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Iron Man and Power Pack #3: Review

Mar 2008
Marc Sumerak, Marcelo DiChiara

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Iron Many Part 1 of 2: Armored and Dangerous

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4 stars

Iron Man and Power Pack #3 Review by (September 17, 2021)
Comments: First story: Stories set on Earth-5631. Stories take place immediately after FANTASTIC FOUR AND POWER PACK (2007 series). Second story: Part three of four. Mini-Marvels come from Earth-99062. The advertisement for Iron Man’s armor is a parody of the real ads for the Charles Atlas bodybuilding course popular in the mid-20th century, ads for which appeared in real Marvel comics of the era.

Review: Pretty exciting episode as the kids do battle against the Iron Man armors, in a neat variation on the old “heroes battles copy of himself” plot. And the all-ages rating means that all of the violence is done to the empty armors with a lot of smashing and crashing.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Man and Power Pack #3 Synopsis by T Vernon
Puppet Master uses the cyber-neural interface (stolen by Ghost in issue #1), to seize control of Titanium Man’s armor and send him on a rampage through the city. The Power Pack Kids (Alex/Zero-G, Julie/Lightspeed, Jack/Mass Master, Katie/Energizer) arrive to battle the baddie who tries to convince them that he does not have control of his actions. Alex uses his powers to knock the armor off the guy, ending the matter….

The next day, the Power kids visit the New York Museum of Superheroics which has a new display of several authentic Iron Man armors. James Rhodes is there, explaining to the kids the elaborate safety precautions taken to prevent anyone from stealing one. But then, with his new device, Puppet Master brings the armors to life; the kids fight them while Rhodey calls Tony Stark. Then the real Iron Man joins them and discovers that something is keeping him from activating the emergency overrides—and he built these things to be unstoppable….

2nd story:-


Writer/Artist: Chris Giarrusso.

Iron Man goes to meet with the X-Men to offer them individual suits of armor; Professor X thinks it’s a bad idea considering their chief enemy is the Master of Magnetism. Iron Man shows off an ad for his armor in comic books. Hawkeye and Quicksilver sit around watching television in their new armor; Giant-Girl warns them that too much TV can be harmful. This is proven when the TV jumps up, sprouts arms and legs, and escapes by crashing through the wall. Iron Man flies to the Savage Land to offer Ka-Zar a suit of armor. Ka-Zar finds multiple reasons to reject it until he realizes he can wear it playing football against the locals.

Story #2

[No, my eye-blasts are actually on all the time...]

Writer: Chris Giarrusso. Penciler: Chris Giarrusso. Inker: Chris Giarrusso.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

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Hideth #1 comic

Marcelo DiChiara
Marcelo DiChiara
Naoko Kawano
Chifuyu Sasaki (Cover Penciler)
Chifuyu Sasaki (Cover Inker)
Naoko Kawano (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Dave Sharpe.
Editor: Nathan Cosby. Editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
James Rhodes
James Rhodes


Plus: Power Pack, Titanium Man.

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