Hulk: Grand Design--Madness #1: Review

Apr 2022
Jim Rugg, Jim Rugg

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4 stars

Hulk: Grand Design--Madness #1 Review by (April 27, 2022)

Review: Enjoyable little romp, running through about half of the Hulk’s career with little depth and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. This makes for a decent intro to the character to bring new readers up to speed though it ends far short of the present day. Interested parties will have to consult the Marvel wiki or Wikipedia.   

Comments: Third in the Grand Design series, after Fantastic Four and X-Men. Issue includes several pages of notes identifying specific issues summarized. There is also a long list of creators thanked. Characters appearing would be a full-on thesis-level project. Though the history proper ends with World War Hulk, the final page covers FUTURE IMPERFECT, which was published in 1992-93.


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Hulk: Grand Design--Madness #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

An overview of Hulk’s career from Crossroads (1984) to World War Hulk (2007-2008) is presented in high speed with hundreds of little panels covering major events and characters. Includes Hulk’s multiple personalities including Gray Hulk/Joe Fixit and Professor Hulk.

Jim Rugg
Jim Rugg
Jim Rugg
Jim Rugg (Cover Penciler)
Jim Rugg (Cover Inker)
Jim Rugg (Cover Colorist)


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Bruce Banner

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Gray Hulk
Gray Hulk


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