Captain America Goes to War against Drugs #1: Review

Jun 1990
Peter David, Sal Velluto

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High Heat

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4 stars

Captain America Goes to War against Drugs #1 Review by (June 10, 2010)
A worthy message told without the usual heavy-handed lecturing of the public service giveaway, thanks to Peter David’s script. The art is better than the usual bargain-basement stuff usually found in a free comic. The only odd point: “Dope Pushers from Outer Space” sounds more like an Ed Wood movie than a serious comic book, but fortunately it doesn’t overwhelm the story.

Giveaway comic “produced in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” The story implies this was to be the first of a four-issue series but no more were published. Reprinted in 1992 with added activity pages and advertisements for sponsors.


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Captain America Goes to War against Drugs #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Captain America crashes into a drug dealers’ lair and mops up the place as a favor to the FBI. He is unaware he is being watched by the alien Tzin who are determined to conquer Earth. Their scheme is to break the human spirit by getting them hooked on drugs. To that end they will select four talented young people and try to tempt them into addiction. If two of the four succumb, they will know that Earth can be overcome….

Some time later, a boy named Keith Wilson writes to Captain America to ask his advice about a problem. It seems his high school baseball team’s star pitcher Mitch Baskin may be getting involved with drugs and he is worried. At the next day’s game, Mitch, high on drugs, accidentally beans an opposing batter. Cap appears on the scene and signals a police car. It comes out that Mitch was high at the time, causing an outburst of anger by other players and bouts of self-blame by Mitch’s parents and coach. Cap suggests they support Mitch in his efforts to overcome his addiction. Mitch however has run away; downtown he encounters his pusher and, in a fit of rage, he punches the man in the face. To his horror, the pusher’s face cracks and drops off, shocking Mitch, who runs off—straight into a confrontation with the teammates of the injured player, who beat him up. Captain America arrives and persuades the bullies to leave Mitch alone. Cap assures Mitch that he has the support of his family and friends (but doesn’t believe Mitch’s story about an alien drug dealer). Cap sends the repentant boy back to the get help—and then discovers the broken mask on the ground.

Sal Velluto
Keith Williams
Bob Sharen
John Romita (Cover Penciler)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

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