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New Avengers #36: Review

Nov 2007
Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu

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The trust part 5

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4 stars

New Avengers #36 Review by (May 4, 2015)
The symbiote fight here is a cut-down version of the battle in Mighty Avengers #8. The cause there is described as a virus not a chemical agent. But presumably Luke Cage's skin is proof against that too. Iron Man, Ares, Ms Marvel, Wonder Man and Sentry are immune because of armour, godliness, Kreeness, ionicness and allround superness respectively. Black Widow has none of these and so succumbs in MAv#8 before Cage joins them, unlike what is shown here. Spider-Woman is also taken over, and is 1st shown here recovering afterwards. Or maybe as a secret Skrull she only mimicked the effect. The shower scene and the accompanying Mighty Avengers appearance must happen before the MAv leave for Latveria at the end of MAv#8. When the Hood scene was shown last issue the TV report of the MAv deep in battle with the symbiotes claimed to be live, which was presumably why Hood considered this a convenient time to go out for a spot of villainy. This time round the TV screen still says 'Live', but that no longer makes sense. This particular Deathlok is considered by the Official Index to be a duplicate, not the real Luther Manning as claimed by Owl in #33. As such he ends here. Next issue doesn't fit into our Library system, so I'll summarise it here. The horde of superheroes turns out to be a Strange spell, but the real NAv still take down Hood's mini-gang and leaves them for SHIELD to find. But Hood escapes and later teleports into the Raft to rescue his comrades. This leads into Annual #2 where Hood's whole gang come for revenge. But World War Hulk gets in the way 1st, so the OI suggests that the breakout doesn't actually happen until after that. It also suggests that Wizard escapes under his own steam earlier, to appear in Fantastic Four #547-549.

Team members will have some other appearances before WWH, except Iron Fist and Ronin. Strangely Dr Strange is busier in the interval than Wolverine, and has as many apps as Spider-Man. Spidey has some side-adventures in his Back In Black period in Friendly Neighbourhood SM. #17-19 sees him help Sandman clear his father of murdering an alternate Uncle Ben! In #20-22 Peter David wraps up JM Straczynski's The Other storyline. Then in #23 there's a confrontation with J Jonah Jameson. Meanwhile Wolverine battles Deadpool and Hydra in Cable & Deadpool #43-44 (the title now misnamed after Cable's 'death'). Then Logan, Strange, Luke Cage and Echo have a cameo in New Warriors #2, but Wolvie investigates further through #3 because he recognises some of the new NW team. They are ex-mutants depowered by M-Day, with new tech-based powers. Then Dr Strange appears in the still misnamed C&DP#47-48 (after 1 last page entrance in #46). He needs DP to resolve a multiversal problem Wade created when he killed his mystical enemy T-Ray. Then he's in on the climactic battle to save Eternity in Fantastic Four #550, and goes on a time-journey in the out-of-sequence FF Annual #33 (2012) with Human Torch and Thing getting involved with the ClanDestine. His adventures with ClanDestine continue in 2 more Annuals from that year Daredevil #1 and Wolverine #1. Needless to say Wolverine's in that 1 too. Meanwhile Spider-Man runs into Blade in BLADE #10, and then gets attacked in Avengers : Initiative #3 by some Initiative heroes who want to remove his powers with Stark's new SPIN-tech.

Then comes World War Hulk. Jessica Jones is obviously busy keeping baby Danielle safe. In WWH#1 Dr Strange agrees a truce with Iron Man, and rallies the Registration outlaws to help in AvIn#4 including Luke Cage and Spider-Man. Then Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men try to stand between Hulk and Prof X in the WWH:XM mini-series. After that he and the X-Men stay out of it. LC and SpM help with the evacuation of Manhattan in WWH#1 and IM#19. They see IM arrive in his Hulkbuster armour in WWH#1, and watch the fight there and in IM#19. Then later in WWH#1 they see the fall of Sentry's Watchtower and the defeat of IM. In WWH#2 DrS keeps Echo, Iron Fist and Ronin in his Sanctum while looking for an opportunity to invade Hulk's mind. Then LC, SpM and others get defeated by Hulk and his Warbound in WWH#2, watched by Sally Floyd in WWH: Front Line #2 and the Initiative trainees in AvIn#4. DrS also sees Ghost Rider fight Hulk in GR#13. Finally in WWH#2 DrS fails to get into Hulk's mind. In WWH#3 DrS succeeds in invading Hulk's mind, but it ends with Hulk crushing his hands. In Hulk #109 Amadeus Cho and Scorpion see LC and SpM among the captives under Madison Square Garden. Back in WWH#3 the Warbound capture Echo, IF and Ronin, while DrS drinks the essence of the demon Zom. The issue ends with Zom-DrS facing Hulk. In WWH#4 Hulk defeats Zom-DrS, watched by Amadeus Cho's Renegades in Hulk #111. Later (in WWH#4 and WWH:FL#4) DrS is brought out into the Madison Square Garden Arena with the other Illuminati to fight a monster, watched by LC, IF and SpM amongst others. Finally the Illuminati have to fight each other. WWH#5 starts off with the end of that fight, and finishes with everyone picking up the pieces after the Hulk/Sentry battle. Throughout we see often indistinct depictions of the other spectator heroes, including LC, IF and SpM.

After it's all over LC and SpM try to stop the Warbound escaping from SHIELD custody in WWH: Aftersmash. DrS, IF, LC, Ronin and SpM are joined by Wolverine helping Damage Control clean up Manhattan in the WWHA:DC limited series, and LC follows the Warbound into the 1st issue of their WWHA:WB mini-series.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

New Avengers #36 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue the New Avengers went to warn the Mighty Avengers about an attack by the Hood's gang. But when they got near Avengers Tower they saw the other team fighting Venom and Carnage symbiotes. And then the NAv started turning into monsters too.

This issue technically begins with a flashback because Luke Cage is describing the events to his wife Jessica later.

Luke is the only 1 not affected - the rest of the team turn into Carnages or Venoms:- Echo, Iron Fist, Ronin, Spider-Man, Wolverine, even Dr Strange. Apparently something is turning the inhabitants of Manhattan into these monsters. A giant-size Wasp has already gone Carnage. So far the other MAv (Ares, Black Widow, Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Sentry and Wonder Man) seem immune.

Luke explains to Jessica that someone dropped a chemical bomb on the city. He wasn't affected because of his impenetrable skin.

After Cage teams up with MAv, Iron Man leaves to find a cure. The others try to control the situation without harming anybody. Wolverine starts to fight against his infection. Sentry brings Wasp down. Then Iron Man returns with the cure and everyone returns to normal.

In the Luke/Jessica conversation Luke wonders why she and their baby Danielle weren't affected. He swears it's not his paranoid idea that they're Skrulls again. Jess thinks maybe they were protected because they're living in Dr Strange's house - and by the way she wants to move out. Then she asks why the MAv didn't arrest the fugitive NAv after the crisis was over. Luke explains what happened.

The NAv stay to help the MAv help the confused Manhattanites. And then the MAv just let them go. And along the way they notice that Spider-Woman has switched sides and is now with IM's gang.

That's the end of the 'flashback'. Jessica Jones is still concerned about the Skrull situation they found out about in #31. Almost anybody could be a Skrull. In #34 DrS cast a spell to ensure that none of NAv were Skrulls. But they can envisage paranoid problems with that. 1 of them could have been replaced by a Skrull afterwards. Or Strange could be a Skrull and faked his magic.

Meanwhile in #32 Spider-Woman took the body of the Skrull version of Elektra that started all this. And they now figure that she's given it to Tony Stark. Luke says Wolverine has gone to question her.

In Avengers Tower Stark has discovered that the Venom Bomb came from a Latverian satellite. So the MAv are planning to go to Latveria to arrest Dr Doom.

In the meantime the other Jessica (Spider-Woman) takes a shower, until she's interrupted by Logan. She confirms that she's shown Stark the evidence about the Skrulls. But he didn't ask her anything about the NAv because he knew she wouldn't tell him. And besides the Skrulls are a bigger problem than the NAv, Tony suspects someone on his team may be a Skrull. (Wolvie still thinks it's Stark himself.) Jessica Drew claims to be here because she thinks Stark has a better chance of dealing with the problem than the NAv.

They threaten each other with claws and venom-blasts. Then Logan changes the subject and warns her about Hood's threatened attack with a Deathlok cyborg. But SW suggests he should check the TV news (Hood's gang used Deathlok to rob a bank instead last issue, and lost the cyborg in the process).

The casual chat is interrupted by Black Widow. Wolverine jumps out of a window of the Tower, and is caught by Spider-Man.

Later the NAv scan the site of the robbery and see Deathlok's body being taken away in pieces. Some of the team wonder why they're worrying about this instead of Skrulls. But Wolvie gets the scent and leads them to Hood's lair.

There a Strange spell allows them to see inside. Hood and some of his gang (John King, Wrecker and his Wrecking Crew, Chemistro, Madame Masque and Wizard) enact the scene from the end of last issue. They divvy up the money from the bank, see a TV report on the symbiote battle, and Hood declares this a great opportunity for them.

But then Cage breaks the door down. And behind him there appears to be a large assemblage of heroes and SHIELD agents.

Leinil Francis Yu
Leinil Francis Yu
Dave McCaig
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Penciler)
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Inker)


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Black Widow

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Doctor Strange

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Iron Man
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Plus: Wrecking Crew.

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