Logans Run #6: Review

Jun 1977
Scott Edelman, Mike Zeck

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The final flower

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4 stars

Logans Run #6 Review by (April 17, 2018)
The Marvel Chronology Project Place this backup tale as the 2nd appearance for Thanos and Drax between their introduction in Iron Man #55 and the Cosmic Cube story arc starting in Captain Marvel #25. Unlike most of the other early apps of these characters, Jim Starlin has nothing to do with it.

This includes 1 of the many versions of Drax' origin with conflicting details. It agrees with the established version that Thanos caused the car crash. But his human name was Arthur Douglas, not Art Sampson. It doesn't mention that the Titanian 'god' Kronos created Drax' body out of earth and imbued it with Arthur's soul. Or that his daughter Heather survived and was taken to Titan and became Moondragon.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Logans Run #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
#1-5 of this series were an adaptation of the 1976 film Logan's Run. Now the main story in this issue continues the story. But the series will only last 1 more issue.

However there is also a backup story starring Thanos and Drax the Destroyer. For our purposes that is the main interest. So I'll put the credits and cast list for that tale in the prime position and list the main story's credits here.

Story 1:- Aftermath

Writer John Warner, pencils Tom Sutton, inks Terry Austin, colours Don Warfield, letters Joe Rosen.

The City is in chaos because the controlling computer has broken down. The citizens lock up the few Sandmen until rain floods into the broken dome and causes even more problems. Then they let the Sandmen out to tell them what to do. Logan 5 realises there's still some power in the City and goes deep underground to find its source - a core computer which is still working except for 1 small part. But someone is watching him. And feral kids from the Cathedral are massing to invade the City.

Story 2:- The final flower

Thanos has just killed the priest-king caretakers of a sacred flower on a distant planet. He intends to destroy the flower because it will crush the world's spirit and make its people easier to conquer. But Drax the Destroyer arrives in time to stop him. Drax' only purpose in existence is to kill the mad Titan, but Thanos shrugs off his attacks as usual, and instead fells the Destroyer with a blast.

A mother and daughter show up on a pilgrimage to see the flower. Horrified the mother beats her fists on Thanos, but he picks the pair up and throws them off the mountain.

Drax remembers the car crash which killed his wife and daughter - the crash caused by Thanos. Art Sampson was resurrected as Drax for revenge. But now he abandons his goal to fly down and save the hurtling females.

While he's gone Thanos crushes the flower beneath his heel and beams up back to his spaceship. Drax brings the females back to the scared place. The mother weeps over the flower and tells him he should have let them die and saved the plant. But Drax says that would have made him as evil as the man he hunts.

Mike Zeck
Mike Zeck
Petra Goldberg
Paul Gulacy (Cover Penciler)
Paul Gulacy (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Susan Fox.
Editor: Archie Goodwin.


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(Drax the Destroyer)

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