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Avengers #58: Review

Nov 1968
Roy Thomas, John Buscema

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Even an Android Can Cry

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5 stars

Avengers #58 Review by (November 8, 2011)
The Marvel Value Stamps of both Captain America and Iron Man used images taken from this cover.

Avengers #58 Review by (November 9, 2011)
Wasp takes a break from what has become her standard costume to wear for 1 issue what could be considered a Mother Christmas outfit, red with white fur trimming. Except that no-one claims it's Christmas. The idea of Avengers rotating chairmanship is taken out again and dusted off. This time it's Thor's turn, despite the fact he (like Iron man and Captain America) is no longer a regular member. He reads the roster of all past Avengers, including 2 who were offered the job but declined:- Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, and Black Widow who retired from her super-hero role in #45 before ever being formally asked to join. Significantly for this issue, Wonder Man could have been on the list, as the Avengers were considering him for membership in #9 before he died. Black Knight doesn't make the cut because he is so far only an ally (in #48, 54,55). Black Widow has now resumed her costumed career, and went on another SHIELD mission last issue that will come to a head in #63. She and Hawkeye have fallen out again, which will lead to their breakup in #76. Ultron wasn't really destroyed at the end of last issue, and will return in #66 (and many times after that). The fact that Vision has Wonder Man's mind will bring him to the attention of Simon Williams' brother Grim Reaper. In #102 Reaper will offer Vision Wonder Man's preserved body to occupy. And Vision's connection to Wonder Man will be the source of many other future stories. Vision's origin will take a further twist in Giant-Size Avengers #3 when it turns out his body is that of the original Timely Human Torch (quietly forgetting the idea that he was based on a synthozoid developed by Hank Pym). Roy Thomas and John Buscema were on a roll with these issues. This is the first Avengers issue, and possibly the first Marvel issue, to have no villain (except in flashbacks). Another 5. Next issue a seemingly-new hero Yellowjacket will appear, and in #60 Cap and Iron Man will be on

A little bit got missed off the end of my Comment:-hand for his marriage to Wasp.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #58 Synopsis by Rob Johnson

The Avengers, including Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, have gathered together to consider the android Vision's application for membership. The retired Avengers have never met Vision before. Cap leads them in attacking him, to demonstrate his ability to switch between intangibility and diamond-hardness with great strength. (But not his ability to fly, walk through walls, and emit thermoscopic rays from his eyes.)

The senior three would still like to know more of Vision's origins before accepting him. But Vision can only remember that Ultron-5 claimed to have created him, and sent him against the Avengers last issue (until he rebelled).

Goliath remembers working on creating a being like Vision, a solar-powered synthozoid (humanoid with synthetic organs). But he can't remember what he did with it. So Thor flies the group (by hammer power) to Hank's abandoned suburban lab (last seen trashed by Dragon Man in #42).

Hank uses a device to stimulate his memory, and now recalls rebuilding his lab. But a crude robot he had built had achieved sentience, and wanted to kill the man it thought of as father. Failing that it had hypnotised him into forgetting the encounter, and left on a mission of self-improvement.

The Avengers now guess that the robot was the original Ultron, which must have rebuilt itself several times since then and is now incarnated as Ultron-5. And that it used Hank Pym's synthozoid experiment to create Vision.

They also find that a brain recording of Wonder Man is missing. Simon Williams had a brief super-career in #9 similar to Vision's. He was given super powers by villains (Zemo/Enchantress/Executioner) and pitted against the Avengers, but then turned on his masters. Unfortunately he died. The Avengers deduce that Ultron gave Vision Wonder Man's brain pattern.

Returning to the mansion, the Avengers accept Vision as one of themselves. The active roll-call is now Black Panther, Goliath, Hawkeye, Vision and Wasp.

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