Comic Book: Siege: Young Avengers

What This Book is About:
A 1-shot as part of the Siege event as the team recover from the fall (literally) of Asgard.

Data Sheet:
Jun 2010 to Jul 2010

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(Clint Barton)
Plus: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Patriot (Elijah Bradley), Speed (Tommy Shepherd), Wiccan (Asgardian).

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Siege: Young Avengers #1
4 stars

Siege: Young Avengers #1

June 2010
"Underneath it all"
Script: Sean McKeever
Asgard (hovering outside Broxton, Oklahoma) has fallen (in Siege #3) and Young Avengers Hulkling and Wiccan are flying over the ruins. As Wiccan travels via magic force-bubble he tells his winged boyfriend why he originally called himself the Asgardian and dressed more like Thor (YAv#1-5). [...]