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Incredible Hulk Annual #1: Review

Oct 1968
Gary Friedrich, Marie Severin

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A Refuge Divided!

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk Annual #1 Synopsis by Gaetan Marcon
While roaming in the European Alps, the Hulk is confronted by the Inhumans protection dog, Lockjaw. Fearing for his own safety, the giant canine teleports the goliath to an inter dimensional prison where a group of evil Inhumans have been banished by their leader, Black Bolt. Using his massive strength, the Hulk launches himself at the invisible force field holding him in successive assault which eventually tears down the prison.

Maximus, Black Bolt's mad brother, soon appears to the escaped convicts, announcing he will bring them back to their own dimension over the Hulk's objections. Once back, the green goliath launches himself into a fray of destruction which attracts the royal guard. While they fight with the Hulk, the evil Inhumans escape into an elevator which leads them to an underground complex.

Maximus has found his way to the deposit of a powerful weapon which has been buried after it nearly destroyed the Inhuman race. Having need of the Hulk's strength to destroy the force field around it, Maximus dispatches Nebulo the invisible Inhuman to find him. Using the weapon to destroy a ship attacking the Hulk in an air raid, Nebulo befriends the goliath which accompanies him back to the subterranean vault. Willing to help his newfound friends, the Hulk destroys the field protecting the weapon which he soon brings back to a thankful Maximus. Activating a device he uses to control the weapon, he then threatens to destroy the Great Refuge if need be to get the royal crown back, betraying his allies at the same time.

Black Bolt appears, stealing the device from Maximus' hands. The Hulk, left with nothing but revenge on his mind, jumps upon his former allies to do battle once again. Black Bolt, dragging Maximus back to the underground vault in an attempt to neutralize the weapon, is unaware that Nebulo has managed to seize the control device and flee with it.

Returning to the surface to find the new menace, Black Bolt dispels a flock of birds under the control of Falcona, only to find himself at odds with the Hulk. The titanic fight which ensues proves the warriors to be too evenly matched, and Black Bolt has to use his most destructive weapon, his voice, to take care of the beast. Although he is stunned, the Hulk is instrumental in saving Black Bolt from Nebulo who has chosen the victory of the Inhuman king to strike with the death weapon. With every evil Inhuman defeated, Black Bolt offers a new home to the Hulk, but he refuses and leaves.

Also in this story: Leonus, Aireo, Timberius, Stallior, Gorgon.

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Marie Severin
Syd Shores
Letterer: Irv Watanabe.


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(Bruce Banner)

(Maximus the Mad)

Plus: Aireo, Falcona, Leonus, Lockjaw, Nebulo, Stallior, Timberius.

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