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Captain America: What Price Glory? #2: Review

May 2003
Bruce Jones, Steve Rude

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What Price Glory? Part 2

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3 stars

Captain America: What Price Glory? #2 Review by (July 18, 2011)
Review: Full review found with issue #1.

Comments: Nicoli Spano is drawn to resemble old-time movie star Clark Gable, who played some gangsters early in his career but wasn’t associated with that type of role. The big question: who would go to an amusement park with swastikas in the décor?


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: What Price Glory? #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As Steve Rogers’ plane heads toward a landing in Las Vegas he is startled to discover a giant Red Skull glaring in the window at him. The aircraft is passing over a Captain America theme park featuring enormous statues of the hero and his archenemy. Checking into a hotel, he learns his quarry, Nicoli Spano is plotting a hostile takeover of the theme park. That night at the casino, Steve keeps an eye on Pasha, whose father, real estate tycoon Charles Frizini, asked Steve to rescue from Spano. At the bar Steve meets Tina Foley who flirts shamelessly with him, warning him that Pasha is the "property" of Nicoli Spano.

That night, a construction crew working on the Captain America park is attacked and bullied by Spano’s goons. The real Captain America appears suddenly among them, dealing out punishment to the thugs. As Steve, Cap returns to the casino bar the next night and approaches Pasha, appealing to her obvious loneliness and hinting at romance. When Spano appears, Steve mysteriously fades into the darkness. Later, in his Cap guise he arrives at the theme park to discover two hoods sabotaging the roller coaster. He takes them prisoner and sends them down the damaged track toward their doom, pulling them to safety at the last moment. Back in his hotel room Steve is attacked by a Spano thug and he is saved by a SHIELD agent in ninja garb who is revealed to be Tina Foley, assigned to protect him. She vanishes as mysteriously as she came and Steve follows her across the roofs passing by a window where Pasha is giving Spano a back rub; she sees him but covers it quickly.

Steve approaches Pasha on the beach the next morning to continue their conversation. He offers to help her escape; she confesses she loves Spano but not what he has become. She slaps his face for the benefit of those watching her from the yacht in the bay and heads off in a jet ski. On the way, a power boat collides with her jet ski, demolishing it….

Steve Rude
Mike Royer
Chris Sotomayor
J. G. Jones (Cover Penciler)
J. G. Jones (Cover Inker)
J. G. Jones (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

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