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Infinity #4: Review

Oct 2013
Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena

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4.5 stars

Infinity #4 Review by (October 13, 2013)
This Terrigen Bomb seems somewhat different from the one in War of Kings. Not only in large-scale scope, because the WoK one was going to affect the whole galaxy (except the Kree who are immune). But also in small-scale scope, because (as I read it) it was going to make *everyone* Inhuman, not just the ones who were already part-Inhuman. An editorial comment tells us that Thanos wants to find his son in order to kill him, as he has done all his other offspring throughout the galaxy. This seems to refer to the recent Thanos Rising mini-series about the Titan's youth. In this he spawned many children, but then killed them all for his Dark Mistress. But this all happened before he discovered that she was Death, and so before his 1st appearance in the Marvel U. The Infinity event has shown Thanos demanding the Tribute of dead children from at least 1 other world, and the suggestion of others. So maybe he's killing off lots of later offspring. In Avengers #20 I said that Captain America was going to be the rep at the peace talks. Looking back I see I made an unwarranted assumption. And the surrender he proposed wasn't surrender at all.

Now for this issue itself:-

In the delayed Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3-4 Spider-Man takes time out from the events in Mighty Avengers to team up with a girl who is transformed into an electric superheroine and calls herself Fulmina. But this anti-technology protestor decides that *now* is the right time to use her new powers to shut down New York's power. Spider-Man persuades her to restore New York's electricity so they can fight the aliens. Meanwhile in Mighty Avengers #2 Power Man and White Tiger have temporarily(?) bowed out. Blue Marvel joins the comic if not yet the team. They go up against Proxima Midnight, while Ebony Maw continues his takeover of Dr Strange. This puts this and the SSMTU story before New Avengers #10. In Thunderbolts #16 some of that team continue their mission, while Red Hulk and some others defend their base against Supergiant. In Infinity: The hunt #2 the various groups of teen heroes continue to fight Thanos' forces. This time there's a focus on the newly-introduced Latverian School. A new mini-series starts with Infinity: Heist #1. Spymaster (presumably the 1st one, who's the only one not currently considered dead) recruits some other Iron Man villains to raid IM's armoury while Tony Stark is distracted by the invasion. In Nova #8 the new Nova gets hit by the old Nova's past. A new version of New Warriors tries to recruit him. Thanos has a beef with the Nova Corps, and sends an assassin Kaldera after him. Fearless Defenders #10 is obviously set after this issue. 1 of the people immediately transformed by the Terrigen Bomb is Ren Kimura, who allies with the Defenders. Thanos' forces want to destroy the cocoons. Caroline LeFay wants to grab them for herself.

Tie-ins since last issue:- In space, Avengers Assemble #19 shows the rescue of Captain Marvel's crew from Spider-Woman's point of view. And characters talk about Jessica and Hawkeye's break-up. Then in Avengers #20, in a flashback to the rescue mission in Inf#3/CM#16/AvAss#19, Abyss meets Ex Nihila who invites her to a meeting with other Ex Nihili. Abyss and Ex Nihilo go there and learn how the other Abyssi died when the Builders stopped the other Ex Nihili from doing their cosmic gardening. The Galactic Council hold off sending the Brood and an Annihilation Wave after the Builders while they arrange a parley with the 1 Builder left on Hala. Captain America suggests they surrender! The rest of the tie-ins are set on Earth.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Infinity #4 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The previously page recaps the endings of #3 and Avengers #20. From Av#20 we see Captain America persuading the Galactic Council to surrender to the 1 Builder who remained on the Kree capital Hala after the Council drove the Builder fleet away. He proposes surrender because, despite their victory over Hala, they still can't defeat the Builders in open war. And in #3 Thanos came to deserted Attilan to demand his son from Black Bolt. And BB's response was to destroy Attilan with his voice.

Cap and Captain Marvel are attending a meeting of the remains of the Galactic Council (Annihilus, Brood queen, Gladiator [with Mentor] and Super-Skrull) when they hear that the Builder has agreed to meet with a representative to negotiate terms.

The Builder remote-confers with others. They agree to him accepting the surrender with minimal concessions. And they will stop jamming communications and broadcast the meeting throughout the galaxy. The Hala Builder arranges for all the important Kree to be present, including the Supreme Intelligence and Ronan's complete Accuser Corps.

In New Avengers #10 we learned that long ago many tribes of Inhumans split from the central group. And Thanos' half-Inhuman son was living with 1 of these tribes. Now we are told that this tribe is the Lor, their hidden city is called Orollan, and the young man's name is Thane, who works as a healer. (The tribe only has a small shard of Terrigen Crystal, and so only a very few people each generation are given powers via Terrigenesis.)

The ruins of the hovering city of Attilan have fallen on New York (mostly in the river, but still causing damage). Black Bolt's voice has also activated the Terrigen Bomb built by his brother Maximus. This affects all people in the world with any Inhuman DNA. There's presumably been a lot of interbreeding going on because we see apparently-normal people in the streets being transformed. Some people change immediately. It seems that others will remain in cocoons and emerge later.

Black Bolt and Thanos have both survived the fall of Attilan. They fight, as Thanos still wants to know where his son is. BB refuses to tell him, so Thanos appears to beat him to death.

In Olorran all the Inhumans are hit by the Terrigenesis Wave, including Thane who transforms immediately. The result is an explosion that kills all nearby Inhumans, and leaves Thane converted in form, with a blackened left hand that apparently caused the devastation.

Back on Hala Thor has been sent as negotiator. The Builder wants him to disarm. so he throws Mjolnir into space. The Builder agrees to spare the Council's worlds if Thor will abjectly surrender on their behalf. And the Kree and the Council (including J-son on Spartax) watch as Thor bends the knee.

But the Builder now adds that Earth itself and humanity will still be destroyed, for the sake of the universe.

Meanwhile Thor's hammer has flown through Hala's sun and now returns. In the conflict so far no Builder has been injured, just their robots and minions. But now Mjolnir smashes a large hole through the Builder's chest. As he dies the Builder tells Thor he's just caused the death of everything.

But the event is still being broadcast, and has shown the galaxy that the Builders aren't invulnerable. Thor makes a stirring speech, and Ronan and the Accusers pledge their support.

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Jerome Opena
Dustin Weaver
Justin Ponsor
Adam Kubert (Cover Penciler)
Adam Kubert (Cover Inker)
Laura Martin (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos.
Editor: Lauren Sankovitch.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

(Carol Danvers)


Plus: Brood, Builders, Gladiator (Kallark), Jason of Spartax (J'son), Mentor (A'Lars), Ronan (Ronan the Accuser), Super-Skrull, Thane.

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