wraps up the miniseries with a battle against a Lovecraftian nasty!


To Infinity and beyond

October 5, 2020

In AVENGERS #36 the Avengers begin to re-Assemble with the Starbrand baby to face Khonshu. But then Moon Knight ups the ante by accepting the Phoenix Force. Next issue will end the Age Of Khonshu.

And more Assembling is done in SAVAGE AVENGERS #12 as nearly the whole of the previous cast get together in preparation for facing Khulan Gath. But next issue won't be so successful at resolving this situation.

IRON MAN (1998) #48 does end the Sentient Armour/Sons Of Yinsen/Ultron story, permanently for the 1st 2. But T Vernon still continues his low rating of this section of Iron Man's career.

In THANOSQUEST #1-2 Thanos gets hold of the 6 Soul Gems again and renames them the Infinity Gems, thus beginning a whole line of Infinity stuff that will infest Marvel in the succeeding decades. (To be completely truthful he'd already introduced the Infinity Well in SILVER SURFER (1987) #38.)


The Marvel That is MARVELS!

October 1, 2020

One of the most impressive events in Marvel’s history was the epic MARVELS miniseries! It showed us the familiar superheroes from the viewpoint of the ordinary citizen, exemplified by Daily Bugle photographer Phil Sheldon! Marvel has been celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the event with a lot of hoopla including a large number of sequels and follow-ups!

So we at the Marvel Heroes Library reasoned what would a site dedicated to Marvel heroes be without MARVELS? And so, with no fanfare, we have added our little write-ups for this epic event! Enjoy!


Nobody really dies in the Marvel universe

September 28, 2020

With the end of the 2020 and Empyre events I have no new issues to synopsise this week, but I have mentioned the Immortal She-Hulk 1-shot in EMPYRE #6.

T Vernon continues to hold the fort with IRON MAN (1998) #47 where we discover that Ultron (fresh from his rebirth in last week's AVENGERS: THE ULTRON IMPERATIVE) is behind the Sons Of Yinsen and the reborn sentient armour.

And with the end for now of related Avengers issues I've returned to Thanos stuff with SILVER SURFER (1987) #38 where the Mad Titan tricks Surfer into thinking he's killed him.


A Thoroughly Despicable Man!

September 24, 2020

IMMORTAL HULK #0 is a special issue bringing us all up to date on Brian Banner, Bruce’s nasty abusive father!

VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #9: Val/Jane faces zombie Thor!

In THOR #385, we have another classic Thor versus Hulk battle! Written by Stan Lee himself!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #14, “Dracula is Dead!” But as Ichabod Crane once said, “That’s the problem. He was dead to begin with”!

In INVADERS NOW #4, the heroic team has twenty-four hours to discover a cure for a deadly supernatural virus or else their lives will be forfeit!


Everything old is new again

September 21, 2020

IRON MAN #1 kicks off a new series and new scribe Christopher Cantwell takes Tony Stark in a completely new direction as he abandons Stark Unlimited and the VR armour he only just invented at the end of Iron Man 2020 in favour of a version of a late 60's armour.

In IM#41 Stark gave away his company after which he created a new armour. (Hang on, that sounds familiar.) Now T Vernon has written up IRON MAN (1998) #46 where Tony has regained control of the company. But now the Sons Of Yinsen return in league with the sentient IM armour.

AVENGERS: THE ULTRON IMPERATIVE takes place within IM#46. Alkhema returns and creates a robot race, only to discover it's just a scheme pre-programmed in her to recreate her 'husband' Ultron.


A Nifty Avengers Line-Up!

September 17, 2020

Each of our mostly new offerings spotlights a different Avenger!  

New! CAPTAIN AMERICA #23 shows us Sharon Carter as the new Iron Patriot, taking on that wicked witch Selene! 

New! THOR #7! The God of Thunder loses control of Mjolnir and now anyone can pick it up—except Thor! And there’s a bizarre Easter egg within!

New! IMMORTAL HULK #37 is an especially gruesome issue with the Leader springing his trap!

Almost new! HAWKEYE: FREEFALL #4 sees the amazing archer dealing with way too many fellow heroes—and an awkward LMD—for comfort!

Part of an older event, FEAR ITSELF: BLACK WIDOW, starts with Natasha’s murder and then moves on from there!


The end of Empyre (or maybe not quite)

September 14, 2020

Here are the 2 1-shot epilogues to Empyre:-

In EMPYRE: FALLOUT FANTASTIC FOUR the Cotati are banished, the FF adopt Jo-Venn and N'Kalla, and the Watcher returns from the dead.

Then in EMPYRE: AFTERMATH AVENGERS R'Klll explains how she avoided dying when Galactus ate her planet, and Hulkling and Wiccan get a big wedding bash. But it ends with an ominous prediction of the future.

I've included brief summaries of these and Captain Marvel #21 in EMPYRE #6.

I'm not sure whether the Immortal She-Hulk 1-shot is an official Empyre tie-in, but anyway it's been delayed for 2 weeks.

In IRON MAN (1998) #45 Tony Stark drops the Hogan Potts alias and gets a new fortune and Company. T Vernon does that 1.

I'm spelling TV for IRON MAN ANNUAL 2001 where Iron Man has an adventure in Sarawak in his new SKIN armour. And there's a 2nd story where Ty Stone gets paid back for #37-40.


New Team-Up! New Thor! Very Strange Team-Up!

September 10, 2020

FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER #1: The two former Caps team up to face a hot new hitman called “The Natural!” 

With a mighty leap we hurdled over the entire Walt Simonson run, which was already on the site and reached THOR #384! What do we get? A brand new Thor!

Rejoice, Wesley Snipes fans! In TOMB OF DRACULA #13, we get the origin of Blade!

In INVADERS NOW #3, it’s the Invaders against their WW2 enemies the Ubercommandos—in the present day!

Finally, the very odd UNHOLY UNION wherein Hulk and Ghost Rider meet Top Cow’s Witchblade and The Darkness! Why? How? Who knows!


The Empyre War ends but the Kang Dynasty War just takes a breather

September 7, 2020

So Empyre comes to a thunderous conclusion (but there'll be some epilogues next week) in a pair of issues that overlap somewhat.

FANTASTIC FOUR #23 has the substitute FF stopping Dark Harvest from turning the Kree and Skrull forces against each other, but not before they do a bit of it ...

... which has an effect in EMPYRE #6. But then She-Hulk and Black Panther return to life, Mr Fantastic, Thor and BP put paid to Quoi's plant-control, and Tony Stark and the chars from the Kree/Skrull flagship stop the Sun blowing up.

And after having a psychiatric counselling session from a Halfworld Loony in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6, Nova discovers the new post-Empyre Galactic political situation. Which we'll learn about next week.

And nearly 20 years ago:-

A few Avengers take time out from the Kang Dynasty War to sort out the problem of 2 Henry Pym's in AVENGERS ANNUAL 2001 with help from the Triune Understanding.

And then phase 1 of the War ends in AVENGERS (1998) #44 with Attuma, the Deviants and the Presence defeated.

Iron Man wasn't in those 2 issues, but he too takes time out in IRON MAN (1998) #44 where he finds out who's behind the corporate bombings - Ghost working for MODOK and AIM. T Vernon does the honours again.


Marvel and Fortnite! Together at Last! And More!

September 3, 2020

The big announcement last week was that Marvel characters would be joining Epic Games new Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4—and so here’s Marvel’s introductory tie-in FORTNITE X MARVEL - NEXUS WAR: THOR #1

The final issue before Walt Simonson starts his epic run, THOR #336 sees Thor and Sif splitting up!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #12, Dracula challenges his enemies to find him in his haunted house!

In INVADERS NOW #2, we learn of the WW2 heroic team’s greatest crime: mass murder!

And in another weirder Marvel crossover THE DARKNESS/THE INCREDIBLE HULK, our beloved Green Giant teams up with Top Cow’s sinister denizen of the dark in a subway-bound issue!


1 event ends and another continues

August 31, 2020

It's the end of the 2020 event.

2020 iWOLVERINE #2 is the last of the tie-in issues, and Albert and Elsie Dee fight their way off Madripoor.

And so to the finale IRON MAN 2020 #6 where the Extinction Entity turns out to be a figment of Arno Stark's dying mind and Tony preserves him in a VR where it was true and he saved the world.

Meanwhile Empyre just rumbles on.

I've synopsised EMPYRE: AVENGERS #3 which wraps up the various Avengers' battles. And live Ka-Zar becomes joint spirit of the Savage Land with his wife Shanna.

I've summarised this and other Empyre issues this week in my Comments in EMPYRE #5.

Back before the event horizon T Vernon brings us IRON MAN (1998) #43 where Iron Man fights his way to Avengers Mansion with booby-trapped armour, only to find the bomb's really somewhere else. The art still gets a thumbs-down.

Then he stays with the Avengers for the opening round of the Kang Dynasty War in AVENGERS (1998) #41-43. Kang intends to take over the world for it's own future survival. But the team has to waste their time fighting Deviants, Attuma's Atlanteans and Presence's radioactive minions.


One Nat, Two Janes, and More!

August 27, 2020

Marvel concludes BLACK WIDOW PRELUDE with issue #2, bringing us all up to date on the MCU heroine in time for her solo film in November!

After a long absence, THOR #335 returned original leading lady and the future Thor/Valkyrie Jane Foster to the comics of 1983 before losing her for another few decades!

Now she’s back again and in her most recent adventure, VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #8, Jane joins the Avengers in battling demons in the streets of Manhattan!

TOMB OF DRACULA #11 sees Drac’s vengeance crossed with that of a paralyzed voodoo man!

In INVADERS NOW #1, the Wartime heroes are reunited but it isn’t for a good cause!


2 #35's separated by 30 years

August 24, 2020

The only Empyre issue I've synopsised this week is LORDS OF EMPYRE: SWORDSMAN which shows us how he and his son the Celestial Messiah were turned against meat-life. And it's all the fault of the human Corporation Alchemax.

But I've also summarised this and other Empyre issues this week back in EMPYRE #5.

Also this week I've got AVENGERS #35 where the team fight back against Khonshu and Moon Knight. Including Blade who's back from some time off (probably the Strikeforce series). And Khonshu battles multiple alternate Mephisto's.

In IRON MAN (1998) #42 Tony Stark starts work as menial Hogan Potts. But still finds time to work on a new SKIN armour, and fight Shocker. T Vernon's not impressed with the art.

In SILVER SURFER (1987) #35 Thanos states his intention to kill half the folks in the universe, and tricks Surfer into helping him do a bit. This is the start of the Infinity Gauntlet saga which formed the basis for the plot of the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame movies.


Three (Mainly) New Issues and an Old Milestone!

August 20, 2020

The new THOR #6 features the fate of Galactus…and of Thor!

The new CAPTAIN AMERICA #22 sees Cap battle Selene for Sharon Carter’s soul!

In HAWKEYE: FREEFALL #3, new a few months ago, it’s Hawkeye alone against…the women in his life! And he continues to lose!

TOMB OF DRACULA #10! Milestone! In one word: Blade! Add three more words: his first appearance!

And in SECRET AVENGERS #21, the heroes find a basement full of monsters!



3 deaths in an Empyre (to the tune of '3 Goons in a fountain')

August 17, 2020

I've written up 2 Empyre issues this week.

EMPYRE: AVENGERS #2 continues its 3 story arcs but also has Black Panther preparing to go defend Wakanda (from Empyre #3 onwards). It reveals that Plantman is unsurprisingly 1 of the Cotati's allies. But it concentrates mainly on the Savage Land battle which ends with Ka-Zar being killed.

And in EMPYRE #5 Panther does defend his homeland but gets killed for his pains. And the already dead She-Hulk tries to add Thing to the list. Meanwhile there are 2 Hulklings facing off against each other.

Non-Empyre GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5 is left over from last week. It wraps up the Guardians vs Guardians and Moondragon vs Moondragon tale neatly. The 2 GOTGs will probably merge together, and the 2 MDs already have.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #41 bridges the Ty Stone arc and the upcoming Hogan Potts story, as Tony Stark discards his name, his Company and his fortune.

And SILVER SURFER (1987) #34 features the return of Thanos from more than a (real time) decade of death as an agent of Death, as Jim Starlin picks up where he left off.


More Hulkbusting!

August 13, 2020

The new IMMORTAL HULK #36 is a nearly all fight issue in the aftermath of Hulk’s latest disaster!

In THOR #334 from 1983, the God of Thunder leads a quest to return Jane Foster to the land of the living! Does he succeed? Ask Natalie Portman!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #9, the Count seeks a peaceful rest in a small village [spoiler alert: he doesn’t get any]!

In HULK (2008 series) #30, Rulk and Hulk team up in a bizarre way only the Impossible Man could comprehend! Meet…the Compound Hulk!

And FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2010 teams Iron Man and Nova against the Red Ghost and his Super-Apes! Plus, Hulk, Cap, and Ms. Marvel!


Many ways of ending

August 10, 2020

I've got 3 more Empyre issues for you, but I'll begin with something else.

STRIKEFORCE #9 is the end of the series and wraps up the Vridai story arc with a cage match on Monster Island.

LORDS OF EMPYRE: CELESTIAL MESSIAH has Mantis and her son Quoi reviewing their history while she tries to persuade him not to kill all humans. In the end she fails.

In FANTASTIC FOUR #22 the Richards siblings lose 1 of their young alien charges to the Dark Harvest while the other nearly dies from being stabbed by Wolverine. But at the end daddy Reed still thinks they're doing well.

All these 3 happen some time before EMPYRE #4 where She-Hulk turns out to be dead with her corpse animated by a Cotati, and at the end Billy and Teddy turn out to be married.

From T Vernon IRON MAN (1998) #40 ends the Ty Stone plot inside a VR environment (2 decades before Tony Stark invents eScape).

And AV: CELESTIAL QUEST #7-8 ends the limited series with the revelation that Death and Thanos had a kid (sort of), who they have to destroy for the sake of the Universe. And Quoi's still a nice guy in his last app 2 decades before Empyre.


At Last, Captain America Returns!

August 6, 2020

After a months-long hiatus, CAPTAIN AMERICA #21 resumes the series with an attempt to recover the stolen soul of Sharon Carter!

HAWKEYE: FREEFALL #2 pits Spider-Man against Ronin but what does all this have to do with Clint Barton?

THOR #333 sees a spectacular battle: Thor versus Dracula over the fate of Sif!

And in his own comic, TOMB OF DRACULA #8, Drac gains the power to raise an undead army from their graves!

In HULK (2008 series) #29, brings Green (i.e. regular) Hulk to tag team with Red Hulk against some monsters!


Captain America Returns!

August 6, 2020

After a months-long hiatus, CAPTAIN AMERICA #21 resumes the series with an attempt to recover the stolen soul of Sharon Carter!

HAWKEYE: FREEFALL #2 pits Spider-Man against Ronin but what does all this have to do with Clint Barton?

THOR #333 sees a spectacular battle: Thor versus Dracula!

And in his own comic, TOMB OF DRACULA #8, Drac gains the power to raise an undead army from their graves!

In HULK (2008 series) #29, brings Green (i.e. regular) Hulk to tag team with Red Hulk against some monsters!


1 small step for the 2020 event, but a giant leap for Empyre

August 3, 2020

It seems like the end of the 2020 event when Tony Stark becomes the new improved Iron Man and defeats his brother Arno in IRON MAN 2020 #5. But then the big bad menace from space turns up.

Empyre has several issues this week but I'm only synopsizing 2 of them.

In EMPYRE #3 the Cotati need Wakandan Vibranium for their Galactic conquest. And it turns out 1 of the prime movers of this story is the not-actually-dead Skrull Empress R'klll. But in the EMPYRE: SAVAGE AVENGERS 1-shot Conan and Venom stop at least 1 Cotati warship/tree making it to Wakanda.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1998) #39 and we at last find out that Tony Stark's real enemy is his friend Ty Stone.

Meanwhile in AV: CELESTIAL QUEST #5-6 at last 1 Avenger encounters Thanos. But with Death and Eternity to contend with, who needs him?


The Usual Suspects!

July 30, 2020

Nothing new for my side of the site this week so we’ll be filling in the old familiar faces!

In HULK (2008 series) #28, Red Hulk is dropped on Monster Island which sounds like the perfect place for him to be!

TOMB OF DRACULA #7 sees Dracula unleash his greatest weapon on his enemies: an army of children!

Drac also makes a guest appearance in THOR #332, having his eye on Sif’s neck!

Poor WONDER MAN; he’s nobody’s favorite Avenger but this double-sized one-shot from 1986 would have made a perfect ongoing series for him! He got a series a few years later but I think this one was better!

And then there’s MARVEL’S BLACK WIDOW PRELUDE #1, designed to prepare moviegoers for the release of Natasha’s solo film, postponed until November due to the coronavirus!


Emyprically-speaking it's another big week

July 27, 2020

I'm doing 3 Empyre issues this week:-

LORDS OF EMPYRE: EMPEROR HULKLING tells us more about Hulkling's rise to Emperorhood before the event began.

In EMPYRE #2 we learn the the full scope of the Quoi's betrayal. But the Avengers and Fantastic Four escape. And then in EMPYRE: AVENGERS #1 the Avengers try to control the war on Earth until Man-Thing joins the Cotati.

STRIKEFORCE #8 is left over from last week. It has nothing to do with the Empyre event, and in fact the whole series is a coda to the War Of The Realms event. PS Angela fights her mother.

In 2001 T Vernon continues the Ty Stone story in IRON MAN (1998) #38.

Meanwhile in AV: CELESTIAL QUEST #3-4 the battle between Avengers and not-quite-Thanos over the nicer version of Quoi still hasn't actually begun. But Death keeps hovering around.


Another Set of Cool Stuff!

July 23, 2020

VALKYRIE JANE FOSTER #7: backed by a team of medical heroes, Jane battles a lot of bodily fluids to save the life of Death!

TOMB OF DRACULA #6, the cast crosses paths with the Moorlands Monster!

In THOR #331, Thor meets his match—in a mad Medieval knight?!?

In HULK (2008 series) #27, it’s Namor’s turn to deliver a beatdown on Rulk!

A+X #9 from 2013 teams Captain America and Wolverine to save Dr. Strange’s bacon! Strange bacon? Makes for an unbalanced breakfast!


Celestial Messiah, good or evil?

July 20, 2020

The 2020 event continues its slow wind down with 2020 iWOLVERINE #2 where Albert the android Wolverine goes seeking Elsie-Dee.

But the Empyre event kicks into gear in EMPYRE #1 revealing we've been cheering for the wrong side because it's the Celestial Messiah and the Cotati who are the threat, and they send assassins after the Kree/Skrull kids in FANTASTIC FOUR #21.

In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #4 the 2 Guardians teams clash over a giant Galactus helmet. This isn't part of Empyre but it does mention the Kree/Skrull Alliance and the Galactic economic crisis.

But AVENGERS #34 totally ignores Empyre as Moon Knight and Khonshu take over the world to defend it against what sounds like a multiversal council of Mephistos.

Back in 2001 T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #37 starts a 4-part story featuring Tony Stark's rivalry with Tiberius Stone.

Meanwhile some other Avengers including Thor go to the aid of Mantis and her son the Celestial Messiah in AV: CELESTIAL QUEST #1-2.


Today’s Special: Added Heapin’ Helpin’s of Hulk and Thor!

July 16, 2020

First up is the new IMMORTAL HULK #35! Something crazy is going on: Hulk is a hero! But this can’t last! And it doesn’t!

GENERATIONS: BANNER HULK AND THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK was one of a series of similar one-shots from 2017 where the newer replacement hero handed the mantle back to the original star!

In THOR #330, Thor meets a natural enemy in a knight crusading against infidels!

And Thor shows up in HULK (2008 series) #26 to beat the stuffings out of Red Hulk! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

And no Hulk or Thor in TOMB OF DRACULA #5, just Dracula traveling back in time to take revenge upon his killer Professor van Helsing!


Anger issues

July 13, 2020

2 new issues this week:-

EMPYRE: FANTASTIC FOUR #0 has the FF on a galactic road trip where they pick up 2 angry kids, a Kree and a Skrull, who will presumably play a part in the Empyre event.

BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA #8 ends the series (possibly only for the duration of Empyre) by helping Fin Fang Foom get his anger (and guilt and selfishness) back.

And from 2001:-

In AVENGERS (1998) #38-40 the team fight Diablo and a Greek town full of raging Hulks.

Then T Vernon is back with IRON MAN (1998) #36 where Shellhead is angry with Nick Fury about being tricked into battling an undersea monster created by Hydra.


Exit Black Widow, Enter Hawkeye!

July 9, 2020

We wrap up WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #5 with Natasha discovering who has been messing with her mind and why!

But then Clint Barton has his next limited series: HAWKEYE: FREEFALL #1! Clint declares war on the supernaturally powered gangster, the Hood!

And Red Hulk shows up in HULK (2008 series) #25, the first issue of his solo series! Here he is recruited to smash the enemy conspiracy known as Scorched Earth! Plus, Iron Man!

In THOR #329, Thor and Sif face a hapless giant in Chicago with vengeance on his mind!

TOMB OF DRACULA #4 reveals the sinister secret of the Black Mirror!


The Empyre approaches

July 6, 2020

OK, here's last week's EMPYRE: AVENGERS #0 in which the Celestial Messiah calls the Avengers to the Blue Area of the Moon to repel an approaching alliance of Kree and Skrulls. Cue lots of history, with a fight against a Kree Sentry/Skrull mutant hybrid to keep us interested.

Back in the past we've reached 2001 (and we have a space station but it doesn't look like Kubrick's).

In AVENGERS (1998) #36-37 the Avengers are split between fighting Lord Templar and Pagan in Manhattan and Bloodwraith in Slorenia. And 1 Henry Pym takes the place of another.

I gave T Vernon a week off from his Iron Man vol 3 duties while I got some Av issues under my belt before his #36.

And Julio continues updating some older issues with HULK #211, resurrecting old chars Mongu and Maha Yogi.


Europe’s Open But We Never Closed!

July 2, 2020

Always adding more stuff to the Marvel Heroes Library!

The wrap-up to this limited series, INVADERS (2019) #12, sees Atlantis planning to flood the world! But which side is Namor on?

In THOR #328, Sif and Thor battle the world’s meanest 80s videogame!

TOMB OF DRACULA #3 introduces its second major hero, Rachel van Helsing!

In HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER #4, Herc meets Galactus! ‘Nuff said!

And Webmaster Julio brings us INCREDIBLE HULK #208 with a classic cover by Marie Severin!


It's 2020 week (and Maximum Security)

June 29, 2020

There are 3 new print comics of interest this week but I'm saving the Empyre event issue for next week. For now I'm getting on with the 2020 event.

In IRON MAN 2020 #4 we learn that Tony Stark's body has survived and his mind is safe in the 13th Floor, and he's finally convinced he's the real Tony. Plus Dr Shapiro the cat is the mole in Baintronics and Friday is 'alive' as the Ghost In The Machine. And Jocasta gets freed from Arno's Obedience OS. Also it turns out he turned Sunset Bain into an AI yonks ago. It's a busy issue!

The 2020 Rescue series ends with #2 as Pepper Potts completes the mission to get DNA from Tony's biological parents so his body can be fixed in IM2020#5.

I did the previous issues of those 2 series back on 16th March.

The rest are tie-ins to the 2000 Maximum Security event.

In T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #35 Shellhead and the Fantastic Four battle the Ego-Spawn that threatens to consume the Earth.

Peter Silvestro has done THOR (1998) #30 which introduces Beta Ray Bill into the MaxSec mix (but probably more importantly into the ongoing Thor series). It also provides a link for the 'cosmic' Avengers team between the Av:Infinity event and ...

... AVENGERS (1998) #35 where they try to get the Intergalactic Council to stop what's happening to Earth. And we get full confirmation that the Ruul are really the Kree and the Supreme Intelligence is behind it all.


New Stuff is Returning!

June 25, 2020

As the worldwide pandemic is slowing down (mostly), Marvel is inching back to releasing new comics online! And so we have…

The new THOR #5 at last pits the God of Thunder against the Black Winter!

THE IMMORTAL HULK #34 reintroduces us to the Leader, back and with a bigger head than ever!

TOMB OF DRACULA #2 has Dracula greeting his newly discovered relative Frank with a death trap! Some families are like that!

In HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER #3, Herc investigates who is stealing planets!

In THOR Vol. 2 #30, out of place in the usual additions but it comes with the MAXIMUM SECURITY tie-ins Rob Johnson is adding on his half of the site!


Ironheart avoids being sent to Maximum Security

June 22, 2020

This week brought me a new digital comic 2020 IRONHEART #2. The AI-bashing bad guy is discredited, and Riri Williams and the NATALIE AI cease their illegal Outlawed superheroing. Or do they?

Next week back in 2000 it will be time for the Maximum Security event. This week I'm preparing for it.

Peter Silvestro (who wrote up the original MAXIMUM SECURITY mini-series a while ago) has now added the MAXSEC: DANGEROUS PLANET intro where Ego the Living Planet goes on a rampage, which precedes the Ego-related epilogue of ....

.... IRON MAN (1998) #34 which T Vernon contributes. (It will actually turn out next issue that the villain for this issue and last was also 1 of the alien criminals dumped on Earth in MaxSec.)

And some Reserve Avengers go cosmic in AVENGERS: INFINITY #1-4 against the ultra-powerful Beyonders, sorry Infinites, before they will also get dragged into MaxSec.


Dracula Lives!

June 18, 2020

By popular demand, TOMB OF DRACULA is the next series to be added in toto to the Marvel Heroes Library—even though the central character isn’t a hero! Issue #1 was previously added to the site but it now comes with a detailed review and comments—being a personal favorite of yours truly!

In VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #6, Val and Dr. Strange assemble a team of medical superheroes to save the life of Death!

MAXIMUM SECURITY: DANGEROUS PLANET, prelude to an earlier sci-fi epic, is herein added as a tie-in with some issues Rob Johnson is adding on his half of the site! Here ya go, Rob!

In THOR #327, the Thunder God must stop the Midgard Serpent from crushing Earth!

In HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER #2, Herc engages in a space chariot race and rescues a lovely hostage from pirates, because of course he does!


A long time ago, before lockdown ...

June 15, 2020

There are no new issues, digital or print, relevant to the report this week.

So I'll just go back to 2000 to finish off the Nefaria Protocols crossover in AVENGERS (1998) #33, THUNDERBOLTS (1997) #44 and AV#34. Madame Masque joins forces with the 2 teams to defeat her father Count Nefaria. Her bio-duplicate Masque dies heroically, and Atlas and Wonder Man take the big risk too.

Then the Golden Avenger turns to IRON MAN (1998) #33 where T Vernon tells us about a villain selling a drug that gives you temporary-superpowers. This story arc will lead in to the Maximum Security event.

And I'll just mention that Julio has written up the Hulk story in SHADOWS & LIGHT #3, as a side-effect of an investigation into Big Green's chronology.


A Merry MHL Milestone!

June 11, 2020

Herein, we add TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #23, the final issue of Amadeus Cho’s solo series! And the amazing accomplishment herein? Hulk joins Captain America in having every issue of his main series on the Marvel Heroes Library, from the 60s to the present! And wait till you see what comes next! You’ll have to as I’m not going to say yet!

To while away the hours until the BLACK WIDOW solo film arrives in November, WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #4 pits Natasha against her enemy the new Headmistress!

In THOR #326 from 1982, Thor meets the Egyptian national hero Scarlet Scarab to deal with the matter of archaeological theft!

In HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER #1, the ever-exciting Greek demigod sets out on a wild journey across the stars in his first miniseries!

And our Web Wizard Julio Molina-Muscara has added FANTASTIC FOUR #93, pitting Thing against all comers in an alien arena!


2 ends and a long beginning

June 8, 2020

Marvel have announced a 2nd tranche of digital-only issues, and this week that gave me 2020 FORCE WORKS #3 which is the end of the mini-series. MODOK joins himself to Ultimo to become UltiMODOK, but our team bury him in a fissure created by Quake.

T Vernon finishes off the Sons Of Yinsen/Wong-Chu story in IRON MAN ANNUAL 2000, and Professor Yinsen is revealed to now be a brain in a jar.

Then Shellhead attends an Avengers/Thunderbolts crossover which will be called the Nefaria Protocols. It starts slowly in AVENGERS (1998) #31, THUNDERBOLTS (1997) #42, AV#32 and TB#43 where the teams follow separate tracks with the occasional char wandering between them. (The Avengers, including She-Hulk, take time out after #31 to pop over to HULK ANNUAL 2000 which Julio synopsised some years ago,)

And Julio has popped up again with FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #93 as the FF rescue Thing from a Skrull slave arena.


And the Hits Keep Coming!

June 4, 2020

Another set of classic comics to fill in the week! And get in touch with us if you’d like to join our comic book project!

VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #5 has Jane and Dr Strange versus a whole spate of bad guys including Mephisto!

TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #22 concludes “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” by pitting Hulk and the gang against…Weapon H!

In THOR #325 from 1982, the God of Thunder does dire deviltry dealing with Darkoth the Death-Demon!

DAMAGE CONTROL V.3 #4 presents more cosmic beings in one place than any other comic—all to deal with the problem of Edifice Rex!

And our Web Wizard Julio Molina-Muscara has added CHAMBER OF DARKNESS #2 where we encounter the Red Death!

And Julio’s not done: he also adds reviews to the classic INCREDIBLE HULK #182, #185, #188, and #189!


And now the 1st flower blooms

June 1, 2020

I've got a real new printed comic to report on this week, but I'm actually working from a digital version because my comic shop's not open yet.

In AVENGERS #33 Moon Knight steals the powers of Iron Fist, Dr Strange and Ghost Rider plus Mjolnir from Thor. He and his god Khonshu are going to need them to face Mephisto.

The 2006 CIVIL WAR: YOUNG AVENGERS/RUNAWAYS mini-series pits the 2 teams against each other and then against a mind-controlled Noh-Varr the Kree Marvel Boy.

This will be the end of my Young Avengers and Thanos mythos issues for a while as for the next few weeks I'll be adding lots of Avengers issues to go alongside T Vernon's Iron Man run.

This week TV does IRON MAN (1998) #32 which features the return of Iron Man's very 1st villain Wong-Chu.

And webmaster Julio has thrown in a 1-issue story from CAPTAIN MARVEL (1968) #19.


Even More Quarantine Goodies!

May 28, 2020

We may be here for a while so we’re adding more stuff each week! And get in touch with us if you’d like to join our comic book project!

First up is LOKI (2019) #5 where Loki’s oddball solo series comes to a close with a guest appearance by Wolverine!

WEAPON X #6 continues “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” with Amadeus Hulk and the team assaulting the Weapon X stronghold!

In THOR #324 from 1982, the God of Thunder battles Graviton! Try to guess what his power is! Hint: it isn’t making gravy!

DAMAGE CONTROL V.3 #3 presents: Damage Control: the Movie!

And our Web Wizard Julio Molina-Muscara has added AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #79, part of the first appearance of the Prowler!


The 1st green shoot of recovery

May 25, 2020

Marvel have released a few new issues digitally, and this week there was 1 of interest to us. 2020 IRONHEART #1 is the 1st of 2 issues which is part of the 2020 event and also the Outlawed event. Teen Riri Williams is reluctant to illegally become Ironheart to go after 1 of Arno Stark's employees who is stirring up AI prejudice to further his career. So her AI NATALIE takes the armour to do the job instead.

In YOUNG AVENGERS (2005) #9-10 the YA including the new Vision are drawn out of 'retirement' when Super-Skrull kidnaps Hulkling and they gain a new recruit Speed.
I already did the rest of the series #11-12 which confirm Hulkling is the son of the Kree Captain Marvel and the Skrull Princess Anelle (and yes, this is a distant precursor to the delayed Empyre event), and also reveal that Wiccan and Speed are reincarnations of the 'sons' of Scarlet Witch and the original Vision.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #31 starts a new story introducing the Sons Of Yinsen (co-creator of the original Iron Man armour), and Tony Stark has to don a fairly old armour because his latest one's buried on a desert island.

I am inching towards the return of Thanos with SILVER SURFER (1987) #7 which brings back the 6 Soul Gems. The recently-revealed Elders Of The Universe want to use them to kill Galactus and end the universe so they can take his place in the next 1.


More Quarantine Goodies!

May 21, 2020

The recent INVADERS (2019) #11, has Cap and Subby hashing out their differences while stranded on a desert island! Should have brought some records!

TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #21 continues “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” with Amadeus opposing his allies’ plans to slaughter their enemies!

In THOR #323 from 1982, the young God of Thunder faces Fear and Desire!

DAMAGE CONTROL V.3 #2 reveals the amazing fact that the Incredible Hulk is a baseball fan! And a Star Trek fan!


Filling in with the High Evolutionary

May 18, 2020

We may be getting a few new Marvel comics soon but in the meantime I'll continue with more old ones.

1st I'll fill in a gap in the 5-issue 2015 Uncanny Avengers mini-series where Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver went to Counter-Earth to find the High (and Low) Evolutionary to get another version of who their parents were. Previously I wrote the series up for the Captain America Library as was, but #3 didn't have Cap (Sam Wilson) in it. So here it is now.

The YOUNG AVENGERS SPECIAL fits into their 2005 series between #8 and #9, as they tell Jessica Jones what they were each doing before they formed the team.

T Vernon takes his usual slot here as IRON MAN (1998) #30 ends the Mask In The Iron Man story arc with the sentient armour going out a hero.

I'm giving 1980's MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #63 a place in my Thanos mythos sequence, although it's a bit of an outlier. High Evolutionary (again) goes chasing after the stolen Counter-Earth (not the same one), as Sphinxor of Pegasus explains some strange parts of the history of deceased Adam Warlock. And we get the 1st mention of the Beyonders, who much later will destroy the multiverse in the lead-up to Secret Wars III.


Another Potpourri of Comics Goodies!

May 14, 2020

There’s WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #3 wherein Natasha and Yelena Belova team up against a common enemy: a third Black Widow!

In THOR #322 from 1982, the God of Thunder finds himself having to cover up Odin’s sex scandal!

Our favorite fixer-uppers return in DAMAGE CONTROL V.3 #1, with guest appearances by Spider-Man, Hulk, and the New Warriors!

Weapons of Mutant Destruction” continues in WEAPON X #5, featuring a lot of cyborg destruction, too!


A fresh batch plus some I prepared earlier

May 11, 2020

YOUNG AVENGERS (2005) #5-6 completes the origin story. Young Kang (Iron Lad) kills old Kang (The Conqueror) but then returns to the future to become him. The rest of the team are forbidden to continue superheroing, but naaah!

I already covered #7-8 where it turns out that Patriot's powers come from the Mutant Growth Hormone drug, and they all quit again.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #29 has the crazy sentient Iron Man armour jealous of Tony Stark's girlfriend Rumiko and his other armours.

CAPTAIN MARVEL (1968) #45 and MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #55 tell us that there are actually 6 Soul Gems like Adam Warlock's and introduce us to 3 of them. The 2nd issue also débuts the Gardener who will later be revealed as 1 of the Elders Of The Universe.

I've already done AVENGERS (1963) ANNUAL #7 & MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE (1974) ANNUAL #2 where Thanos gathers all 6 Gems together, and he and Warlock both die.


Myths, Mutants, and the Monkey King!

May 7, 2020

In THOR #321 from 1982, Thor faces a single villain who goes by three names and can turn the animal people against the God of Thunder! Ain’t  mythology wonderful!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #20, Amadeus joins Old Man Logan, Domino, Deathstryke, Sabretooth, and Warpath in a cyborg hunt to uncover the dark conspiracy against them!

And we wrap up AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES II with issue #8, wherein Vision takes on the Super-Adaptoid to prove…something, I’m not sure!

For an odd entry, there’s FEAR ITSELF: THE MONKEY KING wherein a new character was poised to take Marvel by storm: a martial artist with the powers of an ancient Chinese god! Didn’t work out, though, so here’s his debut, included in a major crossover event!


Version control

May 4, 2020

YOUNG AVENGERS (2005) #3-4 continue the origin story as Iron Lad explains about recruiting teens from Vision's list of potential Avengers and Kang turns up to retrieve his younger version.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1998) #28 where the sentient version of Tony Stark's armour takes over and kills their opponent Whiplash (with no Marvel bring-back).

STRANGE TALES #180-181 has Matriarch's minions trying to convert Adam Warlock to the Universal Church Of Truth, until he finally faces Magus (a future version of himself) himself.

I've already documented WARLOCK (1972) #9-11 where Thanos joins the fight against Magus, and #15 which ends the run with a status check on Starlin's ensemble cast Adam, Thanos, Gamora, Pip and Drax the Destroyer. (#12-14 were not relevant to the Thanos mythos).


Strange Visitors!

April 30, 2020

VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #4 guest stars Dr. Strange as three of his earliest enemies suddenly return!

In THOR #320 from 1982, Don Blake has his hands (and office) full of visiting mythical creatures!

WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION: ALPHA reveals a sinister conspiracy to eradicate all mutants! An out-of-place Totally Awesome Hulk joins Old Man Logan, Domino, Deathstryke, Sabretooth, and Warpath in shutting it down!

Lastly, there’s AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES II #7 in which Black Panther faces the unwelcome arrival of African assassin Death Tiger!


The triple-layered past

April 27, 2020

Now that I've finished Secret Warriors I'm turning my attention to another favourite of mine, the original Young Avengers run from 2005. In #1-2 the boy who will be Kang time-travels from the 30th Century and forms the team to help him avoid his villainous future.

Stalwart T Vernon continues his Iron Man (1998) run with #27 where Tony Stark lives through an illusion that his life falls apart.

And I've returned to an old thread of filling in issues relevant to the Thanos mythos. This time it's Jim Starlin's take on Adam Warlock in STRANGE TALES #178-179, which introduce us to long-running elements the Magus, the Universal Church Of Truth and Pip the Troll.


Some Cool Stuff for a Quarantine!

April 23, 2020

Hope everyone out there is doing well at home! Here's my stuff for this week!

THOR #319 from 1982 pits the God of Thunder against an offbeat foe: a method actor turned mad monster!

WEAPON X Vol. 3 #4 begins the “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” crossover as Totally Awesome Amadeus Hulk joins Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Domino and others as the targets of a sinister conspiracy!

And if you like your Hulk Incredible instead of Totally Awesome, here’ s WIZARD HULK ½ pitting Hulk against a souped-up Rhino!

Lastly, there’s AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES II #6! Yellowjacket and Wasp get married—with a twist in the tale!


It's a set-up

April 20, 2020

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #27-28 end the Wheels Within Wheels arc and the series. And set things up for a reborn SHIELD.

Patsy Walker returned from death and Hell in Thunderbolts Annual 2000. Now AVENGERS ANNUAL 2000 fills in her history and sets things up for her 1st Hellcat mini-series.

The Marvel Chronology Project has the Iron Man: Bad Blood mini-series here. We'll probably come back to cover that later.

What we *have* written up now is Wizard's IRON MAN #½ which sets things up for succeeding issues, starting with ...

... IRON MAN (1998) #26. T Vernon is back with the beginning of the Mask In The Iron Man arc where the armour gains sentience and takes over. Although that isn't what it looks like this issue (because this is only a set-up for the rest).


Some New Additions to the Site—and Not Just Comics!

April 16, 2020

Julio has posted to the blog a look at what heroes will be immune to the coronavirus! Look for the link on each page (a picture of Invisible Woman will get you there)!

And the movie page has been brought up to date including the most recently announced titles (all postponed)! That’s on the home page!

And never fear, we’ve got more comics added!

WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #2 sees Natasha on the trail of a second, deadlier Black Widow!

LOKI (2019) #4 features a duel to the death between Loki and Nightmare!

INVADERS (2019) #10: Cap and Winter Soldier become water breathers to stop Namor's mad plan!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #19, Amadeus, Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, and others are under attack by a revived Weapon X!

Lastly, there’s AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES II #5! Yellowjacket makes his first appearance and it makes sense now so check it out!



A mini-run of Avengers

April 13, 2020

In my 1st week without any new issues to comment on I've brought in a bunch of Avengers issues that fit in between 2 of T Vernon's Iron Man synopses.

AVENGERS (1998) #26 has a bunch of not-quite-Avengers, including Silverclaw, tricked into embarrassing the team by the Triune Understanding.

And when they go to apologise to the real Avengers in #27 they find them in the throes of 1 of their regular reshuffles, which includes having to take in the Triune's superhero Triathlon.

The new team's 1st mission in #28-30 is to help Silverclaw free her South American village from the clutches of Kulan Gath (who would have been annoying the Savage Avengers in their #12 next week if the coronavirus hadn't got in the way).

Webmaster Julio Molina-Muscara keeps us informed about Marvel movies and he's recently done a big update, especially about upcoming films. (But unfortunately they're not quite as upcoming as they were before the virus hit.) Just follow the links below this section, or start by clicking the Movies tab above.


Still Sitting Quietly Indoors, Reading Comics!

April 9, 2020

Nothing new this week, so here’s a quartet of older issues we’ve added to the site!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #18, Amadeus and the Protectors take the battle to their lien captors!

In THOR #318 from 1982, Loki turns Easter Island into a trap for Thor!

AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES II #4 has a bank robbery, school bullying, and Hank Pym cracking up! Good times!

Lastly, there’s SECRET AVENGERS #15, a FEAR ITSELF tie-in in which Black Widow battles…a tabloid newspaper!


The shape of things to come (eventually)

April 6, 2020

Because I only used to visit my comic shop every other week and spread the issues out over 2 weeks reporting, I've still got a backlog of new titles to cover this week.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #3 splits the team in 2 and sets the stage for conflict between them next issue.

OUTLAWED is a 1-shot issue leading into the Outlawed event and for this column the next Champions series.

ROAD TO EMPYRE: THE KREE/SKRULL WAR is another 1-shot issue leading, not surprisingly, into the Empyre event.

But who knows when we'll actually see all those promised goodies?

Meanwhile back in the safer past AVENGERS (1998) #24-25 we see a sequel to the 8th Day event as the Exemplars take revenge on Juggernaut.

Because of the plethora of Avengers issues to fit in this part of the Iron Man (1998) series I've given T Vernon some time off from cataloguing it. But because of the absence of new issues for the foreseeable future I'll be getting through them faster, so his holiday will be cut short.


Wizards and Aliens and Adaptoids, Oh My!

April 2, 2020

Marvel 80th anniversary special AVENGERS: LOKI UNLEASHED brings back Roger Stern and Ron Lim for a tale that pits Loki against another powerful sorcerer!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #17, the all-Asian team the Protectors is stranded on an asteroid and ready to make war against the alien invaders!

In THOR #317 from 1982, Mjolnir is shot into space and it will take Thor more than his allotted sixty seconds to get it back!

AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES II #3 shows us some new stuff as the heroes take on a literal army of Adaptoids!



The 2020 event and Ultimo share top billing

March 30, 2020

This week I've got 3 issues in the 2020 event to deal with.

In 2020 MACHINE MAN #2 X-51 gets Jocasta out of the clutches of X-52, and the Midnight Wreckers make a truce with the AI Liberation Army ...

... which is broken immediately in the 2020 IRON AGE 1-shot anthology when the ALA come back with X-51. In the other 2 tales Alkhema does her own robot revolution and Dr Shapiro goes for a wander.

In 2020 FORCE WORKS #2 the team are up against Ultimo, but they have help from MODOK.

T Vernon gives IRON MAN (1998) #25 a 5-star rating as the giant-size issue ends an earlier battle with Ultimo.

Then Iron Man is around in AVENGERS (1998) #23 when Vision and Wonder Man go head-to-head over Scarlet Witch.

I'll also mention that Shellhead guest-stars in THOR #316 over in Peter Silvestro's half of the site. And Peter's also continuing the 2nd series of AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES.


Still Inside? We Have More Stuff!

March 26, 2020

TAROT #4 wraps up the strange adventure full of mismatched heroes and cartoon villains!

In IMMORTAL HULK #33, things get ugly as Hulk finally takes on the Minotaur and Xemnu!

The recent VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #3 gives Heimdall (and us) a grand tour of new mystical realms! And introduces a talking horse!

In THOR #316 from 1982, Beasts and Things are the order of the day as Bi-Beast, Man-Beast, and Man-Thing are guests! And Iron Man too!

AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES II #2: SHIELD wants to know: can Vision be trusted!



March 23, 2020

AVENGERS #32 shows us Mephisto manipulating all the Avengers' enemies to work together. But Namor strikes out on his own to summon the Phoenix Force.

While the Avengers are away dragons attack Avengers Mountain in BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA #7. And their target is revealed to be a mini-Fin Fang Foom hiding inside.

SAVAGE AVENGERS #11 is a 2-hander with new couple Dr Strange and Elektra. But mainly Strange views the history of Kulan Gath and sees him gaining the knowledge of other mages cannibalistically, even from the Sorcerer Supreme of the Hyborian Age.

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #26 is a 3-hander with Nick Fury, Baron Strucker and Kraken which reveals what *really* happened in Leonardo da Vinci's tomb in 1961, the origin of LMDs, who Kraken really is and who's been controlling who all this time.

T Vernon is on hand with IRON MAN (1998) #24 where Ultimo rises but Iron Man has to fight past Warbird to get to him. And Ultimo's origin reveals that last issue's 2 villains are really good guys.


A Public Service!

March 19, 2020

With the coronavirus keeping everyone inside, we at the Marvel Heroes Library are sparing no expense to bring you our reviews of various comics new and classic! So here we are with the latest!

Today’s new CAPTAIN AMERICA #20 has Cap and the team on a mission to recover Sharon Carter’s stolen soul from Selene!

Spitfire returns! The latest INVADERS #9 has the wartime team reuniting to battle Namor’s army as they attack Roxxon!

The recent LOKI #3 has Loki playing chess in the House of Ideas for the right to have more stories!

In THOR #315 from 1982, Thor battles that most two-faced of villains, Bi-Beast, who is now the leader of a gang of pirates!

AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES II #1 takes us back to the earliest days of Vision’s and Black Panther’s tenure with the superteam!


Pepper Potts now and then

March 16, 2020

In IRON MAN 2020 #3 the AI Tony Stark stops Arno's plan for taking over all AIs, but at the cost of his 'life'.

So in 2020 RESCUE #1 Pepper Potts goes in search of DNA from Tony's biological parents so she and Bethany Cabe can create a new body for him.

Meanwhile in STRIKEFORCE #7 the team battle Birgit over Count Ophidian on Deadpool's Monster Island (aka Staten Island) before falling into the middle of an Elf war.

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #25 tells us (nearly the whole of) the story behind the Great Wheel of Zodiac cabal in 1961. And ties it strongly into Jonathan Hickman's SHIELD series.

T Vernon gets back to the 1998 Iron Man series with #23 in which Stark-Fujikawa start messing around with Ultimo, and Tony starts messing around with Pepper.


Apocalyptic Events!

March 12, 2020

In the new THOR #4, it’s Thor and Galactus versus the Black Winter!

And IMMORTAL HULK #32 sees everyone in the world convinced that Hulk is the bad guy and Xemnu the Titan is the good guy!

In WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #1, Natasha warns Tony Stark to stay out of her way! Another tricky mission for our favorite spy!

And a look back to FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2010 as Iron Man and Thor have a team up that takes them to the Moon!


Dangerous missions

March 9, 2020

The next 2020 tie-in is 2020 FORCE WORKS #1 where War Machine leads a team of Quake and US Agent to rescue Mockingbird who's gone missing on a mission (but who doesn't actually need rescuing). And then they are all attacked by Deathlok cyborgs.

Meanwhile GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2 quickly wraps up the Olympian Gods problem, but Nova is fatally wounded and Star-Lord has to sacrifice himself to complete the mission.

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #24 is the start of the final arc Wheels Within Wheels. Last issue Daisy Johnson's White team was disbanded after losing 2 members, and this time we see Mikel Fury and his Grey team get slaughtered on their final mission.

And T Vernon's JUGGERNAUT (1999) 1-shot ends the 8th Day event with the villain making it his mission to defeat the other Exemplars and save the heroes.


Black Widow Movie Preview—Sort of!

March 5, 2020

We’re all waiting for BLACK WIDOW to hit theaters in April! The plot will include Natasha’s confrontation with her rival, a second Black Widow, Yelena Belova! The two met in the comics in BLACK WIDOW (1999 series) which was already on this site; their second meeting was in BLACK WIDOW (2001 series) which we have just added in its entirety! Kick back and review where these two lethal ladies came from!

TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #16 finds the Protectors, the all-Asian team formed accidentally by an alien invasion, exiled to outer space!

In THOR #314, the God of Thunder faces a berserk Drax the Destroyer!

SECRET AVENGERS #14 is another FEAR ITSELF tie-in, presenting another poignant incident and the origin of Valkyrie!


Old friends and new

March 2, 2020

AVENGERS #31 is with Iron Man in 1 Million BC being tempted by Mephisto until the devil sends him home - where Mephisto has a new friend, a resurrected Howard Stark.

2020 tie-in 2020 MACHINE MAN #1 has X-51 fighting all the older numbered copies of himself to get to Jocasta. And then he finds her with her new boyfriend X-52, Machine Man 2020.

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #23 tells us what Sebastian Druid's been doing since he was fired from the team in #16. And he's back to rescue his friends from Hydra, just in time for the team to be dissolved. (So what will the last 5 issues of the series be about?)

T Vernon continues the 8th Day event with PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN (1999) #11 in which Spidey sees the origin of the final Exemplar, and teams up with Iron Man and Thor to fight them all.


Tarot? More Like 52 Pick-Up!

February 27, 2020

The brand-new TAROT #3 continues the Avengers/Defenders crossover with more insane alternate realities including one with cartoon superheroes !

VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #2 pits ValJane against Bullseye who is wielding the original Valkyrie’s deadly sword!

TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #15 introduces an all-Asian superhero team, the Protectors!

In THOR #313, the God of Thunder stands trial as to whether he can ever return to Earth!

SECRET AVENGERS #13 is a FEAR ITSELF tie-in, and presents a poignant incident during the carnage of the battle for Washington D.C.!


Endings and origins and a hint of memory

February 24, 2020

BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA #6 sees the end of the Livewires LMD uprising. Or does it? And it has nothing to do with the 2020 event.

STRIKEFORCE #6 sees the end of Moonstone's plan to invent a fake digital heaven. But she moves on to a position in the Ravencroft series.

In SAVAGE AVENGERS #0 Dr Strange goes to Krakoa to warn Magik about the return of Kulan Gath. But it's just an excuse for them and us remember Uncanny X-Men #190-191.

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #22 sees the team lose another member. And Baron Strucker's Hydra falls apart.

And the Eighth Day event has its next 2 issues synopsised this week:-
Peter Silvestro has done THOR (1998) #17 which brings Juggernaut into the plot and creates 2 more Exemplars.
T Vernon follows it with IRON MAN (1998) #22 which creates 3 more Exemplars and tells us what the plot is all about.


Cap and Peggy Reunited!

February 20, 2020

After many years CAPTAIN AMERICA #19 finally reunites Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter! True, Peggy died in 2011, eliminated just as the first Cap movie hit the theaters, but death never keeps anyone down for long in the comics! And now Cap learns what’s been going on in his own comic behind his back!

INVADERS (2019) #8 sees the creation of the Iron Torch!

The latest LOKI #2 has wannabe Avenger Loki testing the idea on Tony Stark, who can’t believe his ears! And Nightmare lurks in the background!

TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #14 sees Amadeus teaming up with basketball star Jeremy Lin against some bad-tempered robots!

In THOR #17 from 1999 is a bit out of the run on Thor we have been working on but it’s okay. It ties into “The Eighth Day” story arc that’s going on with Rob Johnson and his Iron Man additions! Oh yeah, Thor fights Juggernaut!

AVENGERS ORIGINS: LUKE CAGE? We don’t have a lot of Cage on this site but we do want to complete our coverage of the AVENGERS ORIGINS limited series! And if you want more Luke Cage on the Marvel Heroes Library and are willing to take on the task just get in touch with us and we’ll get you started! Same goes for anyone out there with any other underrepresented character! We’re always here!




February 17, 2020

In IRON MAN 2020 #2 Arno Stark seems to be winning all round. He's exposed Tony Stark as leader of the AI revolution and is about to take control of all AIs. So who or what will stop him? My money's still on Dr Shapiro the cat.

SAVAGE AVENGERS #10 ends the Conan plus Dr Doom and Dr Strange vs Kulan Gath battle. But even beheaded KG still swears to return, and the Drs contemplate calling on Mephisto to deal with him.

In SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #21 the Warriors lose 1 of their number but still haven't escaped from the exploding Hydra base.

There are 2 stories in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #21. Drunken Warbird messes up again. And we get an intro to the 8th Day crossover event which will involve the unstoppable Juggernaut.

And TV has 2 issues this week because IRON MAN ANNUAL 1999 slots in between the 2 parts of IM#21. Some Avengers meet some Thunderbolts as Count Nefaria drains ionic energy from chars like Wonder Man and Atlas. He'll keep going into CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #28-31 which Peter Sivestro did a couple of years ago.


More Thor Than Ever Before!

February 13, 2020

Three Thor issues from various eras have been added this week!

The brand-new THOR #3 pits Thor against Beta Ray Bill over the future of Galactus!

And now for this week’s non-Thor title…

THE IMMORTAL HULK #31 looks like just another Hulk versus Xemnu rematch but things get very twisty very quickly!

And now back to Thor

In THOR #312 from 1981, Tyr wants to make time with Thor’s lady Sif so he plots to get rid of his rival!

AVENGERS ORIGINS: THOR was part of a semiseries a couple of years ago, this time giving us a great (and coherent) explanation of where the God of Thunder comes from and what he does!


Too many War Machines

February 10, 2020

My only new item this week is AVENGERS #30 where the new Starbrand-wielder is literally born, and the Avengers take her home to change her diaper. Still featuring War Machine Widow.

Meanwhile I'm picking up Secret Warriors again. Peter Silvestro has already done #17-19, the Last Ride Of The Howling Commandos, so it's time for #20 the start of Night, the team's lowest point.

T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #20 finishes the Machinery Of War story as Rhodey talks down the other War Machine and Tony Stark salvages Jocasta.


Four All-New Comics Added to the Site This Week!

February 6, 2020

…by me at least; Rob Johnson always has something on his half of the site!

In THOR #2, Thor becomes the Herald of Galactus!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE END sees our hero alone against a world of Red Skulls!

IMMORTAL HULK: GREAT POWER shows what happens when Spider-Man becomes the Hulk!

TAROT #2 continues the limited series with the Avengers and Defenders all under control of the villain Diablo!


Wins the prize for most robots in 1 issue

February 3, 2020

Guardians Of The Galaxy gets another #1 as Nova recruits half the team plus Marvel Boy to fight the reborn Olympian Gods. But will Drax, Gamora and Groot really remain on vacation on Halfworld?

SAVAGE AVENGERS #9 has Conan, Dr Doom and Dr Strange continuing to fight Kulan Gath. But then Strange dons Doom-style armour as the Iron Mage.

I complete the Avengers tales which happen within Iron Man #18 with the end of the Ultron Unlimited arc in AVENGERS (1998) #21-22. The team face hundreds of (inferior) Ultrons until injured Justice arrives to save the day.

This means that now T Vernon can continue with IRON MAN (1998) #19 where Shellhead fights Sunset Bain's minions the villainous War Machine and the reluctant Jocasta.


New Cap! New Hulk! And an Even Newer Valkyrie!

January 30, 2020

In CAPTAIN AMERICA #18, Steve and his team stop Scourge—or do they?

IMMORTAL HULK #30 finds Hulk in the stomach of a giant monster and I don’t envy him!

The big new deal of the year is in VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #1: former nurse, former doctor, former cancer patient, former Thor, Jane has a new vocation!

And we couldn’t get the latest Thor issue up in time for this update so here’s the tragic and shockingly contemporary THOR #311 from 1981!


Birth, death ... and robots again

January 27, 2020

In AVENGERS #29 the Avengers finally find the new host of the Starbrand and she's a very pregnant woman. And the Shi'ar Gladiator is about to kill her.

In STRIKEFORCE #5 the team tangle with Ghost and Moonstone who are experimenting with capturing spirits as they leave the dead.

My massive 1999 Avengers-binge continues with the latest Ultron scheme. AVENGERS (1998) #0 is a Wizard prelude and #19-20 is the 1st half of the saga. The robot destroys a whole fictional Marvel country and kidnaps all the chars he thinks of as his 'family'. But his robot 'wife' Alkhema is determined to mess up his plans.


Look! Loki’s Back!

January 23, 2020

LOKI #1 is the first installment of Loki’s short-lived series: he is now King of the Giants and that’s a tall order!

In possible one-shot WOLVERINE & CAPTAIN AMERICA: WEAPON PLUS, Cap and Logan uncover a conspiracy behind the super-soldier program!

In the latest of their series, INVADERS #7, Cap and the gang deal with Namor’s conquest of an American city!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #13, Amadeus meets Jeremy Lin for some basketball doings!

THOR #310 sees the God of Thunder going to Hades to face Mephisto on his own ground!


Robots again!

January 20, 2020

IRON MAN 2020 #1 starts the 2020 event featuring the robot rebellion. But we learn that Arno Stark really wants to persuade the AIs to help him fight an Extinction Entity that is predicted to arrive this year, and which he was destined (by Rigellian Recorder 451?) to confront. And we find out who's leading the rebellion.

I continue with the Avengers issues filling the gap in Iron Man (1998) #18. In AVENGERS (1998) #17-18 the team fight the Wrecking Crew who take Photon to Polemachus and overthrow Arkon. Meanwhile some other Avengers help Warbird defeat the robot behind it all.


Hulk, Thor, Cap, Avengers…What More Do You Want?

January 16, 2020

All older goodies this week! The new cool stuff comes next week!

TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #12 pits Amadeus against a monster who feeds on fear! Black Panther and Hawkeye are guests!

THOR #309 has the God of Thunder taking on bad guys in a rocket car! (The bad guys have the rocket car, not Thor.)

BATTLE SCARS #6: Marcus Johnson joins SHIELD and the Avengers as Nick Fury Jr.!

I AM CAPTAIN AMERICA, an unusual but well-deserved tribute to the real heroes of our nation!


Robots galore! Maybe they've heard about the robot revolution?

January 13, 2020

In BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA #5 the team follow Deadpool to investigate an old SHIELD base and run into an old group of LMD robots called the Livewires. Led by Nick Fury (not Jr)!

Back in 1999 T Vernon does IRON MAN (1998) #18 which finishes off the Fin Fang Foom story before starting a new 1 with rival Sunset Bain and drunken Warbird.

In between the 2 parts Iron Man has some adventures with the Avengers.

AVENGERS ANNUAL 1999 tells us how Black Widow tried to keep the Avengers name alive during Heroes Reborn, and then pits the current team against robot Avengers created by their old mechanic Fabian Stankowicz. And Jarvis saves the day.

Then in AVENGERS (1998) #16 the team and Black Knight fight the Wrecking Crew who kidnap Photon for a mystery robot employer.

There are lots more Avengers issues to fit within IM#18 so I've given TV 2 weeks off while I deal with them.


Hulk Versus Monsters!

January 9, 2020

IMMORTAL HULK #29: Roxxon springs their trap on Hulk: a cadre of giant city-destroying monsters!

Roy Thomas returns to Marvel joining Jerry Ordway in CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE INVADERS: THE BAHAMAS TRIANGLE, a wartime adventure that predates the forming of the Invaders!

THOR #308 sees Thor battle a snow giant during a Manhattan blizzard! And yes, Loki’s behind it!

BATTLE SCARS #5: Marcus Johnson is revealed to be the son of Nick Fury but that won’t help him in the bad guys’ hands!


Spanning 2 decades as we enter a new 1

January 6, 2020

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #12 ends 2019 and this particular series with the villains sent back to the future, Drax returned to his friendly self and Rocket being cured of dying. All just in time for the original Guardians to get back together for the next series in the new year.

Meanwhile in STRIKEFORCE #4 the 'team' tell each other (false?) stories of past encounters with the Vridai while sheltering from a (not real?) storm in Dr Doom's (not really) haunted house.

Back in 2010 Hydra and Leviathan go to war against each other in SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #16. We also discover that Kraken isn't who Baron Strucker thinks he is, and JT James betrays the team to Strucker.

And in 1999 Iron Man fights Fin Fang Foom in IRON MAN (1998) #17. Thank T Vernon for this.


New Year! New Thor!

January 2, 2020

The new THOR #1 by Donny Cates and Nic Klein heralds a new era of peace across the Ten Realms—at least until Galactus literally drops in!

The new TAROT #1 brings together the Defenders and the Avengers just before it sets them against each other!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #11, Amadeus chases a monster while Black Panther chases him.

BATTLE SCARS #4. It’s Marcus Johnson versus Taskmaster versus Deadpool versus the Serpent Society! But who is Scorpio and who is he after?

PS Have a Happy New Year!


Some unusual Christmas presents

December 30, 2019

In AVENGERS #28 Captain America gets to wield Thor's hammer, Black Widow gets to wear War Machine's armour, and Iron Man gets to meet the 1 Million BC Avengers.

In BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA #4 a plant goddess gets a whole new world to turn green, and the Moon is left with a smile on its face.

In SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #15 Viper gets a large octopoid on her head, Nick Fury brings the Contessa flowers and guns, and Daisy Johnson snogs JT James.

And in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #16 Fin Fang Foom gets a new host, and Shellhead gets mobbed by lizards.

I hope you all got better presents than that.


Holidays Everywhere!

December 26, 2019

But not in the comics! Here’s the next three issues from titles we have been adding!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #10, is Amadeus seeking revenge against Hawkeye? Black Panther thinks so and that’s enough!

In THOR #307, the God of Thunder faces off against the Dream Demon!

BATTLE SCARS #3 sees Marcus Johnson on the trail of Taskmaster—but Deadpool is after him!

PS Have a happy holiday of your choice! 


Iron Man almost makes it into every issue this week

December 23, 2019

TONY STARK: IRON MAN #19 ends the run with Tony admitting he's an AI replacement and Arno inheriting Stark Unlimited and all his brother's toys, setting the stage for Iron Man 2020.

Back in simpler days Iron Man's armour is no longer killing him and he just has to deal with Nitro in IRON MAN (1998) #15. T Vernon does the honours.

Meanwhile Beast comes to see his recently-resurrected old pal Wonder Man in AVENGERS (1998) #14. While he's there he helps fight new baddie Pagan.

Then sick-leave Shellhead rejoins the Avengers for #15 where they get in the middle of Pagan, Lord Templar and Triathlon of the Triune Understanding.


And That’s It for Jason Aaron and Thor!

December 19, 2019

Jason Aaron wraps up the story of Thor and his seven-year run with the character in KING THOR #4!

In the recent INVADERS #6, Namor’s plan succeeds and he captures an American city!

Captain Marvel and all of SHIELD are concerned about Amadeus Cho in TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #9 and with good reason!

THOR #306 presents the origins of not one but two Heralds of Galactus: Firestorm and Air Walker!

Captain America and all of SHIELD are concerned about Marcus Johnson in BATTLE SCARS #2 so who is he?


2 rescue missions and 2 short deaths

December 16, 2019

In AVENGERS #27 the Avengers go to rescue Majestor Kallark from a Shi'ar prison galaxy(! it's only small and artificial). But things don't go well including Thor getting Broody.

SAVAGE AVENGERS #8 is basically 3-way haggling between Conan and Doctors Doom and Strange over the 3rd Eye Of Agamotto. Until Doom wins and it kills him (but I think that'll only last 1 issue).

We've known for a few issues that Nick Fury's old SHIELD flame Contessa Val was secretly working for Hydra, but now in SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #14 we learn that she's really been betraying them both to Leviathan. And she kills Viper (but that'll definitely only last 1 issue).

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1998) #14 where Shellhead helps the Fantastic Four rescue Invisible Woman from Ronan The Accuser.


New Cap! New Hulk! New Thor! And More!

December 12, 2019

In CAPTAIN AMERICA #17, Steve and the Daughters of Liberty are on the trail of Scourge—but is he the real bad guy here?

In IMMORTAL HULK #28, Hulk continues his vendetta against Roxxon Corporation!

THOR: THE WORTHY, part of the Legends of Marvel series brings back Walt Simonson, Ron Frenz, Tom DeFalco, and Kathryn Immonen to showcase some of the other wielders of Mjolnir!

And for something a bit older, we have BATTLE SCARS #1, wherein soldier Marcus Johnson wonders why everyone is out to kill him!


Ironheart goes to comic book limbo, and Iron Man's not too well either

December 9, 2019

IRONHEART #12 ends Riri Williams' run with the defeat of the Ten Rings. And with Champions gone too she's got no regular apps left.

Back in 1999 IRON MAN (1998) #13 continues *it's* run and T Vernon tells us how recuperating Tony Stark still manages to polish off old foe Controller in 1 issue.

And then he continues to contribute to the Avengers by video-link in their (1998) #13 as they team-up with the New Warriors against AIM and a new villain called Lord Templar.


Friends, Enemies—and a Hapless Hydra Agent!

December 5, 2019

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #8, Bruce Banner chills out with his best friends and looks like he’s going to live happily ever after—but we know better!

In THOR #305, Thor takes on Air Walker, Herald of Galactus and a little boy’s hero, just in time for Christmas!

Then there’s THE INCREDIBLE HERCULES #115 which features a shooting war between two Helicarriers, with Herc and Amadeus caught in between!

And for a change of pace, we have HANK JOHNSON, AGENT OF HYDRA, a comedy about a working stiff just trying to get along—except he’s a member of an international terror organization!


A series of (un-)connected events

December 2, 2019

AVENGERS #26 tells how a Stone Age gardener became the 1M BC Starbrand wielder, but it turns out he wasn't Earth's 1st because a dinosaur had it before him.

And in BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA #3 the Elder Of The Universe Gardener has made the Moon become a living plant and it's hungry.

Plus in STRIKEFORCE #3 the team maybe finish off the invading Asgardian plant-people the Vridai.

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #13 finishes off Sebastian Druid's time on the team. (Or does it?)

And T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #12 heralds (again) the end of Tony Stark's career as the Golden Avenger because his armour is slowly killing him. (And we don't believe that either.)


More Apocalyptic Confrontations!

November 28, 2019

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #6, Amadeus is caught between Jane Thor and the Enchantress! Check out that cover!

In THOR #304, the God of Thunder takes on the Wrecking Crew!

Then there’s THE INCREDIBLE HERCULES #114 where Black Widow must talk a berserk Herc out of his destructive impulses! He's even smashing up his logo!

And >AVENGERS ORIGINS: ANT-MAN AND WASP gives a nice retelling of the origin of these two stalwart heroes!


Dying and animals and at least 1 dying animal

November 25, 2019

Dr Shapiro the talking cat cures dying Tony Stark's cyborg problem in TONY STARK: IRON MAN #18 by sending the Wasp and a nano-drone Iron Man into his body, where they have to fight a nano-Ultron while James Rhodes battles the full-size version as War Machine.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #11 is chock-full of sentient animals and of course trees:- Groot and his Stablings plus Lockjaw and Cosmo the Space Dog. But at the end dying Rocket Raccoon is left to fight on alone with a big gun he can't lift.

There are no animals featured in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #11 but Tony Stark is also dying but still becomes Iron Man to fight someone else in the War Machine armour.

During that issue Tony offers scientific advice to the Avengers in AVENGERS (1998) #12 as they fight Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts and team-up with them against a leftover robot called Dominex. No animals and nobody particularly dying.


Comic Book Jackpot!

November 21, 2019

Three new comics and two new-ish issues added this week!

The new CAPTAIN AMERICA #16 has ex-Cap Steve Rogers facing a very angry U.S. Agent!

In IMMORTAL HULK #27, Scary Hulk makes his first move against Roxxon!

In KING THOR #3, it’s Thor versus the God Butcher and he is losing!

And we wrap up the BLACK WIDOW (2019) miniseries with issue #4 as Natasha shuts down the evil website and #5 where she faces off with the bad guy behind it all!


Twice the Savagery, 4 (and a bit) times Avengers

November 18, 2019

In SAVAGE AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 Conan teams up with Black Widow and Daimon Hellstrom and adds them to the heroes ranged against Kulan Gath.

SAVAGE AVENGERS #7 is a Doctor-heavy issue as Dr Voodoo is killed (again) by KG, Elektra consults Dr Strange and Conan gets renditioned to Latveria.

T Vernon has written up IRON MAN (1998) #10 where severely injured Iron Man still defeats Mandarin with a little help from the Avengers. And Madame Masque kills Madame Masque (again).

Then the suffering Shellhead still attends the Avengers Day Parade in AVENGERS (1998) #10-11 and gets caught up in the attack by Grim Reaper and a Legion of Dead Avengers. And Scarlet Witch brings Wonder Man back to life.

I'll also mention that the wounded Golden Avenger also manages to get through IRON MAN/CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL 1998 which Peter Silvestro synopsised a while ago.


Atlantis Attacks!

November 14, 2019

Namor’s attack plan comes to fruition in INVADERS (2019) #5 and the Avengers are totally outclassed!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #5, Amadeus comes under the spell of the Enchantress and Thor (Jane Foster) wants to know why!

In THOR #303, Thor goes to church! Not a common sight!

INCREDIBLE HERCULES #113 offers up a family feud, Herc versus Ares, God of War!



Father issues

November 11, 2019

In IRONHEART #11 Riri Williams has to deal with the fact that her real father is a supervillain. And his name is Riri too.

SECRET WARRIORS (2009) #12 gives us the origin of Hive as Leviathan kidnap Viper and we learn that Stonewall's dad is Absorbing Man.

T Vernon does IRON MAN (1998) #9 where Mandarin whups an already near-dead Golden Avenger. And that's only part 1 of 2.


A New Job for Hulk!

November 7, 2019

The current title takes a sharp turn in IMMORTAL HULK #26; Bruce Banner declares war on the human world and Hulk is his chief weapon!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #4 it turns out Amadeus is the very thing Lady Hellbender is looking for—and that’s not good!

In THOR #302, a villain turns geometry to the cause of evil and Thor is no math major!

And AVENGERS ORIGINS: SCARLET WITCH AND QUICKSILVER gives us another look at the beginnings of a very famous pair of heroes!


The Avengers try to squeeze Iron Man out of this report

November 4, 2019

AVENGERS #25 ends the Ghost Rider race in Hell, and in a cameo epilogue Iron Man gets magicked back to 1 Million BC.

But the 2 new Avengers spin-offs continue:-

BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA #2 winds up the 2-part Sentry story with the apparent destruction of his evil half the Void eaten(!) by Fat Cobra.

STRIKEFORCE #2 continues the fight against the Vridai, this time in Satana's Las Vegas club the 2nd Circle, with both Hellstrom siblings duplicated.

Back in AVENGERS (1998) #8-9 we meet 2 new superheroes Silverclaw and Triathlon as Hawkeye leaves to run the Thunderbolts.

Then Iron Man gets the spotlight to himself at last in T Vernon's IRON MAN (1998) #8 where he fights Whiplash and Spymaster in France and at last twigs that Mandarin's pulling the strings.


Some Big, Batty Battles!

October 31, 2019

Jason Aaron’s KING THOR #2 pits Thor versus Gorr, a fight we can’t ignore!

In TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #3, it’s new Hulk (Amadeus Cho) versus old dragon (Fin Fang Foom)!

In THOR #301, the God of Thunder crosses over with the Hindu pantheon and gets into a fight with Shiva!

And in DAMAGE CONTROL Vol. 2 #4 the company takes on its new owners! With guest appearances by Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury, and the Punisher!



Not dead yet

October 28, 2019

In TONY STARK: IRON MAN #17 dying cyborg Iron Tony is beaten by Ultron-Pym, and James Rhodes has to don the hated War Machine armour again. But it's Dr Shapiro the talking cat who saves the day.

Despite the cover Rocket Raccoon doesn't die in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #10. Now the bad guys have an army of Drax's but the good guys have a tweeny Magus.

Last week T Vernon provided IRON MAN (1998) #7 the 1st part of the Live Kree Or Die crossover and I mentioned that Kevin Hollander had already written up CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #8. This week Peter Silvestro has done QUICKSILVER #10 and I finish it off with AVENGERS (1998) #7. Warbird is beginning to accept she has a drinking problem.
I've also slotted in AVENGERS/SQUADRON SUPREME ANNUAL 1998 which caps the recent meeting between the 2 teams, and the Squadron find a way home to their own reality.


A Regular Bonanza!

October 24, 2019

Just out,