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Avengers West Coast #101: Review

Dec 1993
Roy Thomas, Dave Ross

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Genosha, Mon Amour: Bloodties Part III of V

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3 stars

Avengers West Coast #101 Review by (August 17, 2010)
Comments: The Avengers’ division leads to the breakup of the West Coast team in the following issue, #102. Genoshan mutate Skelter is oddly familiar with THE HONEYMOONERS.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers West Coast #101 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Story continued from X-MEN #26.

Hawkeye bursts into the council room at the United Nations, leading a team of Avengers and demanding they "talk turkey" about Genosha. The archer wants to know if the UN is planning to intervene, despite their official stance of non-involvement in another country’s internal affairs. The UN delegates, however, sense that the Avengers themselves are divided on the issue….

In Hammer Bay, Genosha’s capital, the other Avengers are facing Exodus, who has announced his mission to exterminate all humans on the war-torn island in the service of Magneto. When the assembled heroes refuse to support his murderous task, he starts to take his leave but Crystal tries to force him to tell where her kidnapped daughter Luna is. Exodus strikes back with eye blasts. While Exodus is defying the others, War Machine attacks him from above. As the two battle in the skies, the other Avengers discover they are between a mob of humans and a gang of mutates, each bent on killing the other. The heroes try to keep the two groups apart and Crystal, accompanied by Scarlet Witch, heads off in search of her child….

Meanwhile, far underground Professor X, Beast and USAgent are following a psychic trail and, breaking through a wall, they discover a dungeon holding hundreds of mutates, each stamped with a number like the inmates of Auschwitz. But trouble immediately strikes, as Fabian Cortez’s guards, the Magistrate Elite, attacks….

Outside Hammer Bay, the X-Men are engaged in combat with Cortez’s hit squad, the Unforgiven. Two of the baddies, Skelter (anti-gravity powers) and Syth (bladed weapons) give the heroes a hard time, until they are taken down by Storm’s electric bursts. The X-Men capture Fabian Cortez but discover he is merely a shapechanger in disguise, mentally linked to his master, and Cyclops vows to track down Cortez wherever he may be….

Back in the city, Exodus has defeated War Machine and sent the armored hero spiraling to the ground below. The mutant villain hears a challenge and looks up to see his new opponent—the Eternal Sersi….

Story continues in UNCANNY X-MEN #307.

Dave Ross
Tim Dzon
Bob Sharen
Dave Ross (Cover Penciler)
Tim Dzon (Cover Inker)


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(Hank McCoy)
Black Knight
Black Knight

(Dane Whitman)
Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Captain America
Captain America

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(Scott Summers)

(Clint Barton)
Marvel Girl
Marvel Girl

(Jean Gray)
Professor X
Professor X

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(Pietro Maximoff)
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch

(Wanda Maximoff)
U.S. Agent
U.S. Agent

(John Walker)
War Machine
War Machine

(James Rhodes)

Plus: Archangel, Bishop, Exodus, Fabian Cortez, Goliath (Hank Pym), Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Unforgiven.

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