King-Size Hulk #1: Review

May 2008
Jeph Loeb, Art Adams

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Where Monsters Dwell

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4 stars

King-Size Hulk #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
"The Death And Life Of The Abomination" includes beautiful flashback recreations by Herb Trimpe of classic Abomination moments.


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King-Size Hulk #1 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Based on files given by SHIELD, Bruce Banner (still locked in Gamma Base) writes a report for Thunderbolt Ross about the Red Hulk. The report is based on a recent encounter between the Red Hulk and a Wendigo. The Red Hulk dispatched the Wendigo using the same gun he later used to kill the Abomination, and a large knife he used to behead the Wendigo. It is revealed that the Red Hulk gets hotter as he gets angrier and that he needs to feed.

Story #2

Wait Until Dark

Writer: Jeph Loeb. Penciler: Frank Cho. Inker: Frank Cho. Colorist: Jason Keith. Colorist: Guru-eFX. Editor: Mark Paniccia. Letterer: Comicraft.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

This story relates the fight between the She-Hulk and the Red Hulk that took place in SHIELD's Helicarrier (introduced in Hulk #2). The Red Hulk reveals to the She-Hulk that he's not Bruce Banner and states that he could kill her any time; she soon after passes out. According to the She-Hulk, the Red Hulk is faster and more brutal than the Green Hulk.

Story #3

The Death And Life Of The Abomination

Writer: Jeph Loeb. Penciler: Herb Trimpe. Inker: Herb Trimpe. Colorist: Edgar Delgado. Editor: Mark Paniccia. Letterer: Comicraft.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Story that relates a report to SHIELD by Thunderbolt Ross based on Bruce Banner's files about the Abomination.

Art Adams
Walden Wong
Jason Keith
Letterer: Comicraft.
Editor: Mark Paniccia.


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