Marvels Snapshots: Captain Marvel #1: Review

Feb 2021
Mark Waid, Claire Roe

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Marvels Snapshots: Captain Marvel #1 Review by (September 7, 2021)

Review: Odd entry in the series has no connection to an older classic story but is a purely contemporary tale with Captain and Ms Marvel both encouraging a teen girl to follow her dreams/be herself/don’t give up while ignoring the fact that fourteen is a terrible age at which to make any major decisions. While the two Marvels are very helpful with advice and support, Jenni is drawn as almost a caricature of a Woke kid which fits into Marvel’s (the company’s) recent direction of trying to promote Woke politics instead of telling good stories. If you can ignore Jenni’s politics, which Carol and Kamala never hear about, their advice is good but remember kid, hold onto things loosely, you have a lot more changes to go through.

Comments: Everywhere else the title is given as CAPTAIN MARVEL: MARVELS SNAPSHOTS; we’re a bunch of rebels. First appearance of the alien D’Max’Ians. Other Avengers appearing at a distance include Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Spider-Man. Story has no tie-in to a previous adventure (other than Kamala’s and Carol’s origins.)


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Marvels Snapshots: Captain Marvel #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Teenage girl Jenni Saito is constantly in trouble for espousing liberal political causes at school and causing disruptions. Her mother is upset that Jenni has changed so much in the last couple of years but she is just trying to find her own identity. That night, Jenni, who admires superheroes, hears a commotion a short distance way and sneaks out of the window to investigate. Just off shore she finds the Avengers battling alien invaders. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) recognizes them as D’Max’Ians and figures the defeat of this scout ship will send a warning to the rest of the fleet; she then checks out the ship for any dangerous items. Jenni approaches and asks Ms. Marvel (Kamal Khan) for a selfie. Jenni calls herself a nobody and Kamala reveals how she was once a “nobody,” relating her origin, a Pakistani girl growing up in a strict Muslim household when she was exposed to the Terrigen Mists and given powers; she hallucinated Captain Marvel appearing to her and encouraging her to be who she wanted to be. Carol overhears this last part and picks up the conversation while Ms. Marvel explores the alien ship. Carol also shares her early years, growing up with a strict father who didn’t believe girls could or should do anything important. She ran away and joined the Air Force and became a successful pilot. Then Kamala accidentally releases insectoid robots from the ship and the two Marvels work quickly to destroy them. Jenni asks for a selfie with Captain Marvel but her phone is dead. As a memento, Carol gives her the compass from the alien ship and Jenni goes home treasuring it and more confident in her life….

Claire Roe
Claire Roe
Mike Spicer
Letterer: Jose Caramagna.


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