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Captain America: Steve Rogers #17: Review

May 2017
Nick Spencer, Andres Guinaldo Isabel

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5 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 Review by (May 27, 2017)
Comments: SECRET EMPIRE tie-in. “This issue takes place after SECRET EMPIRE #2.” Journalist Sally Floyd appeared in GENERATION M, CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE, and WORLD WAR HULK: FRONT LINE, usually teamed with Ben Urich; this is her first appearance since 2009. Brian McAllister was arrested by the authorities in SECRET EMPIRE #1. Inhumans Naja and Iso were introduced in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN SPECIAL #1 (“Inhuman Error”). Shen Xorn first appeared in X-MEN (2004 series) #157 as the twin brother of the first Xorn.

Review: A dark and complex issue, allows Bad Cap to justify his actions in seizing control of the country—and he is frighteningly persuasive. This isn't a set of straw man arguments designed to move a cheesy story along; Nick Spencer has put a lot of thought into all of this and the result is scary. The chief irony is in the choice of an interviewer: Sally Floyd reminds us that the previously interviewed Captain America during the Civil War and there she was trying to make the hero look bad, making her the villain. Here the tables are turned and she is the good guy confronting Evil Cap and she suffers for it. Many have tried to find parallels between Hydra and Donald Trump's presidency but I'm not going to go there. See you next time....


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

At the request of the Hydra staff, journalist Sally Floyd sits down to a televised interview with Steve Rogers, Captain America turned Hydra Supreme. There is only one rule: she is not to ask about the recent events in Las Vegas (the city was bombed by Hydra in SECRET EMPIRE #1-2). Rogers defends his actions in taking over the USA, stating his appointment as Emergency Interim Executive and Hydra proved themselves worthy by saving the country during the chaos of Civil War 2. When questioned about the state of emergency, he insists that the crisis has not passed and cites issues of security....

At the New Attilan Inhuman Holding Center, where the warden is Mr. Hyde, new inmate Brian McAllister is befriended by Naja who gives him a tour of the facility and introduces him to their leader, Iso....

In the interview, Rogers justifies imprisoning the Inhumans as a safety measure....

Some time earlier, Captain America tracked down and confronted Magneto in Madripoor, and demanded his support for the Hydra takeover in exchange for a mutant homeland in California to be led by Shen Xorn while Mags remains an exile there. As a token of his sincerity, Cap gave Mags the severed head of the Red Skull....

Sally Floyd questions Rogers about the Great Illusion; he accuses the press of conspiring to maintain the comfortable lie in collusion with historians and scientists, etc. and defending the draconian measures taken against perceived enemies. In a heated moment, Sally mentions Las Vegas...and the interview is terminated. Sally is arrested and thrown into prison and she sees first hand how much support Steve Rogers has....

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Andres Guinaldo Isabel
Ramon Bachs
Rachelle Rosenberg
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Penciler)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Inker)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Colorist)

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