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Hercules: Prince of Power #2: Review

Oct 1982
Bob Layton, Bob Layton

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For the Love of Gods

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4 stars

Hercules: Prince of Power #2 Review by (June 16, 2020)

Review: More wacky hijinks for Hercules, including a rigged space race, a battle with pirates, a thrilling rescue, a romantic interval, a running quarrel, and some nasty horses. Oh yeah, and a robot getting stoned. More merriment from the merriest of Avengers.

Comments: Layana and Igwanus return in MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #37: HERCULES: FULL CIRCLE. Luke McDonnell is credited with “art assist.”


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hercules: Prince of Power #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

On his way across the galaxy by Sun-Chariot, Hercules challenges a spaceship to a race, not knowing the other ship has been modified, leading to Herc being humiliated by losing. Herc and Recorder 417 arrive at Port Anteris of the planet Wilamean where their opponents Clide and Alpo demand payment of the bet: ten thousand credits. Herc admits he has no money and they insist on holding onto the Chariot as collateral. Herc has an idea: he has seen posters offering a ten thousand credit reward for the rescue of Layana Sweetwater, kidnapped by pirates and held in their impregnable island fortress. So Herc smashes his way into the place and takes on all the guards while Recorder frees Layana from her cell and, after Herc destroys all of the pirates’ craft, they take off with only one casualty: Recorder’s right hand is shot off by the baddies. But when Herc tries to collect the reward he finds the local police don’t have that kind of money; they only offered the reward to placate Layana’s father, a powerful politician, and didn’t think anyone could actually rescue her. So Herc decides to hold onto the girl until they find the reward and Layana, smitten with her hero, is okay with that….

Recorder has a new, nonmatching, hand installed and Herc leaves him behind when he goes off with Layana for some privacy. Recorder, programmed to observe everything Hercules does, tries peeking through a window and is promptly arrested; in his cell he gets high on “audio-tootski” offered by his cellmate. Inside, Herc tells Layana of his sad romantic history, namely falling for a mortal queen but when he was summoned by Zeus he went and returned shortly, not realizing that time passes more quickly for mortals and finding her old and dying—and that’s why Herc resists any long term commitments. Layana responds with her own tale of how her father sold her into marriage with the lizard-man Count Igwanus and how, fleeing the wedding she was captured by the pirates until Herc arrived to rescue her. And then Igwanus and a team of guards arrive to take her away and Herc helps her escape once more, setting off a running fight throughout the city. When Herc overpowers Igwanus, he learns that the Count did not purchase the girl, she freely agreed to marry him; Layana confesses that she made up the story about the betrothal so that Herc would keep her. Herc apologizes and Igwanus pays Herc the ten thousand credit reward. Herc spring Recorder from jail and visits Clide and Alpo in the hospital, after they tried to sell the golden chariot but found that Apollo’s fierce horses were rather formidable. Herc notes that he is giving the money he owes them to the hospital to cover their medical expenses….

Bob Layton
Bob Layton
Christie Scheele
Bob Layton (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: Bob Layton. Letterer: Rick Parker.


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Plus: Recorder 417.

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