Incredible Hulk vs Venom, The #1: Review

Jan 1994
Peter David, Jim Craig

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Rockin’ the Town!

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk vs Venom, The #1 Review by (April 14, 2021)

Review: Highly enjoyable comic meeting of the two stars, with both verbal and physical sparring. Irritated Hulk versus demented Venom makes for some entertaining antics. And it’s all for nothing as the villain turns out to be a harmless lunatic. I have no idea why the story ends on such a nihilistic note, maybe Peter David was having an off day. Otherwise, a nice entry in both heroes’ series.

Comments: One-shot mail order premium comic, not sold in retail stores; a portion of the sale price went to benefit the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, a fact not noted on the comic itself. For Hulk, story takes place between THE INCREDIBLE HULK #412-413. For Venom, between VENOM: ENEMY WITHIN and VENOM: MACE. Only appearance of Dr. Bad Vibes. Ariel O’Hare previous appeared in X-FACTOR #72-73. Hulk and Venom make a gag reference to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’s bodybuilders Hans and Franz. Three inkers are credited: Bill Anderson, Dan Day, and David Day.


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Incredible Hulk vs Venom, The #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

A San Francisco news TV station receives a letter from a Dr. Bad Vibes, claiming to have invented an earthquake machine and threatening to prove it by creating a tremor at noon that day. News anchor Ariel O’Hare thinks this would make a great story and runs with it….

Eddie Brock is walking down a street in a rundown section of the city; he sees the owner of a TV store having a fight with his wife and she runs off. He also passes a dude named Skip talking his Catholic School girlfriend Tammy into some loving in the back seat of his car. And then an earth tremor shakes the city, ruining buildings in the neighborhood; Eddie immediately turns into Venom and stops Skip’s car from disappearing into a crevasse. He pulls off the door and frees the trapped Tammy; Skip complains about the missing door, calling Venom “Spider-Man.” Venom, hating to be called Spider-Man, drops the car back into the crevasse. On TV, Ariel O’Hare announces that Dr. Bad Vibes has sent a second letter, this one demanding a ransom of twenty million dollars not to destroy the city. Venom then fails to save an elderly man injured by the rubble but does scare off a gang trying to loot the TV store. Then Venom spies the Hulk and assumes he created the earthquake, trying to take him down. But this is Professor Hulk, easily bursting his opponent’s webbing and punching his lights out. This doesn’t deter Venom….

On TV, Ariel O’Hare interviews a scientist, Prof. Hinkley, who claims Dr. Bad Vibes is a fraud, the quake having a natural explanation, and a psychic, Madame Star, who prophesies that the villain is authentic and he must be paid his money to protect the city….

Hulk finally overpowers Venom with a couple of very loud thunderclaps sits on him to get him to listen to reason: Hulk has come to help. They team up and go on TV challenging Dr. Bad Vibes to a fight and, along with hundreds of crank calls, the villain responds to the threat. Hulk, who knew the quake was completely natural, traces the bad guy’s call and he and Venom show up at the villain’s lair, accompanied by Ariel O’Hare and a cameraman. On arrival, they discover that the fearsome Dr. Bad Vibes is a crackpot whose quake machine is a cardboard box. He presses the painted-on button and believes he has created another disaster as the heroes watch in pity. Hulk and Venom walk off, chatting about how life is sometimes pointless. Then the TV guy’s wife comes back to him and Venom thinks there’s at least an occasional point…..

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Jim Craig
Tom Smith
Jim Craig (Cover Penciler)
Bill Anderson (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jim Novak.


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