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Sub-Mariner: Revolution #6: Review

Nov 2007
Matt Cherniss, Philippe Briones

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Revolution: Chapter 6

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4 stars

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #6 Review by (February 17, 2015)
Subby's rant about Atlantis not being a standard country and obeying International Law ignores the fact that it *did* join the United Nations in the 1984 Sub-Mariner mini-series. (Thanks to the SuperMegaMonkey site for reminding me where that happened.) I don't recall them ever leaving. Nitro appears to die here, but the Atlantean army must take him with them because he's Dr Doom's prisoner in the Penance: Relentless limited series which follows next. After Penance gets hold of him there and cripplingly tortures him we may not see him again. The Official Index writes off his app as 1 of Hood's large villain group in New Avengers #35 as possibly as Skrull fake. (This is because in the existing Marvel Chronology Project timeline the real Nitro is in Atlantis. But this applies equally in my revised scheme where he's in jail recovering from Penance's attention.) He's in 1 panel of a similar meeting in Dark Reign: Hood #1, but doesn't say anything. I can't actually recognise him as being among the villains in Wolverine #304, but if he is there he again keeps quiet. These apps could be written off as mistakes. And I don't know when Marvel Knights: Spider-Man vol 2 (2013) is set but the presence of Richard Fisk suggests well before Civil War.

The object of my proposal to the MCP is to move Dr Doom's apps here and in Relentless to before he gets imprisoned in Mighty Avengers #11 (to avoid him having to be represented by a Doombot). My sequence takes Doom next to the Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular where he lets Squirrel Girl use his time machine to unsuccessfully go back to prevent the Stamford disaster. (If any tale is worthy of a Doombot it's this 1. Doom is afraid of SG after she and her squirrels defeated him in Marvel Super-Heroes Winter 1991 Special - another candidate for Doombotism.) Then we have Relentless, and I've placed next a couple of Doom apps within the X-Men: Endangered Species storyline. And then we have the Mighty Avengers issues leading up to #11. The move also obviously affects Iron Man. I have him appearing before Relentless in a tale in Captain America #600 and the Guardian storyline in Marvel Comics Presents v2. Then after Relentless he goes straight to the combined New Avengers/Mighty Avengers issues before MAv#11. Sub-Mariner himself doesn't make any more apps until Hulk v3 #107 at the beginning of World War Hulk, where he and some Atlantean soldiers are seen in the ruins of Atlantis with Namora. I think the idea of the Atlanteans spread throughout the surface world will be forgotten about. In Uncanny X-Men #519 Subby says they are spread throughout the *oceans*, and then he gathers them together to build New Atlantis beneath the X-Men's Utopia Island.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The distinction between flashback and current events is blurred in this final issue. We start where last issue's flashback left off, then progress forward in time up to the 'present' and beyond.

72 hours ago Sub-Mariner meets with Iron Man and asks that SHIELD now lift its blockade of Atlantis. Namor stopped the rogue Atlantean sleeper cell from committing its 2nd terrorist act, and dealt with them. And en route he suffered the violent loss of 2 of his 4 ankle wings. He also claims to have withdrawn the other sleeper cells in the US.

Iron Man counters that the terrorists still committed their 1st atrocity. The US has no reason to trust that the other cells are gone. And it was an act of aggression to install the secret cells in the 1st place.

The US military wanted to invade and occupy Atlantis. Tony Stark talked them out of that. But Atlantis must become a regular country with passports and border controls, and must abide by International Law. The Prince objects that Atlantis is not a country it is a civilisation, and will not be bound by surface laws.

In that case the blockade stays. Namor leaves in a huff, and refuses to discuss matter with his Councellor Banara. Stark equally brushes Maria Hill off.

48 hours ago Subby draws back from a war that would devastate both sides, despite being urged on by Argos. He considers the real problem is that the surface world knows that Atlantis exists and where it is. They were better off when humans thought they were a myth.

He proposes a bold plan to the Council - the Atlanteans will abandon Atlantis and disperse. They won't just spread out across the oceans. Instead the civilians will use sleeper cell technology to become air-breathers and hide amongst the humans. (So much for withdrawing the sleeper cells.) (He has another plan for the army.)

The populace has 48 hours to gather their belongings to carry with them and escape. They will leave via the old tunnels we learned about last issue. Banara objects at leaving their art and technology behind for the surface-worlders. But Namor says he'll deal with that.

A grand exodus begins through enormous tunnels.

24 hours ago Sub-Mariner sends Argos and the soldiers guarding Kamar and Nitro to help control the evacuation. He gasses the prisoners unconscious. When Kamar awakes he is in the throne room dressed in Subby's normal uniform. And Nitro is held in a forcefield nearby being pumped full of energy. The SHIELD fleet detect the energy build-up but don't know what it is.

Namor chains his son to the throne and gives him the royal trident. He explains that at some point Nitro will have too much energy to contain, and the explosion will raze Atlantis to the seabed. He then leaves Kamar to die on the throne he coveted. And Atlantis explodes, leaving the scene SHIELD found in #1.

Now Iron Man and SHIELD are exploring more of ruined Atlantis. They discover the escape tunnels.

In an epilogue we see Atlanteans coming ashore all over the world and blending in to surface society.

In another epilogue we see Sub-Mariner and the Atlantean army reaching Latveria where they are welcomed by Dr Doom.

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Philippe Briones
Scott Hanna
Paul Mounts
Michael Turner (Cover Penciler)
Michael Turner (Cover Inker)
Peter Steigerwald (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man

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