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Captain America: Steve Rogers #16: Review

Apr 2017
Nick Spencer, ?

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4.5 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #16 Review by (April 22, 2017)
Comments: “Secret Empire: Opening Salvo.” First page announces that this issue should be read after UNCANNY THUNDERBOLTS (Vol. 4) #12 but summarizes it at the beginning of the story anyway, which was nice of them. The art is credited to Kevin Libranda, Yildiray Cinar, and Jon Malin.

Review: And this is it: what we have been waiting for for a year: the beginning of SECRET EMPIRE. This storyline is already highly controversial, and has been ever since Cap's “true nature” was announced back then. It has only gotten more contentious with this issue's hint that Hydra Cap is the true reality, the MU being the fake reality since 1941. Big deal, it's only a comic book story. Everything will be switched back in a few months, Cosmic Cube or no Cosmic Cube. Meanwhile, the story looks like it will be highly entertaining! More to come (specifically SECRET EMPIRE #0)!


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #16 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

1945: Despondent over the failure of Hydra to control the Nazis, Steve Rogers is brought by Elisa Sinclair to The Keep, the Hydra training school he attended as a youth. There, he learns that his mother is still alive and he is reunited with her, Elisa explaining that they lied to him for his own good....

In Bagalia, Maria Hill hacks into Taskmaster's computer, finding the secret he was trying to sell her before he disappeared: that Steve Rogers—Captain America—is a Hydra agents. Hydra hitmen show up and pursue her. The only person she can think of able to warn the world that Captain America is Hydra is super-hacker Rick Jones....

Meanwhile, the Cosmic Cube having been shattered into fragments, Baron Zemo has Eric Solveig and the Fixer working to reconstitute it. Solveig wants to restore the Cube to its form as the little girl Kobik. Zemo berates him for his sentimentality and leaves. When the missing fragment of the Cube is reported found, Solveig shoots Fixer and transports his precious Kobik far far away....

Baron Zemo heads to where he has the captive Bucky Barnes tied to a drone plane of the type that killed his father in 1945 (issue #13). Zemo then plays for Bucky a tape Steve made, revealing his allegiance to Hydra and bidding him farewell. Zemo then hits the launch button....

1945: Elisa Sinclair explains to Steve how the Allies will use the new Cosmic Cube to alter the outcome of World War 2 and subsequent reality: she tells Steve that only he will remain aware of the “true” history—wherein Steve is Hydra and all that, biding his time until the time is ripe for Hydra to return...

...and that time is now. Cap's plan moves ahead: Dr Faustus captures the SHIELD Helicarrier Crescent by mind-controlling the crew. Maria Hill reaches Rick with Cap's secret, but he checks with Cap first and is easily persuaded that Hill is lying and he sends Cap the access codes for the new Planetary Defense Shield—then he is assaulted by Black Ant. Cap is upset that they have lost the Cosmic Cube but Madame Hydra (Elisa Sinclair) assures him that their plans can move forward. Eric Solveig kills himself. A Hydra suicide bomber destroys the Defense Shield's main station, shutting down the Shield. The rocket carrying Bucky Barnes explodes. The Chitauri forces approach Earth. Supervillians invade downtown Manhattan. And Cap, his identity obscured, addresses Hydra Agents worldwide, telling them that their hour is at hand....

Rachelle Rosenberg
Daniel Acuna (Cover Penciler)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Inker)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Colorist)

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