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Nomad (1992 series) #19

November 1993
Fabian Nicieza, Bill Wylie

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Buried Treasures

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2.5 stars

By Peter on February 11, 2017

Comments: Conclusion to “The Faustus Affair” mentioned on the cover. Dr. Faustus, clearly fatally shot in the head here, returns in CAPTAIN AMERICA (2004 series) in 2006, just before the “Death of Captain America” arc. Despite the subject, the Slug does not actually appear in the issue. The cover by Michael Golden was a last minute effort by a guest artist, which is why Nomad and young Bucky look like they did at an earlier point in this series; can't figure out what is going on there either. The original cover by Wylie and Adams is included in the issue. Oh, and Greg Adams and Scott Koblish shared inking duties.

Review: NOMAD seemed the epitome of what was wrong with comics in the 1990s: hyperkinetic unattractive art (on pages with no borders), and more violent heroes, all grotesque muscles and leather jackets, snarling and shooting down enemies with massive guns. And they even let Cap be dragged down into this trope in his issue #421. Sigh.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Story continues from CAPTAIN AMERICA #421.

At the Miami estate of the mob boss known as the Slug, Nomad/Jack Monroe holds a gun on everyone to prevent the assassination of the obese mobster. He tells Captain America to stop the Wanderers while he goes after the man who brainwashed him: Dr Faustus....

Interlude: Senator Bart Ingrid visits Jack's sister Jill and she tells him of her money woes and how Giscard Epurer told her that Jack is alive, which Ingrid does not take well....

Cap easily defeats the Wanderers and leaves them for the police and heads after Jack....

Jack confronts Faustus who offers to help Jack recover all of the hidden memories of his past. Jack agrees and under the influence of drugs and hypnosis, recalls his early days when he was tricked into telling federal agents that his parents were secretly Nazi supporters and they were executed for treason. Jack goes berserk, tears his way out of the lab and takes down all of Faustus' men, intending to kill the villain. Cap arrives and persuades the enraged Jack to let the law deal with Faustus; he drops his gun and leaves, no happier for learning the secrets of his past....

Weeks later, Faustus is in a minimum security prison when he receives a late night visitor: Jack. The young hero is suffering under the knowledge of his past and so he shoots Faustus in the head and departs....  


Fabian Nicieza
Bill Wylie
Jim Hoston
Michael Golden (Cover Penciler)
Michael Golden (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)