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Invincible Iron Man #19: Review

Aug 1999
Roger Stern, Sean Chen

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Smart Weapons, Foolish Choices (Machinery of War Part 2)

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #19 Review by (January 27, 2020)
Comments: Title is a play on Smart Women, Foolish Choices, a 1986 pop psychology book by Connell Cowan and Melvyn Kinder. Tony Stark first met Jocasta in AVENGERS #162, her debut. Jocasta was last seen at Baintronics in IRON MAN ANNUAL #7. Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern co-plotted this issue. Lary Stucker and Eric Cannon co-inked.

Review: A tale full of human drama, sandwiched between two scenes of the massive tank-like War Machine battling enemies. The first is against the US military and the final episode has him fighting our hero Iron Man. In between is Tony’s past with Sunset Bain, and Glenda’s concern for Parnell, and Carol’s battle with the bottle, plus Jocasta’s past for some non-human interest. Pretty cool, especially the battle scenes and the newly revealed Tony & Sunset hijinks.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #19 Synopsis by T Vernon
The new villainous War Machine, looking like a flying tank, is out on its shakedown flight, when he is challenged by two military jets; WM moves off quickly and reappears, shooting down the two jets, leaving the pilots to spread the word, “Don’t mess with War Machine….”

James Rhodes and Glenda Sandoval have arrived at Tony Stark’s home to be greeted by Pepper Potts; Rhodey explains that they are looking for evidence that the new War Machine is Glenda’s husband Parnell Jacobs. Glenda explains that Parnell found the abandoned WM armor and he and Stuart “Rampage” Clarke were going to sell it; Glenda believes Clarke is the man in the armor. While there they see Happy Hogan on television, the new community liaison for Stark….

Tony Stark arrives for work at Baintronics, Sunset Bain explaining that her AI specialist passed away suddenly and she needs Tony to recover the access codes to the new system. Tony is planning to seize the opportunity to see if Bain is behind the new War Machine and trying not to think of Warbird, who refused to go with Tony to an AA meeting. As he works, Tony sees something familiar in the code but Sunset distracts him with a kiss and talk of romance….

When Tony gets back to work, he wonders why Sunset would want to distract him from a job she hired him for and that’s when Tony recognizes that the operating system he is working on is Jocasta, the bride of Ultron. Tony communicates with Jocasta but this sets off an alarm in the building and Bain dispatches guards to capture Tony. But Jocasta leads Tony out of the building to a car and he escapes, while oddly pondering his romantic history with Sunset Bain which culminated in his showing her security codes for his father’s company that he did not connect to the subsequent robbery or the startup of Baintronics with the stolen designs. He dons his armor on the road and heads back to Baintronics to save Jocasta but is intercepted by War Machine. The two duel in the sky, with the heavily armed WM versus the lighter and faster Iron Man. Sunset Bain decides to open fire through the newly decoded Jocasta even though War Machine is in the line of fire too. All Jocasta can do is apologize as her new weapons target Iron Man….

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Sean Chen
Lary Stucker
Steve Oliff
Sean Chen (Cover Penciler)
Plot: . Letterer: Richard Starkings.
Editor: Bobbie Chase. Editor-in-chief: Bob Harras.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
James Rhodes
James Rhodes


(Jocasta Pym)
Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts

(Pepper Hogan)

Plus: Glenda Sandoval, Sunset Bain (Madame Menace), War Machine (Parnell Jacobs), Warbird (Carol Danvers).

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