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Avengers #201: Review

Nov 1980
David Michelinie, George Perez

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The evil reborn

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4 stars

Avengers #201 Review by (April 21, 2015)
This is the 1st issue at the new 50 cent price. Scarlet Witch replaces Ms Marvel on the masthead from this issue. This issue and next are based on editor-in-chief Jim Shooter's short story 'This Evil Undying' within Marvel Pocket Novels #9. This is mainly another day in the life episode, especially if you include the Jarvis backup. Wasp's costume is yet another different black and red affair. Beast and Wonder Man won't be in next issue. We'll find out why in #203. Yellowjacket will be seen with his Avenging buddies in Hulk Annual #11, and then return for the next big roster change in #211.

Story 2:- This is Mrs Jarvis' 1st appearance, but she'll get some earlier flashbacks. She'll also get mentioned several times, but her next real app will be #298 during Inferno. The Official Index places this story between Annual #8 and #178, though I don't know why. (The credits include Roger Stern as Historian, so perhaps he knows.) Even more specifically Captain America is here after his app in Marvel Two-In-One #42-43. Jarvis will then pop up in MTIO An#3 and then join Scarlet Witch and Vision in Marvel Fanfare #14. The OI actually says that Jarvis and the Avengers will next appear in Thor #271. But this contradicts all other relevant entries in the OI (and the Marvel Continuity Project) which have Th#271 before An#8.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #201 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Iron Man, Thor and Wonder Man empty the trash (from last issue''s battle with things from other times) into several garbage trucks. They discuss the surprising conclusion to that tale where Ms Marvel went off to Limbo with Marcus Immortus. And inside Avengers Mansion Beast, Captain America and Yellowjacket oversee repairs by a team from Stark International. Hawkeye, Jocasta, Scarlet Witch and Wasp (in civvies) just hang around. And ghostly Vision examines equipment from within.

Iron Man signs off on the repair work. Clint Barton decides to take a few days off from his job as Security Chief of Cross Technological Enterprises, and hang around training with Steve Rogers. Henry Pym is due at a science do in Tokyo tomorrow and Jan leaves for some quality time with him. Jocasta gives them some roast beef sandwiches (made by Jarvis) so they won''t have to bother making a meal.

The butler himself tells Iron Man that SI want him to find Tony Stark urgently. Thor goes with him, but they part at the gate. When the Golden Avenger gets to his HQ he changes to Stark and goes to see his secretary Mrs Arbogast. She gives him a worrying message from the Chemical Research Dept which makes him alert his security staff.

Wonder Man has to rush off to tape his TV show, and Beast elects to accompany him. Simon Williams plays Mr Muscles in Uncle Elmer''s kiddie show. This time he lifts and whirls round a merry-go-round contraption. Unfortunately this enables 1 of the kids to steal Elmer''s hat, and with it his wig. Angry Elmer fires him.

Hank has left for Japan and Janet Pym is asleep alone when she hears noises from his lab. Donning her costume Wasp rushes to investigate and finds the door of the security vault ripped off. A robot comes from inside carrying 2 containers labelled Ad Resin X and Ad Resin Y. A battle of bio-stings vs ray blasts leaves her left arm and leg injured. And another blast seems to reduce her to nothing.

In his private lab Tony Stark has put together a gadget. He fears he knows who would want the chemicals stolen from his firm. This device may be mankind''s only hope, but it means 1 of the Avengers will have to kill him.

2nd story:-

Jarvis the butler says goodbye to Beast, Captain America and Wonder Man at Avengers Mansion. Every 2 weeks he has a day off to visit his mother. But this time he finds her in tears because a local bully tried to rob her and broke the eggs she bought to make Yorkshire pudding for Edwin.

Jarvis sets off to confront the man called Bruiser and finds him refusing to pay for a meal at a restaurant. Bruiser refuses to pay for the eggs and hits him with a melon. The locals want Jarvis to send for the Avengers, but Edwin says they should be able to sort this out themselves. But no-one will back him up.

The butler finds the bully again and challenges him to a fight. After Bruiser gets a blow in before Jarvis is ready, Edwin wins the rest of the fight. He was a boxing champion in WWII and Cap has taught him some moves. Angry Bruiser pulls a knife. But the local residents have been inspired to attack en masse, and drive the bully off.

George Perez
Dan Green
Ben Sean
George Perez (Cover Penciler)
Terry Austin (Cover Inker)


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