Hulk Unlimited (?) #1: Review

Feb 2004
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Part 1

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3 stars

Hulk Unlimited (?) #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Inspired by the Game Boy Advance Game. This issue is a doozy, highly recomended!


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Hulk Unlimited (?) #1 Synopsis by Devon Flory
It starts out with Bruce Banner in a cell (not one of those HULK containment cells either). Two guards are standing by the cell and Banner has a flashback to the Hulk's origin. (Movie origin with Rick Jones and Emil Blonsky watching what is hapenning with Ross). Bruce goes up to the guards and asks them for water. Instead, they zap him which turns out to be a big mistake. A huge green figure takes the place of Bruce Banner. The military fight back with tanks, alpha units, Helicopter units, etc. But the Hulk escapes and the military retreats, for now.

Cover Not Available

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