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Iron Man: The Inevitable #1: Review

Feb 2006
Joe Casey, Frazer Irving

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Book One: This Old Truth

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3.5 stars

Iron Man: The Inevitable #1 Review by (February 4, 2014)
This series was published to fill in while the Extremis story was dragged out from Nov 04 to Mar 06. It was published from Dec 05 to May 06, and #5 will place it after Extremis by explicitly having the Extremis armour. Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan also filled the gap from Oct 05 to Jan 06, but is set before Extremis. Frazer Irving draws some strange faces in this series, especially Tony Stark's. And the Iron Man armour is somewhat doll-like. Stark revealed he was Iron Man in IM(1998)#55. In the last issue (#89) of that run he pretended to retire as IM. Then since #1 of the Extremis series he has been claiming that a new Iron Man is his employee. This Spymaster is a totally new character. More on previous Spymasters next issue. The Official Index suggests that the chauffeur Harold here and in #3 is Harold 'Happy' Hogan. Happy was working for Stark during the 1998 series, and will be seen during Civil War (where he is killed). His official role may well have been chauffeur/bodyguard, as it was during the Tales of Suspense days. This is the 1st actual appearance of Stark's PA Mrs Katherine Rennie, since her voice was heard in #1 of the Extremis arc. IM#13 will make it clear that Pepper Potts has more of a roving ambassador role now. Mrs Rennie will appear there, and a couple of times between Civil War and Secret Invasion.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Man: The Inevitable #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
A new Spymaster contemplates destroying Tony Stark's fiction that the current Iron Man isn't him.

On the way to a charity gala Stark stops off to buy an advanced laser-guided weapon on the black market.

His secretary Mrs Rennie accompanies him to the gala. They meet Sinclair and Greta Abbott who founded the charity.

Tony is called away. The black marketeers have been traced to their base via a chemical he transferred to them with a handshake during the deal. Iron Man invades their base and trashes a tank equipped with large pincers. Then he calls in SHIELD to take them away.

It turns out Stark made a deal with SHIELD to keep the laser system. (And a SHIELD agent's whispered comment indicates that Iron Man's identity isn't as secret as he thinks).

Later Tony meets with Dr Maggie Dillon, psychiatrist to supervillains. He believes that the consciousness of the Living Laser is trapped inside the laser system, and he wants her to communicate with him. (Dr Dillon also doesn't seem to believe Stark really isn't Iron Man.)

Back at the Abbott mansion it turns out Sinclair Abbott is Spymaster, and he and his wife have larcenous plans. An invader into the mansion reveals himself as IM's old foe the Ghost, come at Spymaster's request.

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Frazer Irving
Frazer Irving
Frazer Irving
Frazer Irving (Cover Penciler)
Frazer Irving (Cover Inker)
Frazer Irving (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Richard Starkings.
Editor: Tom Brevoort.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Greta Abbott, Maggie Dillon, Mrs. Rennie, Spymaster (Sinclair Abbot).

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