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Nomad #18: Review

Oct 1993
Fabian Nicieza, Rick Mays

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Super Soldier Soiree

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3 stars

Nomad #18 Review by (February 4, 2017)
Comments: Part one of “The Faustus Affair” though the comic doesn't say that anywhere. First appearances of both the Wanderers and Cannibal Catch, whose only appearances are in this three issue story arc. Nomad first met the Slug in CAPTAIN AMERICA #324-325 and then in issues #4-6 of this title.

Review: NOMAD seemed the epitome of what was wrong with comics in the 1990s: hyperkinetic unattractive art (on pages with no borders), and more violent heroes, all grotesque muscles and leather jackets, snarling and shooting down enemies with massive guns. And they even let Cap be dragged down into this trope in his issue #421. Sigh.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Nomad #18 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Nomad (Jack Monroe) is a prisoner in the Florida asylum of Dr Faustus, being subjected to drugs and hypnosis designed to brainwash him. A vision of a gruesome parody of Captain America calling him a coward fails to do it. Jack recalls how he got into this predicament: he was staggering drunkenly down a street in Tampa Bay when the Wanderers, Faustus' mercenary gang, came upon him in a car and roped him, dragging him through the streets by the neck before they tranquilized him and delivered him to their boss....

Interlude 1: Senator Bart Ingrid has a secret late night meeting with Zaran, the Weapons Master, delivering him a powerful gun with which to kill Jack Monroe....

Interlude 2: Giscard Epurer has Jack's sister, farm wife Jill Coltrain a captive while demanding to know Jack's whereabouts to prevent him from killing Senator Ingrid....

With Jack fighting off all of Faustus' attempts to control him, the villain decides to use Program 130D which will either break him or kill him. Jack relives his childhood when at the age of three, he was brutally beaten by his father for going down into the cellar where the Monroes had a secret Nazi base, to keep Jack and his sister from ever revealing the secret to the outside world. This finally breaks through Jack's will and spirit, leaving him a pliable agent of Faustus....

Jack is sent on his mission, leading the Wanderers in an effort to assassinate gang boss Ulysses Lugman, a/k/a/ the Slug. That night, Jack and his team arrive at Slug's mansion only to be confronted by the mobster's own gang of mercenaries, Cannibal Catch. As the two teams of soldiers mix it up, Nomad enters the building and locates the morbidly obese Slug and squeezes off a shot at him. The shot is deflected by a red-white-and-blue shield and Captain America appears promising to take down Jack for good....

Story continues in CAPTAIN AMERICA #421.  

Rick Mays
Greg Adams
Jim Hoston
Samuel Clarke Hawbaker (Cover Penciler)
Samuel Clarke Hawbaker (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)

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