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Avengers #9: Review

Jul 2017
Mark Waid, Mike del Mundo

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3.5 stars

Avengers #9 Review by (July 30, 2017)
This issue obviously explains why Jane-Thor isn't around in Secret Empire to oppose the Unworthy Thor who is working for Hydra. No doubt she will somehow get home in the end.

She was probably banished here by a spell from Chthon-possessed Scarlet Witch.

Steve Rogers was proved worthy to lift Mjolnir in Thor #390. The question is why is he worthy to lift it when he's been corrupted by Hydra? Consider that the male Thor is now unworthy because he *believes* he is (see The Unworthy Thor #5). Thus Rogers is still worthy because *he* believes he is doing good.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #9 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Free Comic Book Day 2017: Secret Empire Captain America (Steve Rogers), now head of Hydra, took Thor's hammer and proved worthy to wield it. And Thor disappeared from the battle for Washington.

Now she finds herself on a different planet in a different dimension, rising out of a slime pit. Aliens are digging in it for the only food they now have, which grows there. 1 of them still has a functioning translation implant and asks who she is. Thor claims to be a god, but is panicking about not having her hammer. She expects to transform into cancer-ridden Jane Foster any instant. The aliens drag her free and she discovers that the hammer's enchanted side-effect has no effect in this dimension.

Most of the aliens now ignore Thor and go back to work. The talkative 1 named Hecla says he's the only 1 cursed with curiosity. Thor explains that she was in the middle of a battle on Earth/Midgard when something brought her here, without Mjolnir. Hecla humours her delusion and takes her to his home for some of the food they dig out of the slime pits. Thor tries to convince herself that voluminous Volstagg would eat it, but her taste buds disagree.

Thor says she must find a way back to her world to help her allies. Hecla says there is a legendary device which may do that. But 1st she must get some sleep. He is adventurous as well as curious and decides to go with her on her quest. Next morning he provides her with a bag of food and a wooden hammer he made to ease her loss.

On the way Hecla explains how his wife and son died. His people used to have a thriving civilisation before Yod came and destroyed it all to deny them the means to revolt. Now he travels the world seeking tribute (of what?). Hecla's wife and son defied him and he killed them. And as she gradually learns to stomach the vile-tasting food, Thor tells him more about Midgard.

Hecla also relates more about the artefact they seek. Legend has it that Yod too doesn't know how to get home. He ordered the alien race's scientists to find his home and build a way to get there. They couldn't do either but using Yod's magic they created the device which can send someone to the place they call home. (So why hasn't Yod used it?)

During their chat they are attacked by 2 giant horned beasts. Hecla is injured but Thor defeats them by hitting 1 of them with the other. And she uses Dr Jane Foster's healing knowledge to bandage Hecla's wound.

Later they reach the mountain lair of Yod. As they approach they are attacked with lightning bolts. But Thor grabs 1 that was about to hit Hecla and uses it to break a way into the mountain. Inside they see an aged guardian holding a glowing orb. But when he strikes it on the ground he transforms into the giant Yod.

Yod and Thor battle, the master of lightning vs the god of lightning. But Hecla sees a gun in a niche. He hopes it's what they're looking for, and that it's working. But somehow he works out that it only has 1 charge left in it. Yod blasts him as he brings it to Thor.

Thor takes Hecla to safety down a side passage. Hecla tells her that he's found the weapon but it can only be used once. Dying, he urges Thor to use it to return home to the friends that need her. But instead she uses it on *him*. Then she turns back to Yod and smashes his orb with her wooden mallet. And the villain burns(?) to nothing.

And Hecla is reunited with his dead family.

Mike del Mundo
Mike del Mundo
Marco D'Alfonso
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Travis Lanham.
Editor: Tom Brevoort.


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