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Iron Man: The Inevitable #5: Review

Jun 2006
Joe Casey, Frazer Irving

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Book Five: The Anti-Mask

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3.5 stars

Iron Man: The Inevitable #5 Review by (February 18, 2014)
I think the Inevitable title refers to Stark being dragged back into the world of Iron Man's villains. But here he talks about himself embracing the inevitable future, which his foes fight against. The Extremis story was at last finished before this issue. Thus Joe Casey could describe how the new armour worked. Leonard 'Doc' Samson was introduced in Hulk #141 as Bruce Banner's psychiatrist at a time when he was temporarily Hulkless. Samson gave himself gamma powers, and has been a regular inhabitant of the Marvel Universe ever since. At this time he is a semi-regular in She-Hulk's 2005 series, and has just had his own 2006 mini-series.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Man: The Inevitable #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
After the explosions last issue iron Man goes to the lab where psychiatrist Maggie Dillon was trying to bring Living Laser out of his state trapped in an advanced laser weapon. She succeeded. Laser has escaped. But Maggie is broken and dying.

IM cradles her as she slips away. He accedes to her last wish and unmasks. She laughs as it is confirmed that it's still Tony Stark in the armour. And then she dies.

Tony attends the funeral. And then a reception for Governor Pataki. Sinclair and Greta Abbott are there too, and use another opportunity to needle him.

Tony is distracted, at work, in Avengers Tower (with Luke Cage and Spider-Man), and on a date. He nips into space and fails to find any trace of Living Laser. Doc Samson, Maggie Dillon's tutor, comes to see him to tell him to stop blaming himself for Maggie's death. And to stop pretending not to be Iron Man. Tony claims to be fed up fighting the same old villains. And shows Leonard that under the armour is the Extremis covering that is part of his body.

Stark searches through signals that were picked up on the night of Maggie's death, when Ghost invaded the factory. He finds the last message exchange between Ghost and Spymaster, and tracks Spymaster's signal to it's source. Iron Man goes there. But Spymaster/Sinclair Abbott is waiting for him. His electronic defences bring the Armoured Avenger to his knees.

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Frazer Irving
Frazer Irving
Frazer Irving
Frazer Irving (Cover Penciler)
Frazer Irving (Cover Inker)
Frazer Irving (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Richard Starkings.
Editor: Tom Brevoort.


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Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Luke Cage
Luke Cage

(Power Man)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Greta Abbott, Maggie Dillon, Mrs. Rennie, Spymaster (Sinclair Abbot).

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