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1872 #3: Review

Sep 2015
Gerry Duggan, Nik Virella

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4 stars

1872 #3 Review by (September 26, 2015)
Red Wolf takes over as sheriff as setup for his post-Secret Wars series. 1872 Hank Pym is in the Deadlands Zone in the Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies series. The woman with the artificial arm is in the protest march, and she's still probably Misty Knight. The leader is probably Carol Danvers, Ms/Captain Marvel. The 3 enforcers obviously didn't leave town at the end of last issue. The green explosive is presumably going to make Banner Hulk-out next issue.


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1872 #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Ben Urich is planning to flee Timely with his wife Doris because he wrote for his newspaper the truth about Mayor Wilson Fisk's men killing Sheriff Steve Rogers. Until she shows him that the printer has printed Fisk's version.

Natasha Barnes and Red Wolf are hiding out in Hank Pym's hardware store (with its sign 'A Giant Collection'). Pym has gone away, and we don't know what the large object covered in a sheet and festooned with chains is.

Red Wolf has pinned on the Sheriff's star. Natasha reveals that before she married Bucky she was an outlaw, and now she dons her old weapons. Now she knows the truth about her deputy husband's murder she's going to make Fisk pay.

Doctor Bruce Banner joins them. He's made a bomb to blow up Fisk's casino. But Red Wolf sends the other 2 with the bomb to destroy the dam which has stolen his tribe's water. He'll go bring Fisk to justice. Natasha vetoes bringing drunken Tony Stark in on the plan.

Bruce is worried about the bumpy high-speed wagon journey to the dam, and the jars of green liquid explosive in the back. He says that when he adds a catalyst to 1 jar the whole lot will go up better than nitroglycerine. Natasha doesn't think Red Wolf will succeed against all Fisk's men, but there'll be less for her to kill when she returns.

Back in town the women are marching for equal rights. Red Wolf intervenes when some of Fisk's men try to stop them, but the leader Carol can take care of herself.

The women continue their protest to cover RW sneaking into the casino. Fisk is having a drink and a game of cards with Governor Roxxon's 3 (surviving) enforcers (Elektra and Grizzly led by Lester (Bullseye)). Red Wolf is discoverd and has to start shooting minor bad guys.

RW barricades himself into Fisk's office. The big 4 go outside and call him down for a 'fair' fight. Red Wolf has 1 bullet left, and uses it to shoot Lester through the target on his forehead - revenge on the man who shot Sheriff Rogers. Then he leaps down through the window and throws a lighted oil lantern over Grizzly. He overpowers Elektra and starts pistol-whipping her to death. She just glares at him and says "Do it."

Fisk offers a reward to anyone else who'll kill Red Wolf. But Carol's women rise up in revolt. The burned Grizzly is about to shoot RW when something bursts out of Stark's workshop. The metallic banging noises we've been hearing were him creating a steampunk Iron Man armour (with what looks more like a Punisher symbol on the faceplate).

Iron Man smashes Grizzly's head, and then shields Red Wolf from flying bullets. They both fire back. RW brings Tony up to speed on where Bruce and Natasha are.

Those 2 try to bluff their way past the guards on the dam. But its caretaker Simon Williams isn't fooled. His men force Banner to drink the contents of his jars, and offscreen are doing something to Natasha too, to try to extract info about a supposed rebellion.

Nik Virella
Nik Virella
Lee Loughridge
Leonard Kirk (Cover Penciler)
Leonard Kirk (Cover Inker)
Leonard Kirk (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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