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Sub-Mariner: Revolution #5: Review

Oct 2007
Matt Cherniss, Philippe Briones

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Revolution: Chapter 5

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4 stars

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #5 Review by (February 17, 2015)
Kamar is almost constrained to an existence only in this mini-series (as all the other named Atlanteans here are). But he also sort-of showed up in the House of M issue Captain America v5 #10. There Namor's dutiful son spoke at a celebration of Steve Rogers' life in the reality altered by Scarlet Witch. This is a glimpse of how Kamar's life could have been. But SW's reality wasn't an alternate reality as normally considered in the Marvel U. Instead she changed the existing reality effectively by changing everyone's memories. But some people (including the Secret Invasion Skrulls who were already here) remembered the original reality. And when SW reversed her 'spell' they remembered being in HoM. So the Marvel Continuity Project and some others consider CA5#10 as an earlier app of the real Kamar. If Namor knew about the old tunnels why didn't he *leave* by them in #2 instead of fighting his way out?


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Currently Tony Stark and Maria Hill are updating the General again. The skeleton on the throne of ruined Atlantis isn't Sub-Mariner, but a close relative. So Namor may be with his missing people, including the Atlantean army. The General immediately leaps to the conclusion that they are heading to attack America.

Back to the flashback - 4 days ago. Kamar, the leader of the Atlantean terrorist cell in Seattle, has just told Namor that he is his son. He goes on to relate how the Prince had a mistress who got pregnant. When Kamar was born Namor had the mother killed and sent the son away. He was raised by Zoran (the leader of the rebels in Atlantis). Now Zoran will put him on the throne.

Sub-Mariner starts to protest that Zoran has lied to Kamar. But it turns out another member of the cell Arath can absorb superpowers. He has Nitro's explosive ability, and used it to destroy Bentonville at the start of this series. Now he uses Nitro's controlled power to attack Sub-Mariner with explosive blasts from his hands. And then he absorbs Subby's powers, including growing ankle-wings.

He flies Namor out of the hole in the basement roof Subby created last issue. And up into the air as Kamar and Krakos (the 3rd cell member) clamber out after them. But Sub-Mariner summons his strength and rips 2 of Arath's wings off (as Venom did to him on #3). Then he hurls the traitor to his death, impaled on the spike of the Space Needle.

When Arath absorbed Namor's power he also drained much of it from the Prince. As he descends to the ground he is attacked by large Krakos and too easily beaten. So he dives into the nearby river and returns refreshed.

Sub-Mariner 1st heads back into the basement and destroys the Extractor which is sucking the oxygen out of the skyscraper above. Then he returns to face Kamar, casually batting Krakos aside.

Namor tries to tell his son the truth. Kamar's mother was killed by Subby's enemies, so he sent his son away to protect him. But bitter Kamar still believes Zoran's lies. Namor says that he would have readily welcomed him back as a son. But now as a king he must consider what Kamar has done.

In Atlantis loyal Argos has led his battered men to join the contingent he sent to guard the defence centre last issue. But Zoran and his rebels are close behind them with superior numbers. The final battle begins. As some of Zoran's men hold off Argos's troops the rest surround Argos and bludgeon him to his knees. Zoran is about to administer the fatal blow when Sub-Mariner kills him with the royal trident.

Namor calls a halt to the fight showing the rebels their leaders, dead Zoran and captive Kamar. Brandishing his trident of office he declares that the rebels' lives will be spared, but they will lose their right hands.

Namor and Argos take Kamar to a prison cell next to Nitro. Subby berates Nitro for lending the rebels his power. He warns him that he will soon die. And he hardens his heart against his son.

Sub-Mariner explains to Argos that he sneaked back into Atlantis by old tunnels that most (including Argos) think were long-destroyed. (And that's a set-up for next issue.) But now he must face Stark and persuade him that he has dealt with the situation.

It's now 72 hours ago and Tony Stark is reporting to the General again. He says Namor has returned somehow and wants to meet. Stark has also heard how Sub-Mariner stopped the terrorists in Seattle, and thinks they ought to listen to him. But the hard-line General isn't willing to negotiate. Stark is to tell Prince Namor that the US will be keeping armed guard over Atlantis from now on.

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Philippe Briones
Scott Hanna
Paul Mounts
David Finch (Cover Penciler)
Danny Miki (Cover Inker)
Frank D'Armata (Cover Colorist)


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