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AvX: Consequences #1: Review

Oct 2012
Kieron Gillen, Tom Raney

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4 stars

AvX: Consequences #1 Review by (October 14, 2012)
This is #1 of a 5-issue limited series exploring the new status of Avengers and X-Men. I believe it all follows the epilogue of Avengers vs X-Men #12. Cable was on Utopia Island recovering from injuries sustained during Avengers: X-Sanction. Presumably he's gone off to appear in the upcoming Cable & X-Force series. Cap is in the new Marvel NOW uniform. Iron Man appears to be in a (non-ferrous) version of *his* upcoming Marvel NOW armour. Carol Danvers, ex-Ms Marvel, is in her not-quite-so-new Captain Marvel outfit, allegedly minus a few metal bits. This issue explains why Magneto was on the run in the AvX#12 epilogue. He has a well-known questionable past. But the past misdeeds of Danger (the sentient being who used to be the X-Men's Danger Room) are probably only known to the X-Men. Emma Frost was taken prisoner by the Avengers after the battle with Cyclops in AvX#12, as seen in New Avengers #30. The epilogue in AvX#12 confusingly showed a wanted poster for her. There will be X-Men in both of the main Avengers teams. Uncanny Avengers was out this week and was trumpeted as half Avengers/half X-Men. But the renumbered Avengers title starting in a couple of months will also have X-Men as members. Although I don't see any sign of Avengers joining X-teams. The X-universe has for a long time been a mainly self-contained bubble within the rest of the Marvel Universe. Won't making them merge more confuse readers joining from the films, where the Avengers and X-Men are separate franchises? Or does somebody know something we don't?!


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

AvX: Consequences #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Wolverine and some of his students (Genesis, Glob Herman, Kid Omega, Oya) fly to Wakanda to help repair the damage done by Sub-Mariner in Avengers vs X-Men #8. But Storm warns them off just before an anti-aircraft beam tries to hit them. She explains that Wakanda is now at war with Atlantis, but also all mutants are not welcome there anymore. And her ex-husband Black Panther has declared Storm herself a wanted criminal.

Cyclops has been given a ruby quartz 'blindfold' to keep his eye-beams in, and is taken to a prison. He is told that this prison has been fitted with a new system which can detect a mutant activating his power, and deliver an electric shock. The governor demonstrates manually. (Cyclops still needs the blindfold, because his eye-beams would be emitted automatically without it.)

The governor says that they are expecting lots of mutant prisoners now that mutants are appearing again (since the end of AvsX). This wing of the prison has been set aside for mutants, but the control system means that they can be otherwise allowed to mix with non-mutants. They will be treated like ordinary prisoners - nothing special about them. And Cyclops isn't even the 1st mutant here. There's another unidentified guy in another cell.

Hope Summers is in Avengers Tower, burning a letter she says was from her mentor Cable telling her he left Utopia Island for parts unknown. Captain America and Scarlet Witch ask her what she wants to do now. She could join one of the Avengers teams. She could join SHIELD as a trainee. Or she could go to Wolverine's school. But she says she wants to be 'normal' now (after her role as Mutant Messiah), and go to a normal school.

Iron Man and Carol Danvers as the new Captain Marvel think they've tracked down Magneto. They're wearing no metal, so IM has non-ferrous armour. But they've missed him.

Cap visits Wolverine at the Jean Grey School. It seems that all the so-called Extinction Team, the leading group of Cyclops' Utopia-based X-Men, are wanted. (Well, not Hope, and also presumably not Storm.) Of the 5 who wielded the Phoenix Force, Cyclops and Emma Frost are in custody, Namor is hiding in Atlantis although they deny it, and Colossus and Magik are missing. But Danger and Magneto are wanted too because of their suspect pasts.

Steve Rogers is trying to heal the rift between humans and mutants, e.g. with his new mixed Avengers teams. He wants Logan to talk to Cyclops and get him to tell mutants, including all the new ones, to cooperate. Wolvie refuses because, especially since Cyclops murdered Prof X, he wouldn't be able to hold back from killing him. (He and Cap went to see Scott at the end of AvsX#12, but Cap was there then to restrain him.)

Cap also says that the government think someone's leaking info to the Extinction Team, helping keep them one step ahead of their hunters. As long as they are free, all mutants are suspect, including Logan's school staff and students.

So Logan does go to see Cyclops in prison.

Tom Raney
Tom Raney
Jim Charalampidis
Patrick Zircher (Cover Penciler)
Patrick Zircher (Cover Inker)
Dommo Sanchez Aymara (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.
Editor: Nick Lowe.


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Captain Marvel

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Iron Man

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Plus: Genesis, Glob Herman, Hope Summers, Kid Omega (Quentin Quire), Oya.

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