Dark Reign: The List - Hulk #1: Review

Oct 2009
Greg Pak, Ben Oliver

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Dark Reign: The List - Hulk

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4 stars

Dark Reign: The List - Hulk #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Finally it's revealed that the Hulk is coming back! Beautiful realistic drawings by Ben Oliver (art) and Veronica Gandini (colors). Story takes place between INCREDIBLE HULK (2009 series) #603 and 604.


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Dark Reign: The List - Hulk #1 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
After Skaar and Bruce Banner rescue Kate Waynesboro from a Norman Obsborn's plant where Ms. Hand was syphoning Kate's recently acquired Old Power (killing her in the process is needed), Obsborn sends Ms. Hand and Ms. Marvel (actually Moonstone) to neutralize Banner and his son. They fight close to another Obsborn plant with no clear winner. But the important aspect here is that unknown to Banner, that plant was a Gamma Lab which released radiactive particles, initiating Banner's cell mutation process. This means that Banner is to become the Hulk again sooner than later. Skaar is glad that he now will have to wait less to attempt killing his father, the Hulk.

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Ben Oliver
Ben Oliver
Veronica Gandini
Ben Oliver (Cover Penciler)


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