Avengers 100th Anniversary #1: Review

Jul 2014
James Stokoe, James Stokoe

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3.5 stars

Avengers 100th Anniversary #1 Review by (August 16, 2014)
This issue pretends to be written in 2063, the 100th anniversary of Avengers #1, with Avengers of that period. It also pretends that writer/illustrator James Stokoe died before finishing it, and an AI has completed it in his style. This is Stokoe's 1st work for Marvel (or for DC). His style is reminiscent of the Underground Comix of the 60's and 70's (without the sex). And on this comic he does everything (including the cover) except the editing. This 100th anniversary theme runs through all the so-named comics, but I don't think they're otherwise connected. The reference to Badoon Gender Wars makes sense because the male and female Badoon live on different planets, and are not on good terms. Frag thongs are mentioned as some of the Badoon weapons that Jebat and Hilm are dealing with. We've heard of these before in Silver Surfer (1987) #27 as an exploding garment that takes out multiple opponents when a Badoon is killed.


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Avengers 100th Anniversary #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Previously:- The Badoon (after their 7th Gender War) attacked the Earth. The Avengers, based in Malaysia, were losing the battle until Dr Franklin Richards, Herald of Galactus, joined in. The war is now won, but bio-spores are still poisoning the air, and other Badoon weapons lie around. And a terror weapon sent the whole American continent (and most Avengers) into the Negative Zone, where Captain America has gone in search of his homeland.

In Kuala Lumpur the remaining Avengers (Beta Ray Bill, Dr Strange and Rogue) are flying around the ruins in a tetrahedral sort-of-chair. Beta Ray Bill comments that Earth didn't get it as bad as Nu-Skrullos, as they fly past the Stark building, whose front appears to be a huge Iron Man. Tony Stark's segmented brain is in there.

They offer in passing explanations as to why they 3 are still alive and youthful in 2063. (Though this wouldn't bother real comics writers of that time - the Marvel rolling 2-decade history would take care of it.) Strange says he's been reincarnated 17 times. They mention Wolverine's last gift to Rogue - presumably functional immortality via healing factor. (A caption by Editron 3030 references X-Men Wedding Special #47.) Beta Ray Bill is effectively an Asgardian god.

Down on the ground Jebat and Hilm are making unexploded bombs safe. Hilm goes underground to fetch some equipment and hears a noise, which turns out to be the 1st of an invading horde of Subterraneans.

Stark's brain is dying for a scotch (and a throat to drink it with). But he detects bombs being armed, and the Avengers see the Moloids led by Mole Man III. Dr Strange is amazed that they survived the gamma floods of Subterranea in Under-Hulk Adventures #33. Mole Man is out to destroy the surface cities in revenge. (But there doesn't seem much left to destroy.)

The other 2 Avengers keep the Moloids busy while Strange works on a spell. 'Iron Man' joins in by spewing out a swarm of oversized Iron Man heads. Realising that Dr Strange may be the worst threat Mole Man tries to kill him, but Bill runs defence.

Then Strange's spell kicks in. He transports them all to the middle of the ocean that used to be North America, specifically where the Yellowstone Park was. He raises the caldera of the large Yellowstone volcano and forms it into a new Subterranea. Mole Man is gobsmacked.

Meanwhile spacesuited Captain America is still floating through the Negative Zone. (Which looks more like a mystical dimension that Strange would be familiar with.)

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James Stokoe
James Stokoe
James Stokoe
James Stokoe (Cover Penciler)
James Stokoe (Cover Inker)
James Stokoe (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: James Stokoe.
Editor: Jon Moisan.


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Plus: Moloids.

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