Monster-Size Hulk #1: Review

Oct 2008
Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman

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It's Alive! Alive!!!

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5 stars

Monster-Size Hulk #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Stan Lee used the monster of Frankenstein as reference when creating the incredible Hulk.

Monster-Size Hulk #1 Review by (May 16, 2010)
Actual title according to the indicia is HULK MONSTER-SIZE SPECIAL. “It’s Alive! Alive!!:” When did Bruce become an expert in the medical sciences? “Hulk by Night:” It isn't explained how the Werewolf overpowers the Hulk in the end. “Blood Count:” Text story with illustrations. Dracula reminds Bruce of the Count from SESAME STREET—and tells him so.

Review: A contrived but okay issue inserts the Hulk into three clichéd monster movie scenarios: the standard Frankenstein “Revive the Monster” plot, the Werewolf “Stop Me Before I Kill Again” trope, and the “Dracula’s Guest” storyline. The first two aren't bad but the third is a problem. Dracula has never been a comfortable fit into Marvel’s superhero milieu so it’s probably a good thing the use of text spared us the bizarre sight of Hulk and Drac in the same panel. The story still doesn't work but it’s not the grotesquerie it could have been. The Fairy Tale interlude is a cute touch, though.


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Monster-Size Hulk #1 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Lyon, France. After rescuing Bruce Banner from his captors, Victoria Frankenstein (great grand daughter of the famous doctor), takes him to her castle where the Frankenstein monster lies inert. Banner works on the monster trying to bring him back to life, but fails. Victoria puts Banner to sleep, who awakes trapped to a bed that fuses energy to the monster as Banner turns into the Hulk. The Frankenstein monster rises and fights the Hulk. But the Armed Forces get in the way, attacking Hulk, weak from the reviving process. It is Frankenstein who helps the Hulk get rid of the military, who finally retreat. Frankenstein calls Hulk a friend, and Hulk leaves to save him from further attacks.

Story #2

Hulk by Night

Writer: Steve Niles. Penciler: Lucio Parrillo. Colorist: Lucio Parrillo.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Italy. Bruce Banner is hired by a man called Jack Russell to keep him caged one night. Russell turns into a Werewolf and fights the Hulk. After an unclear event, both fall unconscious. Banner wakes alone to find payment for his services.

Story #3

Goom's Fairy Tales

Writer: Paul Tobin. Penciler: Dave Williams. Inker: Dave Williams. Colorist: Val Staples.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Goog the monster picks horror stories about the Hulk as the bed time tale for his son Googan, who cries out loud and may not sleep well that night.

Story #4

Blood Count

Writer: Peter David. Penciler: Gabriel Hardman. Inker: Gabriel Hardman.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Count Dracula is under siege in his castle, surrounded by angry villagers wielding flamethrowers when a surprising figure intervenes. The Hulk comes crashing out of the woods, scattering the townsfolk. Dracula takes his rescuer into the castle and tries to make his savage guest feel at home, while pondering how his massive strength can be exploited. The Hulk is put down to rest in a comfortable bed—and awakens the next morning as Bruce Banner. Puzzled, he wanders the castle and encounters Dracula and his bride. Deducing the connection between Banner and the Hulk, Dracula invites Banner to stay in his service. Bruce, sensing evil, declines the offer and is attacked by the Bride. The mouthful of Gamma-irradiated blood turns her into a vampire/Hulk hybrid who attacks Dracula. Forced to killer her, Dracula turns to the Hulk and tries to hypnotize him; Hulk responds by tearing the castle apart. Dracula flees and contents himself with preying on villagers, like old times.

Gabriel Hardman
Gabriel Hardman
Lee Loughridge
Guisseppe Cammuncoli (Cover Penciler)


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Plus: Frankenstein.

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