Giant-Size Spider-Man #3: Review

Jan 1975
Gerry Conway, Ross Andru

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The Yesterday Connection!

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Giant-Size Spider-Man #3 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Additional credits: cover inked by Frank Giacoia and/or Mike Esposito a) A rare crossover for Doc with the modern Marvel Universe, though Doc and Spider-Man do not meet; b) Doc Factor: we see the roadster, the 86th floor headquarters, his trilling, and Monk and Ham fighting over a woman; c) Doc’s shirt is torn off in the course of the action; d) Spidey took a college course in comparative languages; e) the issue also includes a reprint of “Duel with Daredevil” from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16; f) due to licensing issues, this story was omitted from the ESSENTIAL AMAZING SPIDER-MAN compilations.


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Giant-Size Spider-Man #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
On a late fall night in 1974, Spider-Man spies a light flashing a Morse Code message calling for his help coming from a demolition site and goes to investigate. He is met by a blue-skinned woman speaking an unfamiliar tongue, who uses a translation device to communicate with him.

The woman, Desinna, shows Spidey events from forty years earlier… Doc Savage and his men were attending the dedication ceremony for that building and a quick-acting Doc prevents the assassination of Mayor LaGuardia. Doc had been there in response to an unearthly warning but deduces that the assassination was not the point of the warning.

That night at the construction site, Doc and his men are met by Desinna who reveals that she is from a parallel dimension. There, an arrogant scientist, Tarros, was accidentally transformed into a deadly electrical being and transported to our dimension. Desinna crossed over to an earlier point in time to enlist the aid of Doc Savage. When Tarros arrives, the heroes battle him until Doc devises a method of using chemicals to dampen him and trap him in the buidling’s cornerstone.

Now forty years later, the building’s demolition is about to free Tarros… so Spidey breaks open the cornerstone and releases the monster. He had deduced that Desinna was lying to him and that Tarros was more victim than villain. Tarros and Desinna vanish back to their own dimension, and Spider-Man senses the spirit of Doc Savage smiling his approval across the decades.

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Ross Andru
Gil Kane (Cover Penciler)


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Doc Savage
Doc Savage

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(Peter Parker)

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