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Defenders, The #93: Review

Mar 1981
J. M. DeMatteis, Don Perlin

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The Woman Behind the Man!

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3 stars

Defenders, The #93 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Hellcat is seen on the cover battling alongside her teammates but in the issue she only appears out of costume in a separate interlude to set up a future storyline. It isn’t made clear why the Sonic Scrambler, which appears to have no focusing ability, affects the Defenders and none of the Atlanteans nearby. Other character appearances: Clea, Son of Satan, Wong, Lord Vashti, the High Tribunal; cameo by Patsy Walker; in flashbacks: Llyra.


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Defenders, The #93 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
After the events of the previous issue, Namor relaxes by playing with some dolphins, when he is summoned by Lady Dorma, his long dead love. Meanwhile the other Defenders are likewise relaxing at Dr. Strange’s home, when Kyle Richmond suddenly collapses; the belief that his friend is dead triggers Bruce’s transformation into the Hulk.

Back in Atlantis, Dorma, who claims that a clone was killed in her place all those years ago, has persuaded Namor and his people to conquer the world and any dissent is immediately punished. In New York, Dr. Strange has diagnosed Kyle’s problem: the spirit-bond the Defenders created to keep him alive back in issue #14 has been broken, and, while he will live, Kyle will be paralyzed. News reports come in that Namor and his forces have invaded and captured London, so the Defenders go out to talk sense to their friend.

The heroes engage in battle and are vanquishing the invaders until Namor’s Sonic Scrambler blasts them into unconsciousness. They awaken in custody, where Dorma taunts the fallen heroes and Valkyrie lashes out at her; the ensuing fight causes Dorma’s disguise to drop, revealing her to be Nebulon the Celestial Man. Namor frees the other Defenders and they confront the villain who assumes his true monstrous appearance. Namor flings Nebulon into the air where he is seized by a beam from a ship sent by his own people to take him back to the homeworld for punishment. As he is drawn away, Nebulon once more tries to ensnare Namor by taking on Dorma’s form, but Namor’s reaction this time is anger—and sorrow.

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Don Perlin
Joe Sinnott


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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