Mythos: Hulk #1: Review

Oct 2006
Paul Jenkins, Paolo Rivera

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The Incredible Hulk

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3 stars

Mythos: Hulk #1 Review by (March 2, 2010)
I was not at all looking forward to yet another retelling of Hulk’s origin, especially after seeing that unattractive cover which makes Hulk look like a troll. The series by Jenkins/Rivera is wildly uneven: Spider-Man and Ghost Rider offerings were especially disappointing though I liked the Fantastic Four and Captain America was the best. But what about the Hulk? The story is the familiar one but more focused on the “Ross fights Banner over Betty” aspects, with more of the Peter David psychological stuff. Oddly, the Hulk himself isn’t in it very much; Rick Jones even less. Rivera’s painted art is an odd combination of realistic and cartoony, with a number of interesting effect, coming to vibrant life when the Hulk finally appears. One nice touch: as the gamma bomb detonates, Bruce has a brief vision of his future foes, including the Leader, Abomination, and Gargoyle. Okay effort falls into the mid-range for the series. General Ross is never called "Thunderbolt" in this story. There are a couple of references to “Sesame Street,” including Rick Jones’ singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green."


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Mythos: Hulk #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Bruce Banner is having a premonition of being naked and menaced by a giant green monster…when he is recalled to reality by Betty Ross. They are sitting in a diner, with Bruce complaining about how her father the General intruded into his gamma bomb experiment. Betty is more concerned about Bruce’s growing dark moods. Bruce returns to the base for the bomb test to an angry impatient General Ross. As the countdown gets underway, intern Rick Jones is spotted clowning around outside. Bruce races outside, pushing Rick to safety just as the bomb detonates. As Bruce lies recovering at the base, Ross comes to tell him to stop seeing Betty, disapproving of the revelations in Bruce’s psychological file. He also informs the scientist that the project is now under military supervision, and that Bruce is no longer required. Later, complaining to Betty over the phone, Bruce’s anger increases over the injustice (and the suspicion that Betty knew about it) until he suddenly transforms into the Hulk. That night, the Hulk appears at the base, destroying the facility and fighting off the soldiers, until he catches a glimpse of himself reflected in a window…. The next day, Bruce and his assistant survey the wreckage of the gamma ray project; Bruce leaves a farewell note for Betty and quietly disappears.

Paolo Rivera
Paolo Rivera
Paolo Rivera (Cover Penciler)


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Betty Ross

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