Captain America: A Little Help #1: Review

Jan 2011
Tim Ursiny, Nick Dragotta

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A Little Help

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3 stars

Captain America: A Little Help #1 Review by (October 12, 2011)
Review: Written by a psychologist to address the issue of teen suicide, this brief tale manages to cover matters without ever being preachy or silly (a lack of lecturing helps). No list of warning signs or anything, just a portrait of a depressed youth and his brief encounter with a hero who needs his help. If anyone out there reading this is likewise struggling with serious issues and looking at suicide as a solution, please, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or talk to someone. There is no stigma in admitting we all need a little help sometimes.

Comments: First available as a digital comic on the Marvel Comics site. Story has no dialogue until the final panel. Reprinted in I AM AN AVENGER #5.


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Captain America: A Little Help #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Zach McKenzie, teenager. His father is dead, his mother occupied with a new man in her life, he is failing in school, finances are poor, his girlfriend has left him—and now he is standing on the roof of his apartment building planning to end his life. Just as he steps off the ledge, an explosion from a rooftop across the street throws him back on the asphalt. He cautiously peers over the coping to see Captain America (Bucky) surrounded by an army of Hydra agents, all heavily armed. At a speed greater than the boy can comprehend Cap flies into action and downs all of his opponents in seconds. Then an enemy in a massive armored battle suit lands on the roof next to the hero, grabs his shield and flings it so it becomes embed not far from where Zach is cowering. The metal monster seizes Cap and Zach hurriedly pulls the shield free and hurls it at the mech. The Hydra agent fires a blast in Zach’s direction but the distraction is enough for the Living Legend to recover his shield and use it to crack the metal suit open. Cap looks over and sees Zach, safe on a precarious bit of damaged roofing—and gives him the thumbs up. Zach returns to his apartment, calls the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and says, "I need help."

Nick Dragotta
Nick Dragotta
Brad Simpson


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Captain America

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Plus: Hordes of HYDRA.

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