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Sub-Mariner: Revolution #1: Review

Jun 2007
Matt Cherniss, Phillippe Briones

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Revolution: Chapter 1

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4 stars

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #1 Review by (February 14, 2015)
All these issues are composed of a small section set in the last day of the story and the bulk as flashbacks to the preceding 8 days. This issue's flashback claims to start 8 days ago, and next issue's will be labelled 6 days ago. Presumably the Bentonville explosion was on 1 day, and most of the rest of the flashback is the following day. The leader here of the 13th sleeper cell will be named Kamar in #3. Wolverine went after Nitro in Wo v3 #42-45, but another Atlantean sleeper cell were after him too for the death of Namorita. Sub-Mariner took Nitro prisoner to Atlantis, and Wolverine followed. But Wolvie allowed the Atlanteans to keep Nitro after chopping his hand off. Tony Stark angered Atlanteans during Civil War by sending Norman Osborn/Green Goblin against their sleeper cell and then their ambassador. But according to CW: Front Line #11 he did it deliberately to stir up fear of Atlantis in the US people to increase support for him and the Government. Now it's coming back to bite him.

Namor's ally will be revealed in #6 as Dr Doom. During Civil War Black Panther visited Dr Doom and Namor on his 'world tour' seeking opposition to the Superhero Registration Act (BP v3 #19 and #21 respectively). Later Subby joined in the Civil War in CW#6-7, while Doom helped Red Skull in Captain America v5 #23 prepare for Cap's assassination. Then Namor was involved in Fallen Son #2 (Avengers) and #5 (Iron Man) - Cap's funeral. The Marvel Continuity Project doesn't have Sub-Mariner doing anything between FS and Mighty Avengers #1-11. But I have proposed to them that they bring this mini-series back here from after World War Hulk. In fact it involves bringing 3 limited series back:- Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel, this 1, and Penance: Relentless. I'll go into why in #4. But for the moment it means that this series follows Sub-Mariner's appearance in A:LBM#4, which in turn follows FS#5. Obviously it also affects the timelines of Iron Man (who has a strong presence in all 3 series) and SHIELD, but their apps here are generic post-CW apps with IM Director of SHIELD. MCP are currently considering the details of my proposal.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Iron Man and Maria Hill are in a SHIELD submarine craft overlooking a totally destroyed Atlantis. We see a skeleton sitting on the Atlantean throne in Sub-Mariner's current costume.

8 days ago Atlantean terrorists blow up the small town of Bentonville, Kansas. Tony Stark, Hill and SHIELD survey that wreckage too. They find a man murdered earlier on the outskirts, with 'gills' carved in his neck and Atlantean DNA in the wound.

In Atlantis 1 of his counsellors Banara warns Namor that his people are concerned about him continually involving them in Surface World affairs. As if to prove his words, Subby is called away to take a call from Stark. The Prince of Atlantis denies all knowledge about the attack, and says he'll deal with the perpetrators. IM says the US military don't trust him since he led his troops to aid the Resistance in the Civil War.

For some reason Namor suspects the involvement their prisoner Nitro, who caused the Civil War by blowing up Stamford (and in the process killing Sub-Mariner's relative Namorita). But the villain points out that he's stuck here in jail.

Namor consults his council. They say that their 12 sleeper cells in the US are all accounted for, but there is a rumour of a secret 13th cell. He demands to know who authorised that. No-one will admit to any knowledge, but 1 guy Timoran brazenly stares him in the eye.

The US military are gung ho for war with Atlantis, while Stark tries to calm them down. They raise the subject of the Atlantean sleeper cells, 1 of which was uncovered in CW: Front Line. Plus the blast pattern in Bentonville is similar to Nitro's explosion in Stamford, and they know that Nitro is in Atlantis. Stark is forced to concede, but insists that his SHIELD forces are used, and he'll accompany them to try to talk sense into Namor.

Sub-Mariner confronts Timoran when they're alone. Timoran admits to being involved on the plot, but says they intend to return Atlantis to its former glory. They fight, and Namor kills him as a traitor.

The Prince then communicates with a remote ally who has spies within SHIELD. He learns that Iron Man and SHIELD are on their way to demand Atlantis' surrender. But Namor determines to go to the Surface World to bring the 13th cell to justice himself. And he dons his battle armour.

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Phillippe Briones
Phillippe Briones
Paul Mounts
Michael Turner (Cover Penciler)
Michael Turner (Cover Inker)
Peter Steigerwald (Cover Colorist)


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