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Captain America: Steve Rogers #8: Review

Dec 2016
Nick Spencer, Jesus Saiz

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4 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #8 Review by (January 1, 2017)
Comments: Wendell was seen training Avril to be the new Quasar in issue #4. The solicit says that the trial of Maria Hill begins here. No, it doesn't; don't they let the solicit writer see these comic books in advance? According to the last page, the story expands in THUNDERBOLTS #7, found elsewhere on this site, courtesy of Rob Johnson.

Review: Well, this slow and dragged out plot has just added two very intriguing new threads: a) that young Steve is some sort of “Chosen One” and b) that, with the inclusion of Quasar and the Chitauri, the story has taken on a cosmic dimension. All of a sudden I'm really interested again....


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Captain America: Steve Rogers #8 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Prologue: In Montana, a farmer named Kyle receives a phone call from a very important person, telling him to check the greenhouse....

1936: At the Hydra training school called the Keep, young Steve Rogers and his new best friend Helmut Zemo are plotting mischief—but they are surprised by the sudden arrival of Helmut's father Baron Heinrich Zemo. He is there for a meeting and wanted to see his son. He sends them off to bed while he goes about his business....

Now: Captain Marvel, leading Alpha Flight, and joined by Captain America (Steve) and Maria Hill with SHIELD troops, beats back a Chitauri invasion. At the SHIELD training compound, the new Quasar, Avril Kincaid, detects the space battle by means of the Cosmic Awareness; her trainer, former Quasar Wendell Vaughn, goes to check it out....

1936: Steven and Helmut sneak out to listen in on the Baron's meeting with Dr. Faustus, the Kraken, and Elisa Sinclair. The men have decided to align Hydra with the Nazis, and take advantage of their victories and discoveries, in fulfillment of the ancient prophecies. Eliza Sinclair warns them that it is a dangerous path they are treading but the men overrule her. She confides in the Kraken that Hitler is not the one they have been waiting for—Steven Rogers is....

As SHIELD mops up after this latest invasion, Avril detects a much larger horde of Chitauri arriving. Despite still being only a rookie, she heads out into space to be the Protector of the Universe—and with little effort, obliterates the invading force. Captain Marvel and Maria Hill are impressed by her show of power but Captain America asks her to leave the room—he then berates the two for using the powers of an untrained rookie for their ends, much like they used Ulysses in CIVIL WAR II. He strides out where he meets with Avril and encourages her to continue with her training. He then asks her if she can use the Cosmic Awareness to locate Bucky Barnes—and Kobik....

Later Steve explains to Dr Solveig that he wanted to observe the power of the Chitauri as discovered by Ivan Kragoff—the Red Ghost—whose lab they are occupying. Cap now knows that the Chitauri will do anything to find a queen....

Epilogue: Kyle goes out to the greenhouse where the eggs of the Chitauri Queen look ready to hatch....  

Jesus Saiz
Jesus Saiz
Jesus Saiz
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Penciler)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Inker)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Colorist)


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