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Captain America: Steve Rogers #11: Review

Feb 2017
Nick Spencer, Jesus Saiz

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4 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #11 Review by (February 17, 2017)
Comments: Scott Hanna is credited as Ink Assist; Rachelle Rosemberg is listed for “Color [5-22].” Jack Flag, introduced in issues #434-436 of Cap's original series, has died between the last issue and this one. According to the last page, the story expands in THUNDERBOLTS #10, UNCANNY AVENGERS #21, and DEADPOOL #27.

Review: Nice issue but now we know that this story arc is merely putting into place all of the elements of the upcoming SECRET EMPIRE event. We'll see what happens.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #11 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

1940: Young Steve Rogers has been inducted into Project Rebirth by Dr. Abraham Erskine, to try to make a super-soldier of him....

Now: At the funeral of Jack Flag, Cathy “Free Spirit” Webster breaks down and has to be comforted by Sharon Carter, Rick Jones congratulates Steve on being named new Director of SHIELD. Steve stops Peter Quill to talk....

1940: Erskine has Steve over to his home for dinner and when the professor returns from the kitchen he finds himself staring into the barrel of a pistol wielded by his test subject....

Now: Steve asks Quill if he has tried to dissuade Carol DanversCaptain Marvel—from her new course of action. Carol's plan is unveiled the next day: the Planetary Defense Shield to protect Earth from alien menaces—a device turned over to her by the fugitive Maria Hill....

1940: Erskine tries to convince Steve that he is no killer and to put the gun down. Steve wavers, then Erskine is fatally shot—but the bullet came from the gun of Helmut Zemo, Steve's friend and handler, knowing that with Erskine dead, they will have to put into his place a Hydra scientist—Arnim Zola....

Now: Captain America relates their entire history to the captive Baron Zemo, trying to overcome the latter's brainwashing which has long convinced him that he and Captain America have always been enemies. Cap finally demonstrates his trust in his old friend by releasing him from his cell. The two men embrace and Zemo asks, “Where do we begin?”....

In Sokovia, the Red Skull surveys the devastation caused by SHIELD bombers and tells Crossbones that they are winning....

Avril (new Quasar) Kincaid, out with her girlfriend Joy, has a sudden seizure: a vision crashing through her mind reveals the location of the Thunderbolts—and Kobik....

Bagalia: Taskmaster watches the security footage from the air cruiser that crashed in issue #2 of this series; he sees Captain America say “Hail Hydra” and his buddy Black Ant sees opportunity for riches....

1940: Steve Rogers continues in Project Rebirth under the supervision of Arnim Zola who tells Steve that the allied super-soldier will be Hydra's greatest spy....

Jesus Saiz
Jesus Saiz
Rachelle Rosenberg
Jesus Saiz (Cover Penciler)
Jesus Saiz (Cover Inker)
Jesus Saiz (Cover Colorist)

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