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Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #1: Review

May 2018
Tom Taylor, R B Silva

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4 stars

Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #1 Review by (May 18, 2018)
This is part of the Hunt For Wolverine set of mini-series.

R B Silva inks part of the issue himself, and Mark Paniccia shares the editing.

Wolverine was killed in Death Of Wolverine #4 by being suffocated in a hardened adamantium shell after earlier losing his healing factor. After various people vied over possession of the encased body the X-Men hid it in a cabin in Alberta (in Old man Logan (2016) #4). But in the Marvel Legacy 1-shot Jean Grey (the young brought-forward-in-time version) found the adamantium shell burst open, and Wolverine got hold of the Space Stone (1 of the Infinity Stones, or Infinity Gems as we used to know them). Since then Logan has appeared in several 'Where's Wolverine?' mini-backups in various mags.

The Hunt For Wolverine 1-shot kicked off the various Hunt For Wolverine series. It turns out that the adamantium shell got ripped open by the Reavers who discovered his body wasn't in it. It further turns out that Kitty Pryde had previously phased the corpse out of the shell and the X-Men buried him in a secret grave. But after the Reavers incident the X-Men discovered his body's gone from there too. And various people like Tony Stark here were contacted to look for him in the various mini-series.

It remains to be seen how much this story actually has to do with Wolverine.

Stark here is obviously Iron Man after recovering from his coma in the 'Search For Tony Stark' Legacy issues which were also introduced by Marvel Legacy #1.

Marvel Legacy contained seeds for many story-arcs and new series, but we're only now seeing the fruit of some of them. For instance the Search For Tony Stark started immediately, and the 'No Surrender' Avengers arc not much later. But the unearthing of the Fallen Celestial has only now been followed up in the new Avengers series. And the Hunt For Wolverine is somewhat delayed too. It seems maybe the events in Legacy #1 didn't all happen at the same time.

In the flashback Iron Man seems to be on good terms with the New Avengers so it's presumably after Dark Reign. This also ties in with Jessica Jones being a more active Avenger.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantiun Agenda #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Years ago when Wolverine was in the New Avengers he and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Spider-Man were called in by a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (who Marvel Wiki thinks is Maria Hill) to deal with a bomb that is very carefully contrived to test heroism. It will go off if it's moved. They can't detect what it will do but it will affect a mile-wide area if it's left to go off in 5 minutes time. A switch will restrict it to 200 feet but that can only be operated by a living human being who will be killed by the immediate explosion. (A lot of this is only true if they believe their anonymous tip-off.)

Spider-Man and Jessica aren't invulnerable but Luke is. However Logan points out that the bomb might do something like release poison gas that his invulnerable skin won't defend against. And besides that Luke and Jessica have baby Danielle to think about. On the other hand he himself has proven basically unkillable.

The others reluctantly leave him to the job. Spider-Man uses an Avengers' communication channel to promise Wolverine that he'll put him back together again afterwards no matter what it takes. As the bomb goes off Logan seems to recognise who made it (but we don't have a clue). It seems to release a gas and lightning bolts and an explosion, and Hill detects radiation.

Iron Man arrives to join them and goes in to recover Wolverine's body.

Cut to the present where Tony Stark and Kitty Pryde are discussing the fact that Wolverine's corpse has gone missing (see the Marvel Legacy 1-shot). Tony calls in Spider-Man (Peter Parker) who's just KO'ing a bank(?)-robbing Vulture. It turns out Stark made a similar promise as Spidey to Wolvie back then. And they figure it also applies now. Shellhead reckons Jessica and Luke feel the same way.

Tony's people regularly monitor the black market for signs of stolen Stark tech. There is an auction recently announced for the DNA of a superbeing which may well be that of Wolverine. Stark sends a jet to pick Spidey, Jess and Luke up (and organises an emergency babysitter for Danielle).

The destination is a submarine in international waters near Guam. Luckily the auction expects face-masks to be worn to disguise the identity of buyers. They are met by Rosgarth, an enhanced Head of Security. They only made it just in time as the sub dives.

Our 4 are ushered to a private room. Stark explains that the payments at these auctions are made via crypto-currency, not old-fashioned wads of unmarked bills. But when Rosgarth comes to take them to the auction he'll only allow 1 of their group to attend. After a bit of a kerfuffle between Jessica and Luke and the guards, Tony is chosen to go and the others will eavesdrop via their comms channel.

At the auction their lot is the 1st 1 up. And the seller presents the DNA sequence of Danielle Cage. Jessica and Luke are understandably not happy.

R B Silva
Adriano di Benedetto
Jesus Aburtov
Greg Land (Cover Penciler)
Jay Leisten (Cover Inker)
Marte Gracia (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.
Editor: Jordan D. White. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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