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Nomad: Girl Without a World #3: Review

Jan 2010
Sean McKeever, David Baldeon

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Small World

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3 stars

Nomad: Girl Without a World #3 Review by (August 23, 2013)
Review: See full review at issue #1

Comments: Professor Power was introduced in MARVEL TEAM-UP #117 as a right-wing fanatic bent on taking over America. He was mainly a Defenders foe leading the third Secret Empire until he was killed by Captain America John Walker in CAP #338. After that he was resurrected and has been bouncing around the Marvel Universe ever since.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Nomad: Girl Without a World #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
At school, Rikki Barnes runs into her friend John who has been manipulated by the Secret Empire and he tells her off. That night, confused and alone, she cruises through the night as Nomad, unwittingly heading to the home of class president candidate Desmond Daniels, whose campaign is at the heart of the sudden rise of the fascistic morality movement at her school. As she ponders events, she is confronted by the cloaked villain who blasts her with energy bolts from his gauntlets, hurling her into the arms of Mad Dog, who knocks her out. At his lair, she is subjected to sophisticated brainwashing technology and her will is broken and subjected to that of the villain. The next day in school, as Desmond Daniels makes a final campaign speech before the election, Nomad swings into the school gym and endorses Desmond for office; she then unmasks as fellow student Rikki Barnes. She is ushered off stage by followers of the totally confused Desmond. At the villain’s base, he is praised by his superiors in the Secret Empire for progress in their scheme to conquer America; he is then ordered to put Nomad to death. As word comes that Desmond Daniels has won election in a landslide, his followers literally riot in the streets, led by Matt Surman, the slacker who was one of the original recruits; meanwhile, Nomad, at the villain’s mercy learns that he is her teacher Doctor Powers—or more accurately, Professor Power….

David Baldeon
David Baldeon
Chris Sotomayor
Rafael Albuquerque (Cover Penciler)
Rafael Albuquerque (Cover Inker)
Rafael Albuquerque (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Mad Dog (Robert Baxter), Nomad (Rikki Barnes), Professor Power.

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