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Captain America Comics #15: Review

Jun 1942
Otto Binder, Al Avison

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The Tunnel of Terror!

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3 stars

Captain America Comics #15 Review by (May 9, 2014)
Comments: This issue features only five stories but includes a two-page public service announcement for Cap’s War Fund, and several promos for other Timely comics. 3) Text story; 4) Camp Lehigh is near New York City in this story; 5) Stan Lee credited as Neel Nats. Seriously.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America Comics #15 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are assigned to duty on Governor’s Island, New York. At the same time, German American Bundists are following orders to infiltrate the city destabilizing America with defeatist talk and rumors of a Nazi invasion. When Steve hears an orator advising surrender, the hero punches him out but over the next several days, Steve runs into more of the traitors. When he meets with his girl Betty downtown, the bad guys detonate smoke bombs to simulate a gas attack. Betty follows the guy who set them off, while Steve and Bucky change into Captain America and Bucky and pursue other Bundists. Meanwhile, tunnel workers are surprised by Nazis disguised as robotic monsters emerging from the East River; Cap takes them on but is overwhelmed by their numbers and captured. He wakes up in a secret Nazi base; Bucky and Betty find their way to the place only to be captured too. The villainous Krone explains his scheme to release mines into the River to fake a German bombing raid. Cap burst his bonds and beats up Krone. The trio head to the River where Cap has Navy ships drop depth charges to destroy the underwater base. On a dock, Cap again defeats Krone in single combat and encourages the gathered citizens to not be taken in by Fifth Column plots.

Story #2

To the Land of Nod

Writer: Stan Lee. Penciler: Chad Grothkopf. Inker: Chad Grothkopf.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Jefferson Vandermeer and his pal the Imp bed down fro a good night’s sleep. However, Morpheus, God of Sleep, decides to have a little fun by putting some nightmares into their heads. First their bedroom furniture comes to life, causing Jeff and the Imp to panic until the table lamp (Sir Reginald Lamp o’ Lime), acting as ringmaster, orders the crew to desist. Morpheus then conjures up a giant monster which terrifies Jeff and the lamp into the woods—and then the trees come to life to terrorize them Lamp o’ Lime summons to furniture to battle the trees—then Gnomes capture the Imp and are about to drop him in a cook pot when the land is flooded. Jeff and the Imp are about to be devoured by sharks when Morpheus laughs so hard he falls off his cloud to the ground. Jeff and the imp wake up and everything is back to normal. Morpheus vows never to pick on the Imp again.

Story #3

The Secret of Lost River Cave

Writer: ?.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Dave, Sam, and their widowed mother are about to lose the family ranch to the banker foreclosing the mortgage. Mom sends Dave into town to sell her heirloom diamonds to pay the mortgage. On his way sudden flooding strands him in the middle of nowhere. He seeks shelter inside Lost River Cave. There he discovers the Lost River full of unusual fish, forced up from underground caves by the flood. He catches and eats one and when the flooding subsides he continues into town where samples of the fish cause a sensation and he realizes that selling these fish at the market will bring enough money to pay off the mortgage.

Story #4

The Invasion from Mars

Writer: Otto Binder. Penciler: Al Avison. Inker: Al Avison.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

New York is invaded by giant green men from Mars; Bucky Barnes is there to witness the monsters but back at Camp Lehigh no one—not even Steve Rogers—will believe him. Suddenly a Martian appears at the Camp and punches out Sergeant Duffy. Changing into costume, Captain America and Bucky pursue the fleeing monster to the City where they discover it terrorizing a family. They drive it off and find that its gun is a disguised Luger. Meanwhile, Martians have captured the Mayor and are forcing him to make a radio broadcast evacuating the city. Cap arrives but the Mayor is killed and Cap captured; the Martians want him to broadcast the message. Bucky heads back to camp and summons the army to come fight the monsters. He rescues Cap and they discover that the invaders are disguised Nazis planning to spread a panic a la Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio show. They locate the Nazi base and beat them all up; Cap then calls out the Navy to sink the enemy ships.

Story #5

The Substitute Secret Stamp

Writer: Stan Lee. Penciler: Don Rico. Inker: Don Rico.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Spud Sickles, Roddy Colt’s newsboy rival, conceives a plan to impersonate the Secret Stamp to gain some adulation too. Meanwhile, an elderly woman (working for the Nazis to stop the Secret Stamp from inspiring the children of America) dispatches her two thuggish grandsons to capture the hero. They come upon Spud in his phony Stamp costume and capture him; back at the house they discover their mistake and Roddy, who had witnessed the incident, bursts in as the real Secret Stamp. He is quickly captured too. Coincidentally passing outside, reporter Jerry Dash and Spud’s sister Mary hear a cry for help and burst in. Jerry and the Stamp overpower the baddies and Roddy rushes off, leaving Spud to explain the situation. Later Spud tries to impress Roddy by claiming to be the Secret Stamp’s new partner.

Al Avison
Al Avison (Cover Penciler)
Al Avison (Cover Inker)


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Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes

(James Barnes)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Betsy Ross (FBI Agent), Imp, Nazis, Secret Stamp.

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