Comic Book: A Year Of Marvels: October

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1 of a monthly series of A Year Of Marvels 1-shots, this 1 in October featuring Hawkeye/Kate Bishop.

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Oct 2016 (one-shot)

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(Kate Bishop)
Plus: Alexis Miranda.

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A Year Of Marvels: October #1
4 stars

A Year Of Marvels: October #1

October 2016
"(no title given)"
Script: Jeremy Whitley
3 young women have found themselves in a creepy castle with little idea how they got there and no phone signal. Kayla Kurasawa is taking her frustration out on Jasmine (we never learn her surname), while Alexis Miranda (not-so-fresh from a game of lacrosse) tells her not to be so mean. [...]