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Captain America: Steve Rogers #10: Review

Jan 2017
Nick Spencer, ?

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4 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #10 Review by (January 28, 2017)
Comments: Jesus Saiz, Ted Brandt & Ro Stein, Kevin Libranda. Share the art chores and Saiz is also credited as colorist alongside Rachelle Rosenberg. Jack Flag, introduced in CAPTAIN AMERICA #434; he was critically injured by the evil Cap in issue #1 of this very title. According to the last page, the story expands in THUNDERBOLTS #9 and UNCANNY AVENGERS #20, T-BOLTS is found elsewhere on this site, courtesy of Rob Johnson.

Review: The story moves on, presetting one more cool twist after another. Cap killing Jack Flag? Say it ain't so! Whew, Cap is prevented from poisoning Jack! We couldn't have Captain America be a murderer, could we? So Jack is dying anyway—from the injuries sustained when Cap threw him out of an airplane. So, uh, maybe Cap is still a murderer. We'll see what happens to Dr. Erskine in this version. Don't know where we're going but the ride sure is fun. The art is a little off this time, with the characters in the modern sequences looking a little more cartoony than we're used to. That silent sequence of Maria Hill's escape is a knockout, though.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #10 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

1940: Hydra agent Steve Rogers has been assigned to assassinate Dr. Abraham Erskine; his first plan is to enlist in the army but he keeps getting turned down because of his health. His back-up plan is to become a dishwasher at the diner that Erskine frequents. There, Steve comes to the attention of General Phillips who recognizes him as the boy who keeps trying to enlist. Erskine want to know more....

The Council finds Maria Hill guilty on all counts; as she is escorted out, Captain America (Steve Rogers) is asked to stay behind. He gives a strong endorsement of Sharon Carter to become the new Director of SHIELD....

Elsewhere, Sharon meets with a top Senator who explains his reservations about the SHIELD Act which would make SHIELD Earth's first line of defense against any attacks. Sharon responds with a strong defense of the Act and suggests that Captain America would be willing to take political revenge against any legislator who would oppose the Act....

Back at the Helicarrier, Maria Hill overpowers her guards and escapes; Cap and several Agents pursue but she makes it to her flying car and away. She heads to the Alpha Flight space station where she is admitted by a reluctant Captain Marvel. Hill offers Carol a gift: the planetary defense shield....

In secret Steve Rogers presents himself before the Red Skull via hologram. The villain is angry with Cap for letting Maria Hill escape, especially with the planetary defense shield. The Skull is also disappointed in Cap for allowing Jack Flag (Cap''s injured partner) to live. Steve meets with Eric Solveig who tells him that Jack may recover—and offers Steve a hypo containing an undetectable poison....

1940: Steve explains to Erskine and Phillips how he wants to be part of something bigger than himself. When a thief steals a co-worker's pocketbook, Steve pursues him out the door....

As Cap stands over Jack Flag's comatose body, preparing to inject him with poison, Cathy Webster (Free Spirit) thanks him for coming, speaking highly of Jack's admiration for Cap. She reveals that Jack has been pronounced terminal and they are planning to take him off life support. Steve goes over to see Sharon where they hear the news that the SHIELD Act is expected to pass. She tells him they offered her the position of SHIELD Director—and that she turned them down. The world is in too much turmoil and the only one they can trust to keep the USA safe is Steve himself....

1940: Steve Rogers returns to the diner, beaten and bloody, but having recovered the purse. Dr Erskine decides to use Steve in an experiment he is planning....

Rachelle Rosenberg
Paul Renaud (Cover Penciler)
Paul Renaud (Cover Inker)
Paul Renaud (Cover Colorist)

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